Articles by Bob Calco

Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Banana Republic

The Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives pulled off something uniquely devious and dangerous on Thursday when it passed a barely debated “impeachment inquiry” resolution along partisan lines. The supposed benefit of a formal House vote to authorize an impeachment investigation is that Democrats now have the judiciary to enforce congressional subpoenas. Ordinarily, those would not […]

The Sinking of Mueller’s Prosecutorial Pequod

In the long and fascinating history of American political pamphleteering, the Mueller report will be regarded for years to come as a unique and in many ways impressive literary achievement. But as a legal work, and more importantly, as a precedent for future special counsel investigations, it cannot be regretted more deeply, or forgotten soon […]

Mueller Has Already Interfered in the Election—and Obstructed Justice

As November 6 approaches, news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is waiting until after the election to reveal the conclusions from his investigation belie a deeper, more disturbing point. Although Mueller’s decision is allegedly predicated on a desire to avoid even the appearance of impacting the vote, according to Justice Department policy and tradition the […]

Yes, the President Is Guilty of Obstruction

The shocking Justice Department inspector general report confirms our worst suspicions about the president’s controversial action last year. In firing former FBI Director James Comey, President Trump was indeed guilty of obstruction—obstruction of injustice. It wasn’t particularly effective if his goal was to stop the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, but it had the effect ultimately of exposing […]

On Fightin’ Words, Conflicting Narratives, and Culture Wars

Perhaps because his recent death was on my mind already, the verbal fireworks that erupted like Mt. Kilauea lava bombs last week between deep state schemers like former CIA director John Brennan and President Trump on Twitter over #Spygate reminded me of another brutal war of words: the one between certain leftist literati types and […]

Time to End Mueller’s Investigation About Nothing

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sprawling investigation into “Trump-Russia collusion” has devolved into a ludicrous media spectacle, a meandering situation comedy “about nothing” that is in quest of something, anything to be about. If, after all of these months of investigation, he has no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, then the conclusion is clear:  it […]

Tariffs, Trade, and Patriotism

President Trump’s recent decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum in response to what he (and most Americans) view as the routinely unfair trade practices of China and other foreign powers has upset more than a few Beltway apple carts. It has also triggered a lot of heated criticism from the Right—much of it […]

Parkland, Populism, and a Doomed Generation

Democracy dies in darkness, but truth dies in broad daylight in a culture that no longer values the rule of law and the primacy of deliberative debate over partisan political point-scoring.   Take a slow, deep breath and you’ll detect the carrion whiff of small-r republican rigor mortis hovering over almost every major story in […]

Cheatin’ Hillary’s Crooked Enablers

You don’t need to master some secret art of literary exegesis to see that the terse four-page Nunes memo—released Friday, despite unprecedented establishment apoplexy over its declassification—was assuredly not the “end of American democracy,” as some hysterics predicted. Nor was it the end of the story. But what a barn-burner of a story of political […]

Mueller’s Collusion Illusion

By now, it’s impossible to believe there was no collusion involving foreign powers in the 2016 presidential election. It’s just that the campaign in question isn’t Trump’s. If you’ve missed the evidence pointing to Clinton collusion, you’ve not been following the events precipitating—and now engulfing—the Mueller investigation very carefully. With the initial set of indictments […]

It’s the Capital Supply, Stupid!

Republicans insist that creating jobs is all about “tax cuts,” while Democrats insist it is all about other people paying their “fair share” of income taxes. Both parties buy into the fairy tale that the purpose of national economic activity is to “compete” in some fabled “global economy.” Both parties tell us we need to […]

Adam Smith, Closet Bannonite?

Adam Smith is universally recognized as the father of free market economics and modern globalist free traders like to point to him as the “first free trader” as well. But does their claim hold up in light of Smith’s curiously redacted teaching on the role of economic nationalism in creating conditions for the accumulation of […]

Tariffs, Trade, and the NeverTrump Nightmare

In his brief but thoughtful piece, “Raise Tariffs, Secure the Nation,” Spencer P. Morrison recently asked a vital question: “[W]hy the disconnect over tariffs between academics and businessmen, the media and the public?” That is, what is the nature of the widening divide between academics and the media, on the one hand, and businessmen (like […]