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Bret Stephens, the Gray Lady, and ‘The Great Awokening’

A small piece of advice for anyone preparing a submission to the New York Times: do perform a thorough background check on each and every person you intend to cite.

spike in the level of outrage on Twitter is by no means a rare event. Regular users are accustomed to glancing over at the “Trending” tab to see who or what has raised people’s hackles that particular day. However, it is not so common for a spike of outrage to be generated by something published […]

Great America

If America Is So Racist, Why Are There So Many Race Hoaxes?

To convince people that America is racist, you have to fake it.

s I wrote nearly three years ago: “Perhaps the second greatest libel—and certainly the most widespread—is that America is a racist country that oppresses its minorities and women. We can call it the American Libel.” (The greatest libel was the infamous blood libel, the fabricated charge spread in Europe for hundreds of years by Christian […]

First Principles

A Reign of Error

What we think about things can be as important as the things themselves, because it forms our moral stance toward the world. But what if our thoughts are in error?

t the end of The Unheavenly City: The Nature and the Future of Our Urban Crisis (1968), Edward Banfield presents a prospect regarding race relations that seems to have been fulfilled since his tumultuous years and ours: a reign of error. Let me set the stage. America had become the wealthiest nation in the history […]


Michigan Couple Should Not Have Been Charged in Chipotle Parking Lot Incident, Attorney Says

A white woman and her husband are facing criminal charges after she was captured on video pulling a handgun on a black woman and her daughters during a heated confrontation outside of a Chipotle in Lake Orion, Michigan, last week. A viral video shows the pregnant woman brandishing the weapon after Takelia Hill and her […]


Julie Kelly’s NeverTrump Exposé ‘Disloyal Opposition’ Hits Store Shelves Today

ike no one else in conservative media, American Greatness author Julie Kelly has gleefully needled, mocked, and embarrassed the obnoxious NeverTrump movement in numerous articles and posts on Twitter. Most importantly, she has strived to expose them as the shameless and soulless grifters they are. Her new book, Disloyal Opposition: How the NeverTrump Right Tried―And […]


Mississippi Governor Criticizes Media for Ignoring Protests’ Impact on Coronavirus

Governor Tate Reeves (R-Miss.) pushed back against the “liberal media” and its coverage of the coronavirus, pointing out that most media outlets were ignoring the obvious fact that the recent mass protests undoubtedly caused a spike in cases, as reported by The Hill. In a statement on Twitter, Reeves decried the media’s efforts to claim […]


Montgomery County Jail Releases Illegal Alien Accused of Rape

The infamous sanctuary county of Montgomery, Maryland has defied federal immigration authorities once more, this time releasing an accused rapist despite ICE’s requests to hold him, according to Fox News. Despite being arrested for rape charges on June 18th, Rene Atilio Ramos-Hernandez was released on June 23rd by local authorities. Even though ICE sent a […]


U.S. Navy Lifts Some Restrictions on Religious Services Following Complaints

After receiving criticism from a religious liberty law firm and multiple chaplains, the United States Navy is lifting several restrictions on religious services for its service members, as reported by Fox News. As explained by Sarah Self-Kyler, director of Fleet Public Affairs for the Navy, the restrictions aimed at “prohibiting Sailors from attending off-base indoor […]


Run, Kanye, Run!

By taking even a small percentage of Biden’s potential voters, Kanye can help Trump bigly.

anye West over the weekend tweeted his intention to run for president in 2020. This with just under four months left before polling stations open (and early voting set to open in some states, such as Illinois, 40 days before the November election). His wife, Kim Kardashian, has confirmed that Kanye is, in fact, running […]

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The Mob at the McCloskeys’ Were Committing a Crime

Why a St. Louis prosecutor’s public vilification of the private property owners is dangerous.

he mob streams past a “private property” sign conspicuously mounted on the gate enclosing a private community along the private street, Portland Place, in St. Louis. About 100 feet away, a barefoot Mark McCloskey emerges from the first house on the right. The privately owned sidewalk to the mayor’s house passes right by the McCloskey […]

First Principles

The Great Fireworks Rebellion of 2020

It could be that the Fireworks Rebellion of 2020 was the shot heard ‘round the country that signaled the defenders of America are paying attention—and unwilling to tolerate much more.

f Donald Trump’s Independence Eve address at Mount Rushmore was a battle cry for the republic, millions of Americans seemingly joined forces with the president the next evening with their own sort of ammunition: fireworks. Lockdown orders and “social distancing” decrees canceled official Fourth of July fireworks displays across the country—the latest in a long […]

Great America

The Left’s Shakedown and Protection Racket

Solidarity gestures are no longer acceptable to the Left. It’s now about money and power.

y now everyone on the Right who is paying attention should be properly “woke” about the nature of today’s Left—it boils down to a relentless attempt to silence dissent on every level. In the past month, we have seen the attempt to ban a significant and wholly legitimate news outlet from Google’s ad service, a […]

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Senior Citizens Will Be the ‘Deciding Factor’ in 2020 Election

Over the past several decades, Republican presidential candidates have been able to win the senior vote, with only a couple of exceptions.

ESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pennsylvania—The ad shows a drive-by of a rural, post-industrial unnamed town in this western Pennsylvania county. The woman in the ad says her name is Janie. She is a fisher who caught two legal Northern pike the day her daughter was born, voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and now believes the choice […]


Point of No Return

The time to choose between irreconcilable opposites is almost at hand.

onald Trump gave the greatest speech of his career on Friday night at Mount Rushmore, an address that will soon take on historic importance. The president has now forced his opponents out of their fetid hothouse of snobbery, humbug, and subversion. In the process he has forced the Bush Republicans, who led the party between […]


After Over a Month of Violent Rioting in Portland, Border Patrol Called In to Restore Order

After violent antifa riots were allowed to rock downtown Portland, Oregon, for over a month, Border Patrol agents over the holiday weekend were finally deployed to restore order. Acting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan expressed frustration over the situation on Fox News Sunday: “Where are the local political leaders?” he asked. “These […]


$10,000 Reward Offered in BLM Shooting Death of 8-Year-old Girl in Atlanta

The mayor of Atlanta is saying “enough is enough” after an 8-year-old black girl was shot dead by Black Lives Matter agitators at a demonstration site over the weekend. Authorities say at least two people opened fire on a car trying to drive through an occupied protest area, hitting the girl.  There’s now a $10,000 […]


Armed Black Protesters March in Georgia

Dozens of African-American protesters, openly carrying firearms, dressed in all black, and with some wearing body armor, marched on Georgia’s Stone Mountain memorial on the 4th of July, as reported by local newspaper Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The marchers initially started in downtown Stone Mountain before marching to the Stone Mountain Park itself, where the titular mountain […]


Multiple Christopher Columbus Statues Destroyed Over Independence Day Weekend

There was a resurgence in attacks on American monuments over the 4th of July weekend, with the primary targets being depictions of the famed explorer Christopher Columbus, as reported by the New York Post. A statue of Columbus in Waterbury, Connecticut was decapitated by rioters sometime Friday night; the head has still not been located. […]


Frederick Douglass Statue Torn Down in New York

A statue of famed African-American abolitionist Frederick Douglass was torn down in Rochester, New York, according to ABC News. The statue, located in Maplewood Park, was torn down in the late hours of July 5th. It had been erected at that particular location to mark a spot along the famous Underground Railroad, of which Douglass […]


Morning Greatness: Fireworks for Some, Murder and Mayhem for Others

Good Monday morning. Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today: The president meets with the Secretary of State Holiday weekend brings fireworks for some, murders and violence for others I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend, grilling environmentally friendly Beyond Burgers, wearing masks, socially distancing or following whatever the current virus rules are. […]