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The Main Purpose of Our Politics Right Now

To Democrats, we’re “deplorable.” To some on our own side, we’re “hacks.” Or, as a Twitter post said of some colleagues this morning: we are “literally raping conservatism” by supporting Donald Trump. We’ve all known these comments and worse over the past several months. But could it be, just possibly, that during the primaries some […]

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The Case Against “the Conservative Case. . .”

Whenever you find an article that begins with the title, “The Conservative Case” for or against something, lock your door, check your wallet, and grab your gun. You know what’s coming is an unadulterated sell-out of everything “conservatism” purports to hold dear. The words directly following the ellipses usually denote some obviously non-conservative thing, like “a […]

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After this Election Conservatism Won’t be the Same

American Greatness Contributing editor, Seth Leibsohn, hosted Claremont Review of Books editor (as well as a signer of the Scholars and Writers for Trump statement), Charles Kesler, on his radio show Friday. Among the things discussed was the question of the contours of conservatism after the election. Their discussion of the ways in which conservatism will require […]

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What Trump Might Do That Hillary Will Not

Do you ever get the impression that the contemporary conservative movement is just a giant false flag operation? A living example of Conquest’s Third Law? There may be other explanations for its fecklessness, stupidity, and willful blindness, but this is the simplest. Attempts to refute my “Flight 93” thesis continue to trickle in and they […]

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Scholars & Writers for Trump

Scholars & Writers for America Given our choices in the presidential election, we believe that Donald Trump is the candidate most likely to restore the promise of America, and we urge you to support him as we do.   Charles Akeman, University of California, Santa Barbara Jeffrey H. Anderson, Ph.D., author of “An Alternative to […]

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Conservatives For Trump: A Symposium Featuring Scholars & Writers For Trump

When 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence they declared their “reliance upon divine Providence” and pledged to each their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. Today, 125 scholars and writers have pledged to support Donald Trump for president. While we too rely upon divine Providence today, it is because of those risks taken by those […]

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Unpacking the Debate with Dr. Tevi Troy (PODCAST)

Dr. Tevi Troy joins us today to unpack the first presidential debate and explain what most pundits missed and what effect it is likely to have on the election.  Dr. Troy is a presidential historian who is the author of the just released Shall We Wake The President.  He was also a top aide to […]

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What The Pundits Missed In The Debate

  Don’t confuse critics with box office.  That’s what Ronald Reagan famously quipped to his Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett when he was being criticized by a hostile media.  President Reagan, the veteran actor knew the difference and it was one of the keys to his electoral success.  Confusing the two is behind much of […]

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Hillary Clinton as Mitt Romney

If you tuned in to last night’s debate because you were expecting a substantive examination of the great issues facing our country and about which some hard decisions need to be made—and soon—you were disappointed. Trump’s signature issue, immigration, was hardly discussed and questions of war and trade were not debated at the highest level. […]

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She Blinded Me With ‘Science’!

Tonight’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is sure to bring many heated exchanges and supply plenty of soundbites for tomorrow’s morning news shows. In this unpredictable campaign, it’s hard to anticipate what the contours of those outtakes might be.  But it’s a fair bet Clinton will spend some time making the charge that […]

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Prudence: For Trump

Reposted with permission from the Claremont Review of Books. William Voegeli has written thoughtfully about the reasons underlying Trump’s appeal, defended Trump’s supporters, and attacked some of his more breathless enemies. Still, Voegeli charges me—for making many of the same points—with exhorting people to “reckless, desperate actions.” When what I have actually exhorted them to do […]

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When A Lie Travels: Comparing Alcohol To Marijuana

This November, several states will vote on whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and the proponents of legalization have seized on a seemingly clever argument: marijuana is safer than alcohol.  The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, an effort of the Marijuana Policy Project (or MPP), has taken this argument across the country.  Their […]

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The 8 Big Lies About Donald Trump

Liar. Tyrant. Racist. Nazi. These are some of the choice descriptors America’s scribbling class applies to Donald Trump. While they’re busy consuming hours of free coffee shop Wi-Fi and furiously pounding out hyperventilating opinion pieces we decided to look at the eight big lies being told about Donald Trump. 1) He lies all the time. […]

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Millennials Should Reject “Paint-By-Numbers” Conservatism

Millennials have come of age with a conservatism that was as much a subculture as it was a political movement. It has been defined by its various media nodes from The New Criterion and National Review on one end to more popular venues such as Fox News and conservative “bestsellers” on the other. Conservatism, we […]

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Trump and Prudence: A Reply to Decius

Editor’s note: We find plenty to disagree with William Voegeli’s argument here, but we want our readers to see the full debate over Decius’s “Flight 93 Election” essay and this is one of the more compelling responses. (Reposted by permission of the Claremont Review of Books.) If conservatives in 2016 are like airline passengers hijacked by terrorists on […]

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Sanctimony as a Conservative Principle

Reposted with permission from the Claremont Review of Books. I admit to a bit of disappointment at the reaction to my two prior articles. I went into the agora with the hope of getting flayed by good arguments. Instead I got ankle-bitten on Twitter. What is it with conservatives and Twitter anyway? The enstupification of […]

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Not ‘Reactionary’ But Right: Decius Responds to Damon Linker

If I were to try to correct every misinterpretation of what I’ve written, I’d never do anything else. But some are worth addressing because they present an opportunity to explore larger questions or drill deeper into ones already on the table. Damon Linker offers a case in point. In two columns at The Week, he […]

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What’s Truly De·plor·a·ble

The “most qualified” candidate for president is briefed on bombings in New York and New Jersey and the best she can muster is: “I think it’s always wiser to wait to until you have information for making conclusions, because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened,” and, “Well I […]

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An Interview with Decius

The pseudonymous Publius Decius Mus has angered and mystified his critics with his bracing assessment of our political moment in his essay, “The Flight 93 Election,” which—along with the follow-up essay—quickly went viral and generated commentary from left and right. With so many questions and so much controversy swirling around his ideas, American Greatness spoke with […]

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Donald Trump Becomes A Happy Warrior

Donald Trump is in the zone right now. He appeared in front of a massive “Les Deplorables” banner in Miami Friday night with “Do You Hear The People Sing?” from Les Misérables pumping and the crowd roaring its defiance at Hillary Clinton’s slander. Trump is relaxed, he’s funny, and he’s clearly enjoying the campaign trail. […]