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Bruce Heiden is professor of classics at The Ohio State University.

Utopia, Pacifism, and Guns

Dennis Prager in a recent column examines the reasons the Left offers for derisively rejecting proposals to improve school safety by permitting teachers with firearms training to carry in the classroom. Prager points out that if claims like “we need fewer guns” and “even police officers fire inaccurately” were valid arguments against arming

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A Background Check We Need

The February 14 shooting in Parkland, Florida has made it embarrassingly clear that our system of controlling guns through background checks is seriously flawed. In fact, it is fundamentally misconceived. Gun control is supposed to keep firearms out of the hands of persons who might reasonably be expected to misuse them—“misuse” broadly meaning

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Our Media Occupies the Moral Playground

President Trump on Sunday accused the Wall Street Journal of misquoting him invidiously in an interview published last Thursday. The newspaper attributed the following phrase to Trump: “I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jung Un.” In subsequent days this quotation was frequently repeated in the media because it suggests that

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History, Cinema, and the Power of ‘Darkest Hour’

Some reviewers of “Darkest Hour” (for example, Kyle Smith and former U.S. Senator Jim Talent) have expressed disapproval at the film’s depiction of Winston Churchill, which they find historically inaccurate in details that seem to diminish the great man’s memory: in Gary Oldman’s vivid, Golden Globe-winning portrayal, Churchill enters 10 Downing Street as

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Some Things Trump Could Say About Monuments

President Trump has expressed regret about the removal of commemorative monuments whose honorees are tainted by participation in slavery. While I respect his sentiment I find it inadequate, because the symbolism and function of historical statues are more complicated than either the president or the iconoclasts make it sound. I think the president

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How the Media Smeared Trump on Charlottesville

As many have pointed out, since about 4 p.m. on August 12, the media coverage of Charlottesville has been much more about President Trump’s statements than about James Fields, Heather Heyer, an auto ramming, a riot, a white supremacist rally, or a statue of Robert E. Lee. Talking heads, Capitol Hill pontificators, CEOs,

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Trump’s Critics Give White Supremacists the Notoriety They Crave

“Why Won’t Trump Denounce White Supremacists?” Steve Hayes asks in a Weekly Standard essay published shortly after the president’s first statement about the Charlottesville ugliness. The question is a loaded one, and it means to suggest, as the essay goes on to confirm, that President Trump is tacitly cultivating the support of white

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‘Indoctrinationism’: The Ideology of Speech Policing

Speech policing in the United States, often called “political correctness,” has inspired much resentment and concern along with advocacy. Right now only its advocates have an action plan—which is to institutionalize PC on university campuses through the appointment of administrators responsible for developing and enforcing policies to control expression. Those who object to

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Comey’s Flynn Spin, Part II: The Dog that Didn’t Bark

If in the Oval Office President Trump was looking for some of the “honesty” Jim Comey promised him, he sure didn’t get it. (Read Part I here.) In former FBI director James Comey’s written testimony recounting his private Oval Office discussion with the president about erstwhile National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, we find

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