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It is Time for Leaders on the Right to Act Worthy of Themselves

Those who have no real conviction have no will to fight. They will bend the knee to almost anything.

n the fifth anniversary of the Boston Massacre, the young, talented physician and great son of liberty, Dr. Joseph Warren, stood before thousands of Bostonians gathered in the Old South Meeting House. As he looked out over those gathered, Warren said, Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of. Our enemies are […]

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And a Charity for All

If we truly desire to honor loved ones when they pass, let’s try harder to extend the hand of conciliation to all who mourn. One way is by suggesting worthy causes for donation that everyone can be glad to support.

t used to be that when a loved one died, family members—in the death notice—would invite friends and relatives to honor the deceased by donating to a charity of their choice. Or they might suggest specific charities that benefit the larger community such as a hospital, art gallery, or children’s museum. Is that custom now […]

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The Real Enemy Is Bad Policy, Not Statues

Tearing down bad policies instead of statues will lead to meaningful progress.

 throng of hoodies and tattoos storm the stairway leading to city hall. The shrinking gap between them and the riot police contracts until the moment of confrontation. Fear ripples across the line of uniforms. Emboldened, the mob surges another step. The uniformed officers take a knee and bow their heads. A disheveled mayor surrenders, offering […]

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Lincoln’s New Assassins

The fact that we have produced senseless mobs willing to tear down our monuments testifies to the fact that we, the living, need to do more to honor our nation’s living spirit, not merely take selfies before dead bronze.

ow the mob takes the role of John Wilkes Booth in removing perhaps the greatest of all Lincoln sculptures, the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park, located in northeast Washington, D.C. The preeminent Lincoln scholar of our or any other time, Harry V. Jaffa, said many times that this sculpture, originally referred to as the Freedman’s […]

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The Columbus Calumny

What we have seen over the past month is a testament to the systemic failures of public school education.

 have lived in the East Bronx neighborhood of Morris Park practically my entire life. Predominantly Italian until recently, Morris Park still retains a strong Italian flavor. The Italian language of the neighborhood Nonas fills my ears; the first dishes I cooked without Mom’s help were all Italian (the ingredients purchased at nearby fruit and vegetable […]

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Erasing Abraham Lincoln

Without understanding the past, we cannot preserve our hard-won freedoms. I hope that Americans are still brave enough to oppose eradicating history, and that the extraordinary story of Abraham Lincoln will live on.

braham Lincoln is in the news again. A statue of Lincoln that has stood for over 100 years in Park Square in Boston is the latest target for historic obliteration. The statue shows Lincoln standing above a crouching half-dressed black man in broken chains. The man is looking up with strength and determination, as if ready […]

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Against the ‘Fake Noose’ Media

The press, our narcissist celebrity class, and their corporate backers must submit to the people. Our economic well-being depends on it.

he affluent liberal narcissists are at it again. The FBI on Tuesday released the findings of its investigation into the “noose” allegedly found in the garage of biracial NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. No hate crime was committed. The supposed hate symbol, in reality, was a loop handle tied into a piece of rope used to […]

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For Now, an Unknown Monument Pivotal to Our History Is Safe From Historical Purges

If we continue in this lust of erasing history, as unpleasant and brutal as parts of it are, we’ll never know if the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or if we’ve become our own worst enemy.

UMONVILLE, Pennsylvania—What happened here 266 years ago had repercussions so profound they changed the course of world history abruptly and irreversibly. A disputed moment occurred that led to the French and Indian War, the first true world war that would drag on for seven years, draw blood on five continents and have costs that would […]

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Silence Is Violence . . . Unless You’re a Leftist

Saying “I don’t see color” is enough to get you labeled a racist.

  ilence is Violence” is one of the most preposterous slogans of the Left’s latest cultural offensive. The basic idea is that it’s not enough simply not to be a racist; no, in order to truly combat racism, everyone must “speak out” by parroting the leftist propaganda that America is irredeemably racist, that systemic racism […]

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We Need the Voice of America

As mobs deface monuments to America’s heritage, major media personalities cannot summon a voice to denounce the anarchy or defend our heritage.

he corporate media’s outrage du jour concerns the Voice of America (VOA). VOA is the government-funded international broadcast service, our official radio channel to the world. President Trump has exercised his prerogative to replace the political appointees overseeing the enterprise. The usual suspects, the New York Times and Washington Post among them, are sounding the […]

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When the Saints Get Frog-Marched Out

America’s cultural Marxists want nothing as much as a population “devoid of religious and national feeling.”

AINT LOUIS—A major event signaling the unraveling of the Soviet Empire was the election in 1989 of Tadeusz Mazowiecki, a Catholic, as the first non-Communist prime minister of Poland since Poland’s conquest by the Soviet Union. In a speech to the Polish parliament just before it formally elected him prime minister, the first government official […]

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The Corporate and Elitist Function of Racial Grievance Politics

The protesters are not paying attention to the policies and privileges of a rich and powerful establishment mostly indifferent to the nation in which it prospers.

he recent eruption of rage directed at the police, symbols of our nation’s past, and normal patriotic sentiment has been a sight to behold. What began as a rather predictable anti-police protest in the wake of George Floyd’s death has morphed into a nationwide orgy of iconoclasm. The whole episode is reminiscent of the 1960s, […]

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Insert More Bills to Expunge Guilt

It may be too late to make a difference, but those willing to look are tearing off the cover on the scam that should be known as “$BlackLivesMatter.”

very gold rush needs someone to sell hammers and pans, and the Black Lives Matter (henceforth, $BLM) money grab is no different. A quick glance at “Google Shop” shows that you can buy an official 3’ by 5’ $BLM flag for $55 at the organization’s website—the perfect gift for the dad you hate because Robin […]

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The Pitfall of #CancelYale

We should want to cancel Yale, but conservatives won’t win by trying to outsmart the Left at its own game.

ome conservatives think they’ve nailed the Left good with the #CancelYale meme. Outraged by the Left’s assaults on America’s heritage, right-wingers decided to give liberals a taste of their own medicine. They want to shame Yale and other elite universities for their ties to slavery and racism to defend American heritage. Yet, in doing so, […]

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America’s Jews and Christians Are Failing the Test of Their Lives

Does an ideology that affirms the significance of race have an honorable pedigree? Has it ever led to anything good?

f you are a Jew or Christian in America, the seriousness of your Judaism or Christianity is now being tested. People look back in time and wonder how religious people, especially religious leaders—specifically, the clergy—could have failed in times of moral crisis. The failure of most rabbis, priests and pastors to speak out today—when the […]

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All Livelihoods Matter

The only way black livelihoods, or any American livelihoods, are going to be uplifted is when black and white workers find common ground and work together to reject the agenda of the global Left.

hen examining the challenges facing the black community in America, the conservative response—if they have the courage to respond at all—is to attack the policies Democrats have implemented supposedly to help blacks. This is a valid response, which can be summarized as follows: Increased spending in public schools is futile because Democrats have taken away […]

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Another Establishment Failure

With the Bostock decision, social conservatives have been betrayed again by promises of judicial appointees who will adhere to the Constitution.

ocial conservatives don’t know what to say. The judicial appointments of Donald Trump were their decisive answer to people who criticized them for supporting the president—a man whose personal life has been an affront to many “family values.” When liberals and NeverTrumpers called them hypocrites for backing Trump, they had a ready reply: “Gorsuch and […]

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The American February Revolution Is Already Over

Digging ourselves out of this mess necessarily involves ending taxpayer subsidies to Maoist hate-mongers in the universities who teach grievance and train future revolutionary foot soldiers.

he first objective of a coup, uprising, insurrection, or revolution is to gain control of critical infrastructure. Plotters study maps of the capital to chart routes to television stations, military bases, and universities. They take precautions to prevent the military from intervening to protect the government. They move fast before popular resistance to the coup […]

Greatness Agenda

America’s Castrated Generals and Cuckolded ‘Experts’

If Donald J. Trump is re-elected to a second term as president, will that victory finally be enough to break the back of a military and policy “elite” who have surrendered to the anti-American mobs and the Democratic Party who made them possible?

ho does our military serve? Are they subordinated to some ineffable “conventional wisdom” about justice and racial harmony? Do they march to the beat of a “politically correct” agenda defined by the organizations like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or to the nostrums of ivy league grandees? Are their concepts of operations inspected and approved for […]

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Canceling Yale

By all means, rename the Ivy League university founded on the riches of a slave-trader. But replace it with a more honorable name.

 see that #CancelYale is trending on Twitter and elsewhere in social media. It’s a development I’d like to encourage—not, to be frank, because I think that canceling things is a good idea. Quite the opposite. But if the Left is going to pursue its dream of destroying every reminder of our past it doesn’t like, […]