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What Is NATO Good For Today?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has lost its purpose. Created following the devastation of the Second World War, NATO was intended to “keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.” Throughout the Cold War, NATO proved to be an effective cudgel stunting the revolutionary push of Soviet Communism into Western Europe. Yet, […]

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Punishing The Real Russia Crime: Leaking

The appointment of a special counsel, as well as the Congressional proceedings to uncover and punish such associates of Donald Trump as may have colluded with the Russian government with regard to the 2016 campaign, are a combination of partisan and Intelligence-bureaucracy warfare. No one has mentioned any activity of anyone in that campaign that […]

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Thinking the Unthinkable Regarding Germany

Did the German Chancellor just rail at the United States of America and Great Britain from a beer hall in Munich? In their obsession with Russia, the elite media and both political parties are missing potentially far reaching developments. Without deploying a single division of panzers, today’s Germany has succeeded in what no previous German […]

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Is there Genius and Power in Covfefe?

Here’s a bold claim: President Trump’s “covfefe” tweet was a genius move that is a very powerful demonstration of his ability to persuade. I know, I know—it sounds crazy. But hear me out; what do you have to lose? Consider this a whimsical thought experiment to counter the ill effects of consuming too much of […]

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Mitch Landrieu: Monument Man for a Lost Cause

ew Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has made a much-heralded case for removal of four Confederate monuments he suddenly found the cause of great evils. “The Confederacy was on the wrong side of history and humanity,” he observes. But he arrogantly concludes that now we can “make straight a wrong turn we made many years ago” […]

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Self-Government Not Climate at Issue in Paris Agreement

It’s time for a serious discussion about what just happened with the Paris Climate agreement. President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. participation was not only a fulfillment of his campaign promise and utterly predictable, it was his clear legal prerogative to do it. The Paris agreement was not a treaty; it was not law. It […]

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The Anti-Trump Tide Recedes

The long-awaited de-escalation of Washington’s war with Trump seems finally to be happening. Prior to the president’s trip to the Middle East and Europe, the anti-Trump media was abuzz with intimations of “impeachment territory,” (the ludicrous phrase of David Gergen, who served President Reagan and President Clinton well, but may have contracted some of the […]

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Sean Davis at The Federalist Exposes WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin on Paris Hypocrisy 

Sean Davis over at The Federalist has an excellent piece calling out the phony conservatism of Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post whose political philosophy appears to have have been reduced to disagreeing with Donald Trump. He writes: “If you want to see a case study in how blind anti-Trumpism corrupts the brain and renders […]

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Democrats Should Fear the 2018 Midterms

Democrats are licking their lips in anticipation of a 2018 wave election that returns the Speaker’s gavel to Nancy Pelosi icy grip and ushers in a new era of having to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill. But hubris is always stalked by nemesis and pride goes before a fall. Eddie […]

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To Address Crime, Trump Should Recall Will Rogers

Donald Trump won the presidency by gaining the support of people who had previously voted Democratic, and he will lose their support if he does not fulfill the promises he made to them. Of all those promises, none seems less controversial, yet more impossible, than this one: “I have a message for all of you: […]

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Crisis of A Strauss Divided

Steve Hayward has been a friend for more years than we’d like to count and his new book, Patriotism Is Not Enough, is a tour de force. He writes the history of one of the most important debates in post-war American conservatism in a way that is lively, readable, and intellectually satisfying even for people […]

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The vast right-wing conspiracy 2.0, Russia edition

We were all shocked this week when Hillary Clinton took responsibility for her loss to Donald Trump. As long as you understand “taking responsibility” to mean that her loss was the result of a nefarious alliance between “The Russians” and Hillary’s longtime nemesis, “The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” James Antle explains: “Hillary Clinton did something […]

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The Anatomy of a Lie

In the 2010 hit film, Inception, the lead character—portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio—explains to his protégé—played by Ellen Page, “An idea is like a virus. Resilient. Highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you.” The story centers around DiCaprio and his team kidnapping a […]

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How Rex Tillerson and John Kerry Exemplify the Ethos of their Respective Administrations

Another day, another spasmodic Trump-inspired fit at the Washington Post. Can a newspaper suffer from Tourette’s syndrome? NBC’s Andrea Mitchell was not pleased that Rex Tillerson rode his Harley Davidson in the annual Rolling Thunder event without prior notice to the media. Tweeting on behalf of the riled-up media, Mitchell “griped”: “@StateDept announces Mideast briefing […]

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Populism, X: The imperative of freedom

It is curious how certain words accumulate a nimbus of positive associations while others, semantically just as innocuous, wind up shouldering a portfolio of bad feelings. Consider the different careers of the terms “democracy” and “populism.” Do you know any responsible person who would admit to being opposed to democracy? No one who does not […]

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Some Perspective on Trump and Media Madness

Since May 9th, the nonstop coverage of Trump—all of it extremely and damningly negative―has focused on supposed scandals that are, in Twitter’s parlance, “Big, if true.” Among the things we are asked to consider are dozens of reports from the press about how Trump fired Comey, how concerning that is, how Trump called out ex-Director […]

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The Real Collusion

Maybe it will be remembered as the weekend when, at long last, the media-Democrat complex overplayed its hand on the “Collusion with Russia” narrative. They are still having so much fun with the new “Jared back-channel to the Kremlin” angle, they appear not to realize it destroys their collusion yarn. Their giddiness is understandable. The […]

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On the Resistance, Building Campaigns, and Filibusters

In the synagogue business, the few rabbis who are unfortunate enough to practice at one of the few undesirable congregations with grumbling and carping congregants (probably no different from what some similarly unfortunate pastors encounter among those outlier church flocks pocked with sociologically pathological congregants) are told that nothing puts the grumbles to an end […]

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Flying Tigers are a Model for Sensible Projection of US Power Abroad

By late 1940, Japan had conquered Manchuria and was pushing south and west across China.  Japan planned to subdue China and then turn east, towards American possessions in the Philippines, Guam, Wake, and Hawaii.  President Roosevelt wanted to fight Japan in China before the war came to us, but what we’d now call “boots on […]

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Finally, a Real Man in the White House to Confront Challenge of Middle East Peace

Hang onto your seats, folks. The mentally deranged Left is about to erupt yet once more in one of their echolaliac fits they call reporting. Donald Trump has called Mahmoud Abbas a liar, so here it inevitably comes: What? Unheard of! Disgraceful! Unpresidential. He’s not fit to be President! IMPEACH HIM! Trump not only called […]