Liberalism’s Winners and Losers in California

Four groups comprising a supermajority of Californians are exempt from the consequences of liberalism. But only one of these four groups has to be peeled away to change the political landscape in the Golden State.

The YouTube Channel That Never Happened

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Media Matters called it a “hate site.” YouTube agreed and wiped out hundreds of videos with more than 300,000 subscribers and millions of views. Now Red Ice TV co-founder and co-host Lana Lokteff answers the charges, makes the case for freedom of unpopular speech, and reveals what it’s like to be “canceled” by Big Tech.

Saving California From Wildfires Requires Cooperation With President Trump

If California’s politicians feel obligated to create a public perception that they are in a permanent state of war with President Trump, that’s just politics. But they’ve been braying about climate change for decades, and far too many of the things they’re doing in the name of fighting climate change are just plain stupid and wasteful.

The Politics, Science, and Politicized Science of Climate Change

What if global warming, regardless of the cause, will not race catastrophically upwards? What if some warming, and somewhat more CO2 in the atmosphere, is mostly good for the planet and for humanity? What if extreme weather is not bound to become more extreme than ever? Even if anthropogenic CO2 emissions are driving the planet headlong into an apocalyptic nightmare, climate skeptics should be heard.

Of Electricity and Ideology

The Golden State's determination to pour hundreds of billions of dollars into renewable technologies needs to be examined not only against the obvious pitfall of likely obsolescence but also against the costs and benefits of that course versus building a safe and reliable power grid for the 21st century.

Imagining Chelsea Clinton’s America

By 2024, progressive control of all branches of the federal government ensure Warren’s reelection. By now the electorate is firmly convinced that whatever inequalities exist in the nation are the product of racism and sexism, requiring sweeping remedies. At the same time, a supermajority of voters now believe that no cost is too great to prevent “climate change.”

Why Libertarians Are Unwitting Enablers of Socialism

Libertarians have become pawns of the progressive Left in America, and in an ironic twist, both of them have been co-opted by globalist corporate interests. When everything is privatized, rationed and metered, corporate rent seekers gain new revenue streams.

Venice Beach’s Monster on the Median

Before the federal government sends any more money to help the homeless, it would be a good thing to expose the unconscionable waste of money and hold elected officials accountable.

The Enemies of American Infrastructure

Americans are wearing out infrastructure that was built decades ago. Thanks to permitting delays and litigation, the costs of replacements and upgrades are prohibitive. It doesn't have to be this way.

The Establishment War on the Intellectual Dark Web

In the war for public opinion, a loose-knit group of politically incorrect celebrities, writers, podcasters, and vloggers is the last refuge of free speech and open debate on the policy issues that will define what sort of world we leave to our posterity.