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Aristotle’s Politics and the Declaration of Independence

The celebration of the 4th of July is more than the coming together of friends and family to share a meal and to watch a fireworks display; it is an opportunity to reflect on the document that set in motion the founding of the United States of America. Cited among the reasons given in the […]

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Jefferson’s Elements

When Euclid wrote Elements circa 300 B.C. he set down five axioms. A straight line can be made from any two points. A finite straight line can be extended continuously. A circle can be described by a line segment with a fixed point and the opposite point rotated continuously to its original position. All right […]

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Conservatism Must First Recover What It Seeks to Conserve

Since the election of Donald Trump as the nation’s 45th president, essays about conservatism—what it is, how it ought to relate to Trump—are all the rage. Some—like Greg Weiner’s “Conservatism’s Constitutional Moment”—argue that the right way to understand conservatism is to view it as a disposition committed to conservation. Without that orientation, he argues, “conservative” […]

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Trump’s High-Stakes Tweeting

Trump’s strongest supporters are sometimes the most anxious critics of his tweeting—not because his is a failing presidency bordering on caricature, but because it is adroitly unwinding the Obama transformation. But why, then, the need to go after failed media has-beens without an audience? Of course, tweeting commentary and news over the heads of a […]

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No, the Hipster Barista Does Not Represent Millennials

Have you seen that “hipster barista” meme floating around the Internet? How many of you have scoffed at the Millennial generation for being a bunch of “snowflakes”? Or sneered at Generation Z (those born from 1996 onward) for their zombie-like passivity? We’ve all been there. Whether you’re a Baby Boomer or even a Right-wing Millennial […]

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GuideStar Wised Up on SPLC, But for How Long?

GuideStar USA—a nonprofit organization that, in effect, polices other nonprofits by publishing pertinent data about their funding and tax status—recently joined the FBI and the U.S. Army in distancing itself from the Southern Poverty Law Center. However, GuideStar has left open the possibility they will once more become yoked to the increasingly discredited leftist group. […]

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Great Reads 6/30/17

A daily roundup of great reads from around the web as selected by our editors. —Chris Buskirk— “In July 2016 Spieles’ job was to register as many voters as possible and reported to Democratic Campaign headquarters in Harrisburg,” a U.S. Attorney’s office spokesperson said. Can you fill in the blanks from there? We have a U.S. […]

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Stop Blaming Robots: Automation is Not Killing American Jobs

A Chinese factory made international headlines two years ago by firing 90 percent of its workers, while simultaneously making 162.5 percent more stuff. How did they do it? Automation. Since then the mainstream media has worked itself, and many Americans, into a frenzy over “job-stealing” robots. Automation will cause mass unemployment and poverty, they say. […]

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Coarse Correction: The Real Significance of the 2016 Election

About a year ago, the respected Harvard political theorist, Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr., wrote an op-ed about Donald Trump for the Wall Street Journal titled, “Why Donald Trump Is No Gentleman.” Mansfield made the case that the appellation “gentleman” is one used so rarely these days that we forget, even, to note its opposite.   […]

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The Loyalty Dinner, Part III: The Steele Dossier

Editor’s note: This is the third part of a three-part series. Read Part I here and Part II here.   Trump wanted Comey’s input about how the FBI could protect their country’s President from a vile defamation.  Too much to ask? Once FBI Director James Comey finishes narrating the end of his dinner with President Trump, […]

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Great Reads 6/29/17

A daily roundup of great reads from around the web as selected by our editors. —Julie Ponzi— Frequent American Greatness contributor Mytheos Holt has an interesting piece at The American Conservative today discussing the ways that the mainstream media and the tech industry have morphed from being edgy institutions on the vanguard of advancing freedom […]

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Restoring the Balance of Power in the Mideast, Trump Style

As the world slowly divides roughly along the cultural “fault lines” Samuel Huntington warned us about two decades ago, two major stories have surfaced from the Mideast. The first is a speculative piece that claims elements of President Trump’s foreign policy team are pressing the administration to change yet another regime in the region: Iran. […]

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It Takes a Muslim to Turn the Media on the SPLC

One wonders why it took the branding of a Muslim as a hater by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for the mainstream media to begin questioning the methodology, criteria, and the partisanship of that once-respected institution. After all, SPLC has been branding mainstream Christian groups as “haters” for many years. Even so, Christians targeted […]

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Why the ‘Fight for 15’ Could Blow Up in the Faces of the Poor

Nobody deserves a minimum wage. Everyone deserves a fair wage. But what’s “fair” depends on a whole host of factors, not least of which is the health of the economy. Labor activists for several years have been clamoring for an across-the-board $15-an-hour minimum wage. “Fight for 15” has won key victories in big cities, including […]

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Great Reads 6/28/17

A daily roundup of great reads from around the web as selected by our editors. —Julie Ponzi—   In addition to catching Victor Davis Hanson’s great post tonight at AG, “The Late, Great Russian Collusion Myth,” check out a piece by Daniel John Sobieski at The American Thinker called “Obama’s Criminal Enterprise Collapsing.”  It’s all about […]

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The Late, Great Russian Collusion Myth

Incoming elected administrations, especially the Obama transition team of 2008 in the case of Russia and Iran, seek contacts with foreign diplomats before formally entering office. Most presidential campaigns are staffed by at least a few free-lancing opportunists who see their candidate as a nexus for profiteering. There is no need for a reminder of […]

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Man-Bun Ken

It’s all Blaine’s fault. If only that Australian boogie boarder hadn’t stolen Barbie’s heart, Ken might still be a man today. I’m sure you all remember the breakup. Which Breakup? The Breakup! The one that changed Ken forever. Back in 2004, Mattel announced that Barbie was leaving Ken. She left him for Blaine, a younger, […]

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The Loyalty Dinner, Part II: ‘I Need Loyalty’

Editor’s note: This is the second part of a three-part series. Read Part I here and Part III here. Recall former FBI Director James Comey’s advice, in version two of the now-famous Loyalty Dinner, that an independent bureau serves the president’s own best interests; then note how Comey’s narration moves somewhat abruptly to an apparent inflection […]

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There’s More Than One Way to Destroy an Environment

The Establishment Left went into full meltdown over President Trump’s unceremonious withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords, which Barack Obama had signed with such fanfare. Naturally, former Vice President Al Gore weighed in, calling the move a “reckless and indefensible action.” Hillary called it an “historic mistake.” Leonardo DiCaprio said it was “careless.” And, in […]

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Great Reads 6/27/17

A daily roundup of great reads from around the web as selected by our editors.   —Chris Buskirk— Are our allies in the Middle East—those governments that actually maintain formal security ties with the United States, including Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, and Israel; and Gulf partners like Saudi Arabia—more secure and confident in American leadership and commitments […]