Over 130 House Republicans Co-Sponsor Adam Schiff Censure

A resolution to formally censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) has picked up 135 co-sponsors among House Republicans, Fox News reports. The resolution was introduced last month by Congressman Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), the new chair of the House Freedom Caucus, and seeks to censure Schiff for his deliberately false statements before the Intelligence […]


Ilhan Omar Continues Sending Campaign Funds to Boyfriend’s Firm

Nearly 30 percent of the campaign funds raised by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) in the third quarter of 2019 was spent on services by her lover’s firm, the Washington Free Beacon reported. Of the just over $1 million raised in the third quarter, Omar’s campaign spent just under half a million; of that amount, $150,000 […]


Three of the Four ‘Squad’ Members Set to Endorse Bernie Sanders for President

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) is set to receive the key endorsements of three of the most high-profile Democrats in the House of Representatives on Saturday, Fox News reports. The three congresswomen are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.). They are three of the four members of a group colloquially referred to […]


Morning Greatness: Pelosi Says There Will Be No Impeachment Inquiry Vote

Good Wednesday morning. Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today: The president participates in a bilateral meeting with the President of the Italian Republic President Trump participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with the President of the Italian Republic The president participates in a joint press conference with the President of the Italian Republic […]


Flynn Lawyer Asks DOJ to Produce ‘Brady Material’ from Joseph Mifsud’s Two BlackBerry Phones

The attorney representing General Michael Flynn filed a motion Tuesday demanding that the Justice Department produce the “Brady Material” that has recently come into the government’s possession. “Brady Material” is favorable or exculpatory evidence that has been withheld from the defense. Specifically, Sidney Powell, a well-known defense attorney and legal pundit, is asking for two […]


Judicial Watch Releases List of Journalists and Trump Allies Ukraine Ambassador Allegedly Targeted

Ousted U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch may have violated laws and government regulations by ordering subordinates to monitor prominent conservative figures, journalists and persons with ties to President Donald Trump, conservative watchdog Judicial Watch reported on Monday. .@JudicialWatch investigates allegations U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, at direction of Obama holdover Amb. Yovanovitch, monitored, contrary to law, social […]


ABC News Tries to Pass off Kentucky Gun Range Footage as Syria Firebombing

ABC News has been forced to issue a correction after it was revealed that it was using footage from an American gun range during its coverage of the latest events in Syria, the Daily Caller reports. The footage, which originally aired on “ABC World News Tonight” on Sunday and then again on “Good Morning America” […]


Native American Chiefs Pressure Atlanta Braves to End ‘Tomahawk Chop’

Two Native American Leaders are publicly pressuring the Atlanta Braves baseball team to end its nearly 30-year tradition known as the “tomahawk chop,” the New York Post reports. The chief of the Creek nation claimed that the practice, which includes fans holding red foam tomahawks during games, “reduces Native Americans to a caricature and minimizes […]


Census Bureau Asking States for Citizenship Information

The United States Census Bureau has been asking various states to hand over any information regarding the citizenship status of its population, according to The Hill. According to the report, the Census Bureau is seeking such information as driver’s licenses, which include “citizenship status, race, birthdates, and addresses,” as well as “information on people who […]

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Morning Greatness: Media Prints Useful Leaks from Clandestine ‘Impeachment’ Inquiry Testimony

Good Tuesday morning. Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today: The president receives his intelligence briefing President Trump has lunch with the Vice President The president welcomes the 2019 Stanley Cup Champions, the St. Louis Blues The Democrat candidates are holding an official drum circle tonight if that’s your kink. This Week in “Impeachment” […]


Former Pompeo Aide Michael McKinley to Testify Before Dems’ Impeachment Clown Show

A former State Department adviser known to be anti-Trump is scheduled to testify behind closed doors Wednesday before the congressional committees leading the House impeachment clown show. Michael McKinley—formerly a top aide to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a longtime diplomat— is expected to  appear for a transcribed interview, according to CNN, which suggests […]


CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Jeff Zucker’s ‘Anti-Trump Crusade’

On Monday, Project Veritas released the first video in a series that exposes the blatant bias, misconduct, and anti-Trump political agenda of CNN. These tapes, said founder James O’Keefe, “will be the biggest story of the year for Project Veritas.” Sickened by the “rampant” left-wing bias he saw behind the scenes at CNN, a whistleblower […]


California Dems Spend More than $800,000 on Sexual Misconduct Cases

The California Democratic Party has spent in excess of $800,000 as a result of several sexual misconduct lawsuits targeting its former state chair, Eric Bauman, ABC reports. The party has spent “$430,000 in attorney fees,” with an additional “$378,348 in legal settlements” as a result of three different cases, amounting to $808,348 total. Although Bauman […]


Fox News Poll Allegedly Showing 51% Support for Impeachment Misrepresented the Results

Last week’s controversial Fox News poll, which claimed that 51 percent of Americans supported impeaching President Donald Trump, has been found to have misrepresented the American population in its sample size, the New York Post has discovered. After the Post did further investigation, it discovered that the pollster responsible for the findings was Braun Research, […]


California Passes Law Mandating that All Students Receive Taxpayer-Funded Lunches

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) has signed a new bill into law which essentially eliminates penalties for students and parents in public schools who have not paid meal fees, thus shifting all of the costs back onto the taxpayer, according to Fox News. The new bill, S.B. 265, acts as an amendment to the 2017 […]

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Morning Greatness: Secret Anti-Trump Tribunals to Continue as Congress Returns

Good Monday morning. It’s Columbus Day. Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today: The president has no public events today. Star chamber tribunal to continue this week The Democrats are returning from their recess and will continue their secret tribunals against ORANGE MAN BAD. The dummies, that’s you all, don’t need to see or […]


Minnesota State Rep Was Among Antifa Mob Harassing Trump Supporters After Rally

A Democrat member of the Minnesota House of Representatives was among the far-left riffraff that harassed and intimidated Trump supporters as they left the Trump rally in Minneapolis Thursday night. Rep. Aisha Gomez (DFL) was seen consorting with a member of the antifa mob as he hurled profanities at Republicans as they drove by. Hundreds […]


Washington D.C. Replaces Columbus Day with ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’

The nation’s capital has passed a bill to rename the history holiday Columbus Day as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” ABC reports. The legislation, named the “Indigenous Peoples’ Day Emergency Declaration Act of 2019,” was proposed by Councilman David Grosso (I-D.C.). The bill, which Grosso inaccurately described as “emergency legislation” on Twitter, is ostensibly for the purpose […]


Big Tech, Other Major Companies Lobby for Liberal Supreme Court Decisions

An alliance of major companies, including Big Tech and Fortune 500 brands, have filed amicus briefs in several of the Supreme Court’s upcoming cases, as reported by The Daily Caller. The two cases in particular that these companies have rallied behind are the case deciding the fate of the Obama-era amnesty program Deferred Action for […]


NBC Bans Trump Campaign Ad on Biden-Ukraine Scandal

On Thursday, NBC Universal announced that it would not run one of President Trump’s most frequently-shown campaign advertisements detailing Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandal, The Hill reports. The ad in question, simply called “Ukraine,” details the former vice president’s corruption and abuse of power with regards to Ukraine, including how his son Hunter was being paid […]