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Edward Ring is a Senior Fellow of the Center for American Greatness. He is a co-founder of the California Policy Center, a free-market think tank based in Southern California, where he served as their first president. He is a prolific writer on the topics of political reform and sustainable economic development. Ring, a fifth-generation Californian, has an undergraduate degree in political science from UC Davis, and an MBA in finance from the University of Southern California.

Beware of Fool’s Gold: Democratic California’s Cautionary Tale

It’s become fashionable among certain conservatives, libertarians, and assorted free-market types to claim that Republicans are no better than Democrats. Both parties, according to the disenchanted, have lost their way. Both parties are controlled by establishment cronies, who support big government of one sort or another. But conservatives who are disillusioned with Republicans

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How Big Tech Will Swing the Midterms, Then Take Over the World

Facebook is a menace to grassroots political organizing—and to free and fair elections generally. The social media giant this week announced it would ban "misinformation" about the upcoming midterm elections. According to a Reuters story about the new policy, "Facebook Inc. will ban false information about voting requirements and fact-check fake reports of

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California’s Socialist Oligarchy: Who They Are

California's policymakers have condemned Californians to endure contrived scarcity, unaffordability, and inconvenience in all of the basic necessities of life. Second of a two-part series. This is a crime, but it's not a conspiracy. Rather, it is caused by a collection of powerful special interests whose political agendas align. Left-wing Oligarchs At

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California’s Socialist Oligarchy: Making the State Unaffordable

If you don't think the Democrats have a platform or that their entire message accurately reduced to one vacuous word, "resist," come to California. First of a two-part series. If you think Democrats aren't offering concrete alternatives to the policies pursued by President Trump and the Republican Congress, come to California. And

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Libertarians Are Marxist Dupes

With one of the most critical midterm elections in American history just weeks away, libertarians continue to wallow in denial. Their core membership is comprised of an incoherent, eclectic mixture of hedonists, social darwinists, hyper-intellectuals, and anarchists. They have no coherent political platform, and to the extent libertarians have an ideology, it is one

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The Day of the Slap Drones

Some of them, the big ones, will intrude the old fashioned way, beating down the door. Maybe others will look like insects, crawling innocuously across your property to come inside through your drains and A/C ducts. Or they’ll find an open window. Across America, they’ll come by the millions, having manufactured themselves. They’ll

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Libertarian God-Kings Throw in With Democratic Socialists

The well-heeled, much-feared Koch network announced from its biannual meeting in Colorado Springs this week that it would withhold support from Republican candidates in three of the eight closest races for U.S. Senate. The news, reported in Politico and elsewhere, probably shouldn't come as a surprise. Libertarians, who value their utopian principles more

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How Libertarians Could Hand Control of Congress to Democrats

With control of the U.S. Congress to be decided in less than five months, many factors could affect the outcome. Will voters in California flip five congressional seats from GOP to Democrat? Will the "blue wave" wash across America, emanating from the coasts and inundating flyover country? Will Trump's gambles on trade and

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