Articles by Ed Achorn

Two Presidents Accused of Disrespect

oes this sound familiar? A Republican president is attacked relentlessly by the Democratic press for four years as a crass, crude man—and a tyrant and bully unworthy of his high office. When his re-election becomes a distinct possibility after months of expectations that he is headed for defeat, a pro-Democrat publication—without naming its sources—unleashes a […]

Who Elected Twitter and Facebook to Censor Speech?

I have spent my professional life defending the First Amendment and the free-speech rights it enshrines. It is the bulwark of all our freedoms. The attacks on it are proliferating alarmingly. Now, the most powerful social media platforms—which function as today’s public square—are arrogantly silencing a U.S. president. If a president’s right to be heard […]

Stop Destroying Children’s Lives

he science is crystal clear. Children should return to school in the fall. They are remarkably safe from catching COVID-19 and from spreading it. Cheating them of an education and social development again this fall would be incredibly cruel. Yes, the news media have scared many people out of their wits. Polls find many parents […]

COVID-19 and the Panic Narrative

any Americans remain terrified of COVID-19. The narrative of panic advanced by much of the news media fuels that feeling. In recent days, the focus has been on skyrocketing numbers of people testing positive for the coronavirus. But there are very promising signs that the virus is burning itself out. After spiking earlier this year, […]

Cancel Culture vs. Mount Rushmore

was glad to see the Democratic Party this week quickly delete its tweet about the great fireworks celebration at Mount Rushmore in honor of Independence Day. The reprehensible tweet called the nation’s birthday party “a rally glorifying white supremacy.” Political passions have become so hot of late that some will not even set aside the hatreds […]

Erasing Abraham Lincoln

braham Lincoln is in the news again. A statue of Lincoln that has stood for over 100 years in Park Square in Boston is the latest target for historic obliteration. The statue shows Lincoln standing above a crouching half-dressed black man in broken chains. The man is looking up with strength and determination, as if ready […]

How Ex-Slaves Freed America

t is one of the supreme ironies of American history that our nation and our freedoms were saved by men who had been enslaved. I think this story is not as widely told as it should be. Perhaps it does not fit today’s ideological narrative that black Americans are eternal victims of white privilege, and […]

Riots and the Danger to America

28-year-old country lawyer made a prescient observation in an 1837 address in Springfield, Illinois. He argued that, given its strengths, free America could only be destroyed from within. “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!—All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all […]

We Didn’t Close America in

was born in 1957. That’s me at the piano—late that year, I think—with my older sisters Susan (middle) and Nancy. That fall, a deadly flu was tearing through America. It ended up killing some 116,000 Americans—in a country that, with 170 million people, had about half the population of today’s America. Even using inflated numbers, […]