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Boychuk and Buskirk on the Ongoing Problems at State

American Greatness managing editor, Ben Boychuk, joined editor and publisher, Chris Buskirk, on the Seth and Chris Show to discuss their recent piece at AG,  “How the State Department is Undermining Trump’s Agenda.” You can listen to the audio below or read the transcript that follows. Chris Buskirk:   I am Chris Buskirk. He is Seth […]

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Sabo and Liebsohn on Missing the Action on the Right

Mike Sabo, a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness, joined American Greatness contributing editor, Seth Leibsohn last week on the Seth and Chris Show to discuss the ways that General John Kelly’s press conference about President Trump’s dust up with Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) exposed a kind of general ugliness on the […]

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Trump’s Malaysia Gambit: Call It Another Win

Less than two weeks ago there was a bit of news—little reported in the United States, but more on that later—that Malaysia had cut off all imports from North Korea. In the scheme of global trade, the numbers seem small. Malaysia’s annual imports may total no more than about $15 million, but those millions in […]

Brian Hook
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How the State Department is Undermining Trump’s Agenda

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has isolated himself from his own department and allowed subordinates to fill a handful of top positions with people who actively opposed Donald Trump’s election, according to current and former State Department officials and national security experts with specific knowledge of the situation. News reports often depict a White House […]

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Migration: The Straw That’s Breaking Europe’s Back

The issue of immigration has become the occasion for deciding the most practical and perennial of issues: who rules? Americans know that Europe’s un-sustainable socio-economic model—bureaucratized economies, social welfare, and demographic decline—is a warning to us. Increasingly, we have imitated that model, assuming that the decline would be slow and graceful. But Europe’s crisis, and […]

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Trump is Wrong to Compromise on Immigration

The White House on October 8 released a list of “Immigration Principles and Policies” that President Trump says “must be included” in any legislation legitimizing President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Trump is cutting a deal: Congress gets DACA if Trump gets immigration reform. Is it a good deal? No, unfortunately. But […]

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Toward a Winning American Majority

The world is obsessed with Donald Trump. Hardly a day goes by without my receiving an email, a call, or a tweet from someone, somewhere who wants me to tell him what the president will do next. I always oblige as best I can, but the fact is these queries aren’t often about the real […]

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The Method to Trump’s ‘Madness’

The Democratic Party, as it did after Hubert Humphrey’s close loss in 1968, seems still to be misdiagnosing its 2016 defeat. Democrats see too little identity politics rather than too much as their trouble, and thus are redoubling on what has been slowly shrinking the party into coastal enclaves. Promoting Black Lives Matter and open […]

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Yes, Trump is Winning

Last week, I went to a dinner event at social club of which I am a member but rarely patronize. You will guess why when I tell you I ran into a friend of longstanding—someone I know well, but hadn’t seen in a couple of years—and she greeted me with the exclamation, “Here’s a Trumpster!” […]

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Henry Olsen Discusses Working Class Republicans

Author and elections analyst, Henry Olsen, joined American Greatness Publisher Chris Buskirk to discuss his new book, The Working Class Republican: Ronald Reagan and the Return of Blue Collar Conservatism and the true lessons Republicans and conservatives ought to be learning both from Reagan and from the 2016 election. The abstract and rigid checklist conservatism that is […]

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Samsung and LG are as Bad as the NFL

Americans recently were treated to the sight of muscle-bound millionaires taking a knee during the national anthem as a once-beloved institution—the NFL—refused to criticize or condemn it. Meanwhile, owners who make their huge profits in stadiums that are heavily subsidized with tax dollars, for the most part backed the party line of NFL Commissioner Roger […]

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Message v. Messenger: The Trump Enigma

About 90 percent of Republican voters eventually supported the political novice Donald Trump by November 2016. Most conservatives saw him as the preferable alternative to the vision and agendas of Hillary Clinton. Perhaps most still do after nine months of his presidency. Yet almost half of the elite conservative establishment remains opposed to Republican President […]

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Why Free Trade Doesn’t Always Work

Everyone and their dog has heard of Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, and Milton Friedman. Not only are they some of history’s most influential economic thinkers, they are intellectual celebrities. Books like the Wealth of Nations are commonly cited. But unless you are a lonely economist, you probably have never heard of David Ricardo (d. […]

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Constitution Day

As we write, the two-hundred-and-thirtieth anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution of the United States just passed. The holiday, celebrated on or about September 17 (depending on whether that date falls on a weekend), was known as “Citizenship Day” until 2004, when Congress officially renamed the commemoration “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.” The new law […]

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Roy Moore Won by Speaking for the Middle Class—Just Like Trump

According to reports, President Trump went to bed “embarrassed and pissed” after learning that he had backed a loser in Alabama’s Republican Senate primary. One can hardly blame him. At the urging of Republican wise men (try not to giggle) the president threw all of his substantial influence behind Luther Strange: He tweeted for him, […]

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Ben Boychuk with Chris Buskirk on Conservative Culpability

American Greatness Managing Editor, Ben Boychuk, AG publisher, Chris Buskirk, last week on The Seth and Chris Show to discuss the ways in which conservatives and Republicans are culpable for their own defeats because of their poor ground game and their tendency to engage in self-defeating intramural warfare. Have a listen: Chris Buskirk:  Hi, I’m Chris Buskirk, […]

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Primary Things

A Southern summer fades to Fall, And ‘Bama’s voters made a call Which wasn’t Strange. We might say Moore: It’s no longer safe to ignore The voice of ordinary folks (The butt of all those late-night jokes.) Yes, we like our Bibles, and guns; Ladylike daughters, manly sons; “Faith, hope and love” (which never fails), […]

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‘Bama Blowout Signals the End of the McConnell Era

Judge Roy Moore’s substantial defeat of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s handpicked, well-financed candidate, “Big Luther” Strange in the Alabama Republican Senate Primary is a political earthquake. It shows that the political and cultural tide that propelled Donald Trump past 16 primary opponents and Hillary Clinton into the White House is still running strong. Two […]

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Trump, Football, and Natural Right(s)

Sunday was a rough day for the NFL and for football fans. U.S. Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), never one to miss an opportunity to oppose President Trump, made sure to tweet his guidance to the adults of America: “NFL players: You have the right to protest Trump.” The problem for Sasse is this controversy has […]

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Trump Trumps the Ruling Class Again

Donald Trump is once again confounding his critics. He is holding fast to a common sense view of politics that puts his opponents on constant defense and busts the monopoly they once had on shaping the American mind. Trump’s tactics are plain to see for anyone who bothers to look. Over and over, he drives […]