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Abdicating Moral Authority and Why it Matters

When President Obama first announced his plans to normalize relations with Cuba last year, he lectured opponents up front, as is his wont: Yes, there are those who want to turn back the clock and double down on a policy of isolation. But it’s long past time for us to realize that this approach doesn’t […]

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Trump’s Triumph Should Signal an End to ‘Checklist Conservatism’

Conservatives who supported Donald Trump for president are going to be disappointed eventually. Perhaps even pretty soon. And that’s a good thing. While liberals obsess over Trump’s alleged affronts to their cherished identity politics, conservatives are going to discover that many of the pieties they’ve held for a generation are suddenly obsolete. Liberals have invested […]

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How to Advance the Greatness Agenda — A Post-Election Symposium

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential contest of 2016, there are far too many postmortems seeking to explain the question, “How did this happen?” Though many of us at American Greatness were pleasantly surprised by the extent of Trump’s victory, we always understood how it would come, if it came. So […]

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Reflections on Post-Trumpening Narcissism

President-Elect Trump’s new era quickly spawned many written reflections and memes focused on forgotten Americans tired of being told what to do. The long foretold “monster vote” arose, and, by the thinnest of margins, told the forces of globalism to halt their advance. Yet Trump’s opponents seem unwilling or unable to learn from their loss, […]

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A Time for Choosing

Last month I threw away nearly all my old National Review magazines. Watching the decline of a publication once home to a conservative intellectual elite has been sad to watch, and it has darkened many friendships. But the times called for clarity and for distinctions to be made. Although we may long for reconciliation, that […]

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The Bankruptcy of Conservative Intellectuals

Writing—no matter how many times you say the same thing, no matter how often—inevitably entails being misunderstood. In general, the causes are, first, obscurity from the writer and, second, ignorance, sloppiness, laziness, or willfulness in the reader. I like to think my writing is reasonably clear, but I leave that to others to judge. In […]

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The Art of Conservatism’s Deal

Donald Trump is either a day away from being the next president, or from being the most consequential nominee for the Republican Party brand since Barry Goldwater. Either way, his achievement is stupendous. Trump has braved the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune to a degree not seen since Ronald Reagan, and maybe not even then. […]

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The GOP’s ‘Ungrateful Bastard’ Caucus

Donald Trump looks poised on the threshold of victory. After over a year of struggle, the Republican nominee has finally found his footing just as Clinton seems to have lost hers. At a time like this, when it looks obvious that putting a Republican in the White House might not be a lost cause—at least […]

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A Fool’s Errand: The Case for Trump and the Vindication of the Republic

I’ve never felt so flattered to be called a fool. Nathan Pinkoski—a doctoral student at Oxford whom I don’t know and had never heard of until this weekend—has penned an extraordinary account of my recent writings. He seems easily to have understood concepts that have bewildered so many others. This is doubtless owing in part […]

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The Political Science of Publius Decius Mus

In “The Flight 93 Election” and subsequent writings, Publius Decius Mus presents the argument of voting for Donald Trump. Decius is a fool. In calling him a fool, I mean not to insult his intelligence. On the contrary, he is what Alexander Hamilton calls a “public fool.” He addresses his writings to the very audience most […]

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Seven Degrees of Jonah Goldberg

Jonah Goldberg has—if my memory is correct—responded at length to my writings six times, in his National Review columns and in the Corner. And only once in direct reply to something I wrote about him (which was only to respond to something he wrote about me, when I hadn’t mentioned him). Now he’s back for […]

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Trump’s Resilience & America’s

They’ve thrown the kitchen sink at him–whether it’s the entirety of the Washington Post editorial page or the New York Times, whether it’s CNN or MSNBC, whether it’s the mainstream culture that sneers and smirks at those who support him, whether it’s his tax returns, or his “hot mic” comments of yore.  The clear cultural […]

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A Progressive Smear Against Pro-Trump Intellectuals

Write what you know, goes the old adage. Tom Wolfe added the exhortation—which dispiritingly few have heeded—that once you’ve written what you know but want to keep writing anyway, go do research and write about what you learn. But that’s a lot of work. Much easier just to wing it—the preferred method of 2016’s kidlet-pundits. […]

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Trump the Statesman

Could Donald Trump help lead the nation back to constitutional government? Or is he the uneducated, boorish, ego-maniacal boob that his critics say he is? I start with Trump’s courage, unquestionably a virtue of the statesman. In his 1978 Harvard speech, Alexander Solzhenitsyn accused the leaders of the Western world of a lack of civic […]

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Who Will Rule: The New Oligarchy — or the American People?

Carl Eric Scott urges those of us on the pro-Trump right to “grapple with real anti-Trump arguments,” and he points specifically to this, by Peter Spiliakos. Not one to duck a challenge, herewith my grapple. Spiliakos, a columnist at National Review and First Things, begins with the common charge that Trump’s comments on libel law indicate a wish to abuse power. […]

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When A Lie Travels: Comparing Alcohol To Marijuana

This November, several states will vote on whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and the proponents of legalization have seized on a seemingly clever argument: marijuana is safer than alcohol.  The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, an effort of the Marijuana Policy Project (or MPP), has taken this argument across the country.  Their […]

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Sanctimony as a Conservative Principle

Reposted with permission from the Claremont Review of Books. I admit to a bit of disappointment at the reaction to my two prior articles. I went into the agora with the hope of getting flayed by good arguments. Instead I got ankle-bitten on Twitter. What is it with conservatives and Twitter anyway? The enstupification of […]

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Not ‘Reactionary’ But Right: Decius Responds to Damon Linker

If I were to try to correct every misinterpretation of what I’ve written, I’d never do anything else. But some are worth addressing because they present an opportunity to explore larger questions or drill deeper into ones already on the table. Damon Linker offers a case in point. In two columns at The Week, he […]

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An Interview with Decius

The pseudonymous Publius Decius Mus has angered and mystified his critics with his bracing assessment of our political moment in his essay, “The Flight 93 Election,” which—along with the follow-up essay—quickly went viral and generated commentary from left and right. With so many questions and so much controversy swirling around his ideas, American Greatness spoke with […]

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Decius Responds to Critics of “The Flight 93 Election”

Reposted with permission from The Claremont Review of Books.   Well, that was unexpected. Everything I said in “The Flight 93 Election” was derivative of things I had already said, with (I thought) more vim and vigor, in a now-defunct blog. I assumed the new piece would interest a handful of that blog’s remaining fans […]