Articles by Eric Lendrum

Midterms 2018: It’s Trump’s Party Now

It could have been worse. That is, first and foremost, the takeaway from the 2018 midterms. The “blue wave” never materialized, but neither did the hoped-for “red tide.” Yet there is enough on the horizon to feel encouraged. And these good developments all stem from the fact that President Donald Trump has largely taken over […]

Fact-Checkers Without Evidence

As the media continues its precipitous decline in public approval and credibility, one small bastion still retains a semi-sacred status: Fact-checkers. Even more than “journalists” fact-checkers claim to be above the fray, depicting themselves as sticking to the “cold hard facts” while leaving their opinions at the door. Of course, this is meant to cover […]

How California Republicans Could Avenge Kavanaugh

When discussing the electoral implications of the circus surrounding the Supreme Court confirmation battle of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the conversation is often divided into a question of a “red wave” versus a “blue wave.” Will this blatant character assassination fire up the Republican base in November? Or will the constant backing down and delaying from […]

What the Washington Post Didn’t Tell You About Pro-Trump Youth, Part II

When the Washington Post attempted to determine just how the youth of the American Right today feel about President Trump, it resulted in a highly selective—and predictable—focus on anti-Trump voices. After the reporter, Eliza Gray, narrowed down her small sample from 52 to just 13 for extended focus, most of those 13 had nothing but […]

Washington Post Falsely Paints Young Conservatives as Anti-Trump

The mainstream media continues to botch how and why President Trump manages to succeed in spite of their negative coverage. One such aspect of these repeated failures is how badly they underestimate his support among the “Young Right.” The latest example of this is brought to you by the ultimate purveyor of “fake news,” the […]

NeoCons’ Newfound Obsession with ‘Don’t Own the Libs’

Nikki Haley’s self-righteous declaration that young conservatives should not try to “own the libs” boils down to the foolish notion that we should not actively try to defeat our political opponents because we need to take the moral high ground and focus on losing with dignity. It should go without saying that Haley’s view constitutes […]

Nikki Haley Undermines Her Own Audience

When a major political figure actively undermines her own base and somehow gets applauded for it, it is difficult to imagine a more absurd spectacle. But United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley has managed to do just that. At a recent conference of conservative high school students, Haley addressed the crowd of teenagers by asking them […]

Democrats Betray Their Leadership in the Name of Socialism

Thirty or 40 years ago, the saying “As California goes, so goes the nation” meant the Golden State set the trends in national politics. California made Ronald Reagan governor, then president. Today, the old saw refers to the fact that California’s ever-shifting demographics—and the far-left tilt of its politics—will more than likely be the future […]

‘Nazi’ ‘Hunters’ Distract from the Socialist Threat

If, like most reasonable people, you think the wisest thing to do when assured there is no real Nazi threat in America is to breathe a sigh of relief, then you’d make a poor leftist. A proper leftist knows that peddling the impending Nazi takeover of the Republican Party is the surefire way to advancement […]

Donald Trump Wins Mexico’s Election

The weekend winner of Mexico’s presidential election  was the leftist-populist former mayor of Mexico City, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known popularly as AMLO). Some commentators have even suggested that AMLO’s victory is a loss for Donald Trump. But if anything, the results of this election just might have been the greatest gift from south of […]

Anthony Kennedy Got Tired of All the Winning

For the longest time, NeverTrump “conservatives” have insisted that the only good thing Donald Trump has done as president is to appoint Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court; and even then, they often claimed this was not enough to save his presidency in their minds, thus giving rise their oft-repeated mocking mantra for Trump […]

The Real Rising Extremism in America

As the adage goes, “Accuse your opponents of that which you are guilty.” Avoid the blame, or embarrassment, for your own vices by first declaring that your enemies are guilty of those same ills so that the disgust and attention are shifted away from you. The American Left has all but mastered this tactic, having […]

Separating the Diamonds from the Ashes in the California Primary

Understandably, many write off California as a lost cause. Others, possessed of eternal optimism, claim that California can still be saved. The June 5 primaries showed us that the odds for California are around 50-50. It really could go either way. Statewide Statistics The races for governor and U.S. senator were at the top of […]

Conservative Demigod Bleeds

While there are mixed opinions about the fitness of Candace Owens as a rising star on the Right today, two things solidify her place as a significant ally, one who brings more assets to the table than liabilities: The first, of course, is her red-pilling of Kanye West and the massive strides that have been […]

Conservatism, Inc. Collides with the Real World

The saga of Kanye West’s recent transformation into a free-thinking, ostensibly right-leaning Twitter phenomenon brings with it interesting developments for the Right. One of these results is a widening of the divisions among what I like to call the “Young Right.” At the epicenter of this divide is the organization Turning Point USA, a 501(c)(3) […]