Articles by Bella Stark

Intolerance Is Just a Stitch Away at Ravelry

Ravelry is at it again. In a continuation of its zero-tolerance policy for vocal support of President Trump, the knitting site temporarily stopped accepting new members. The moratorium is needed, evidently,  to root out all Trump supporters—harassing them either into silence or into leaving Ravelry.  So much for the company’s policy against harassment. Do knitters […]

Wokescolds Won’t Let Us Knit in Peace

The ways of the “woke” have seeped into every part of American life. No activity or outlet is safe. Even my beloved crafting community is no longer immune. Suddenly, knitters and crocheters need to “examine their privilege.” For months, I’ve been unfollowing wokescolds on Instagram who, in their earnest desire to awaken me to the […]