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Ed Morrow is an author and illustrator who lives in Vermont with his wife Laurie and their son Ned. Morrow’s books include “The Halloween Handbook,” “599 Things You Should Never Do,” and “The Grim Reaper’s Book of Days.” His work has appeared at National Review Online, The American Spectator, the Daily Caller, and Front Page Magazine, among others.

#MeToo Is Not for You, Monica

Like a recurring toenail infection, here she is again. Monica Lewinsky, in the pages of Vanity Fair, now claims sisterhood with the #MeToo movement. For the young unfamiliar with the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal or for older folks who, through intensive therapy, have purged those memories from their brains, let's return to those days gone

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The Children’s Crusade

According to legend, in 1212, a shepherd boy experienced religious visions that inspired him to lead fellow children on a Children's Crusade to the Holy Land to reclaim it for Christianity. They would do this not by sword but by peacefully persuading the Muslims in possession of the area to convert. One version

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Portraits on Parade

Huzzah! We know you've been waiting for it. We know the suspense has had you twitching in anticipation. Now, here they are! The National Portrait Gallery's portraits of President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have been unveiled. Double huzzah! Americans are accustomed to official portraits. They garnish our city halls, for example,

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Swatting Mr. Trump

Let's assume your neighbor is a jerk. His kid broke your window playing ball and he doesn't think he should pay for it. He throws empty beer cans over his fence into your backyard. His 10 dogs, all the size of Shetland ponies, use your yard for a toilet and snarl if you

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Hatred By the Numbers

How do they hate thee; let us count the ways. Critics of President Trump came up with a variety of numbers for their hatreds after his State of the Union address last week. 80: The American Civil Liberties Union set their hate counter at "more than 80 times." That was the number of

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Climbing Out of the Immigration ‘Hole’

Now that the media has moved on to the vital question of whether President Trump is 6-feet-2 or 6-feet-3, let's take a more sober look at last week's faux scandal. When U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) ran to the Washington Post to report President Trump asked during a private meeting why our policies

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A Tribute to the Great Social Justice Warriors of 2017

With the New Year, the media revisited the important events of last year. Whenever a dig could be dug into President Trump, it was dug with the enthusiasm of a groundhog bent on visiting China. None of his wins received much attention in these mainstream media reviews, so let us also ignore them

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The News from Lake HeBeGone

He might have been hauled out into the light by the media like a surprised, blinking raccoon tugged by the tail out of a trashcan. That's happened to a lot of powerful men lately. But Garrison Keillor, the creator of “A Prairie Home Companion,” the radio show that made a mythical, small town

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