Articles by Austin Ruse

Enough Masculinity to Make Any Soy-Boy Clutch His Pearls

It’s a dead certainty that any wispy-beard wearing a “This is What Feminism Looks Like” t-shirt will be first-eaten in the zombie apocalypse. One only has to see the young harridans on college campuses and the boy-weasels they lead around by their nose-rings to know we live not in an age of toxic masculinity but […]

The Thoughtfuls vs. the Roughneck-in-Chief

When it became increasingly clear in the spring of 2016 that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee for president, a group of Catholic Thoughtfuls penned a letter that March warning that the Catholic project was in “grave danger” because of Trump’s “vulgarity, oafishness, shocking ignorance and . . . demagoguery.” They made a point […]

GuideStar Wised Up on SPLC, But for How Long?

GuideStar USA—a nonprofit organization that, in effect, polices other nonprofits by publishing pertinent data about their funding and tax status—recently joined the FBI and the U.S. Army in distancing itself from the Southern Poverty Law Center. However, GuideStar has left open the possibility they will once more become yoked to the increasingly discredited leftist group. […]

It Takes a Muslim to Turn the Media on the SPLC

One wonders why it took the branding of a Muslim as a hater by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for the mainstream media to begin questioning the methodology, criteria, and the partisanship of that once-respected institution. After all, SPLC has been branding mainstream Christian groups as “haters” for many years. Even so, Christians targeted […]