Articles by Dinesh D'Souza

The Virtue of Enterprise

erhaps the strongest force propelling socialism in the United States is the moral anxiety about capitalism. Capitalism, we know, is efficient. But the Left insists it is grossly unjust. Partly this is because capitalism creates inequality, but the underlying claim is that capitalism doesn’t allocate rewards in proportion with what people contribute. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reflected […]

Identity Socialism

ocialism, a system for raising up the working class, has now largely abandoned the working class. A program for raising the condition of ordinary citizens and workers has turned into a coordinated effort to make those very citizens and workers feel unwelcome and demonized in their own country. Socialism in America today has turned black […]

LBJ’S Democratic Plantation

Let’s face it. Our ass is in a crack. We’re gonna have to let this nigger bill pass. —Lyndon Johnson to Sen. John Stennis, 1957 The transformation of the Democratic Party from the party of racism and segregation to the party of civil rights is, according to historian Eric Rauchway, the central political arc of […]

Richard Spencer, Wilsonian Progressive

I’ve never interviewed a white supremacist before, so I didn’t know what to expect when Richard Spencer showed up to talk to me, with my film team present and the cameras rolling. Spencer is often portrayed as the most dangerous man in America. A profile of him in the Atlantic Monthly likened him to Hitler […]

The Switch That Never Happened: How the South Really Went GOP

This article is adapted from Dinesh D’Souza’s new book Death of a Nation, out July 31 from St. Martin’s Press. His movie of the same title opens nationwide on Friday, August 3. n interesting phenomenon in politics is the flip flop. What would cause a politician who takes a stand on an issue to reverse […]