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Adam Selene is the pseudonym of a writer who has studied American political thought and politics.

Trump, Stone, and an ‘Independent’ Justice Department

President Trump on Tuesday tweeted that federal prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone was ridiculous. Soon after the Department of Justice intervened and withdrew the recommendation. Several former Robert Mueller stooges who were prosecuting Stone then resigned. As expected, the media and NeverTrumpers pounced, questioning loudly whether “the justice department could remain free from political

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Our Republic Is Under Attack from the Admirals and Generals

Retired Admiral William McRaven’s recent opinion column in the New York Times is one of several recent indicators of how anti-republican (note the small “r”) our military leadership has become. First, as Brandon J. Weichert so ably pointed out in these pages the other day, the military’s pathetic conduct in response to a predictable and

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None of Us is Conservative

After the most recent and disappointing budget deal, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) asked his fellow Republicans on Twitter: “Are we to be conservative all the time, or only when we're in the minority?” His point is well taken. Republicans did not do well by their stated principles. But Paul’s comment, specifically the use

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