Morning Greatness: Durham’s Walls Are Closing In

Good Friday morning. Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today: The president delivers remarks at the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum in Columbia South Carolina Durham turns the dial up to 11 U.S. Attorney John Durham’s amp goes up to 11 now. Sources say that Durham’s probe into DoJ scheme to defeat Trump […]


Minneapolis Police Finally Make Assault Arrest in the Wake of Violent Protests Outside Trump Rally

Minneapolis Police have finally made an assault arrest in the wake the violent protest outside of President Trump’s rally in downtown Minneapolis two weeks ago. Dwight P. Lewis has been charged w/felony assault. Police say he punched a victim in the mouth unprovoked who was leaving the Trump rally in Minneapolis 2 weeks ago. The […]


Congressman Tim Ryan Drops Out of the Presidential Race

Congressman Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) has announced his withdrawal from the race for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 2020. Although he managed to appear in the first two debates, Congressman Ryan failed to gain traction and consistently struggled to poll at even one percent. As a result, he did not qualify for the two more […]


Flynn Attorney Accuses Government Prosecutors of Suppressing Evidence the Defense Uncovered

In a scorching court filing Wednesday, Gen. Michael Flynn’s legal team accused Department of Justice prosecutors of stonewalling and suppressing exonerating evidence the defense itself uncovered. Lead counsel Sidney Powell also accused “certain elements in the government” of targeting Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, for destruction because he had “publicly expressed intent to […]


Bette Midler Couldn’t ‘Be More Grateful’ for Rand Paul’s Assault by a Neighbor

Celebrity Bette Midler endorsed political violence on Wednesday, saying that Americans should “be more grateful” for the man who assaulted Rand Paul while he was mowing his lawn two years ago, according to The Daily Caller. In a Tweet, Midler criticized Paul’s foreign policy in regards to the Kurds in Syria, after Paul had previously […]


Next Democratic Debate Will Feature Only Female Moderators

The fifth Democratic presidential primary debate next month will be moderated by an all-female panel, according to The Hill. The debate, scheduled for November 20th and sponsored by the Washington Post and MSNBC, will have four female moderators: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, NBC’s Kristen Welker, and the Washington Post’s Ashley Parker. The debate […]


Morning Greatness: House GOPers Cross Schiff’s Star Chamber Borders

Good Thursday morning. Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today: The president receives his intelligence briefing President Trump participates in the Diwali Ceremonial Lighting of the Diya The president presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Roger Penske It turns out this Ukraine-phone call “whistleblower” might be even more biased than initially thought Hot […]


Gov. Abbott: Two Gov. Offices Looking into Case of Little Boy Transitioning to Girl Against Dad’s Wishes

Texas governor Greg Abbott announced Wednesday evening that the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services are looking into the sad saga of James Younger, the seven year-old boy who may be forced to undergo chemical castration at the behest of his mother. FYI the matter of 7 year […]


Frustrated Republicans Storm Secretive Impeachment ‘Inquiry’ Hearing

House Republicans, frustrated at the Democrats’ secretive and constantly evolving impeachment inquiry rules, stormed a House Intelligence Committee hearing Wednesday, demanding access to witness Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper. House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) reportedly left the hearing room with Cooper when the Republicans crashed, and threatened to slap them with an […]


Proud Boys Members Sentenced to 4 Years for Defending Themselves Against Antifa

Two members of the Proud Boys were sentenced to four years in prison each after fighting members of Antifa in October of last year, ABC reports. The incident took place outside a venue where Proud Boys founder and media commentator Gavin McInnes was giving a speech. The Proud Boys members, 27-year-old Maxwell Hare and 40-year-old […]


Internal Government Watchdog Launches Climate Change Investigation into USDA

A government watchdog has begun a formal investigation into the United States Department of Agriculture over the department’s handling of information related to alleged “climate change,” according to Politico. The investigation comes after numerous Senate Democrats pressured the USDA’s Inspector General to do so, claiming without evidence that there were “potential instances of suppression and […]


Chicago Police Chief Declines to Attend Trump’s First Visit to the City

After it had been announced that President Donald Trump would visit the city of Chicago for the first time in his presidency next Monday, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has confirmed that he will not attend the president’s speech, The Hill reports. The president will be speaking at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, […]

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Morning Greatness: Democrats Claim Impeachment ‘Game Changer’

Good Wednesday morning. Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today: The president delivers remarks at the 9th Annual Shale Insight Conference in Pittsburgh, PA THEWALLSARECLOSINGINGAMECHANGERQUIDPROQUO It really doesn’t matter what any of these witnesses tell the Impeachment Folly ringleaders, the story is already written. The ringleaders will tell this story to the public via […]


Politico Shills for the Deep State with Brennan Puff Piece

President Trump is “obsessed” with former CIA chief John Brennan and is seeking “vengeance,” according to a stirring new report in Politico. Because of this, reporters Natasha Bertrand (aka Fusion Natasha) and Daniel Kippman say the president is on “a collision course” with the Justice Department’s ongoing probe of the intelligence community’s “actions” in 2016. […]


Texas Jury Forces 7-Year-Old to Undergo Gender Transition

In Texas, a jury ruled against a father who was trying to prevent one of his sons from undergoing a “gender transition” process, according to the Daily Wire. Eleven of the twelve jurors ruled against Jeffrey Younger as he was trying to gain sole custody of his twin sons from his ex-wife Anne Georgulas, who […]


Chuck Schumer Claims President Trump Could Expose the Whistleblower

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) recently claimed that President Trump could expose the Ukraine whistleblower’s identity and put them in harm’s way, Politico reports. Schumer wrote a letter to the Deputy Director National of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire and Inspector General Michael Atkinson on Monday, baselessly claiming that President Trump “may disclose the whistleblower’s […]


TikTok Bans Two Dozen Pro-ISIS Accounts

The music-based social media app TikTok has banned roughly two dozen accounts for sharing ISIS propaganda, the New York Post reports. The app, which is based in China, was being monitored by the agency Storyful as part of a broader investigation into potential recruitment platforms for the radical Islamic terror group. The videos posted by […]

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Morning Greatness: America, You’re Getting an Impeachment Trial for Christmas

Good Tuesday morning. Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today: President Trump receives his intelligence briefing The president has lunch with the Secretary of State Democrats plan to slow down Impeachment Follies Merry Christmas America, you are getting a big fat impeachment trial from the Democrats’ Santa Claus this year. Ho, ho, ho. Democrats […]


Reuters Reporter Slimes Washington Times in Insulting Email to Mifsud Source

Reuters reporter Mark Hosenball slimed the Washington Times Monday in an email to a source associated with Joseph Mifsud, calling the paper “not a remotely credible source” that is “owned or controlled by the Moonies.” Joseph Mifsud is the “the mysterious Maltese Professor” who allegedly told Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos that the Russians had […]


Dem-Led House Tables Resolution to Censure Adam Schiff in Party-Line Vote

In a party-line vote of 218 to 185, the Democrat-led House of Representatives voted Monday evening to table a resolution to censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, (D-CA) for his handling of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.  All Democrats voted to table the censure resolution—which was introduced by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ)—and all Republicans […]