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Christians, Beware (Marxist) Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

It’s very disturbing that a rival faith has taken up residence in my Church and that my priests willingly and even eagerly pray the prayers of this false religion.

ne of Jesus Christ’s most well-known sayings comes from the Gospel of Matthew: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but underneath are ravenous wolves.” Sadly, that warning became highly relevant last Sunday, when Fr. Kenneth Boller, pastor of the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City, asked that […]

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Central Planning for America’s Suburbs

Beware of “conservative” urbanists who seek to impose federal “correctives” on local community choices.

he Trump Administration recently terminated an Obama-era housing rule that sought to expand federal control over the makeup of America’s suburbs. Trump’s actions—and those of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson—have prompted a debate on the Right between those who think the federal government should exercise more control over suburban planning and development, and […]

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America Is in Danger of Becoming a Byword to the World

Blind rage is driving events in America’s own “Age of Dreyfus.”

oward the end of the 1969 political thriller “Z,” a senior Greek army officer, long a pillar of the establishment, finds himself accused of murder for involvement in the 1963 assassination of the leftist politician Grigoris Lambrakis. Striding angrily out of the prosecutor’s office, the officer must make his way through a crowd of reporters […]

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Kyle Goes to Kenosha: A Folk Hero Is Born

Tired of waiting on a neutered, coopted, infiltrated and compromised police to come to the rescue? Let law-abiding taxpayers hire private protection of Kyle Rittenhouse’s caliber.

aving done an about face against rioting, CNN’s sanctimonious Don Lemon giggled and smirked his way through a segment about “racist” white suburbanites who had the gall to imagine any self-respecting rioter would bother with their ugly abodes. Hey, racists, there is no Gucci merchandise where you bunk down, taunted CNN’s silly man. Desperate, suddenly, […]

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A Lesson from Texas

The arrival of the Chinese flu has given those who think of themselves as our rulers a new opportunity to exert control over those of us who are simply going about our daily lives. But in Texas, people are on to it.

y wife and I recently spent a week in the hill country of Texas. What a contrast from life in our California hometown! In Texas, at least in that part of Texas, people mostly didn’t wear masks. In fact, virtually no one did, except for employees serving the public who were required to wear them—waiters, […]

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When Will A Prominent Black Athlete Stand Up to the Mob?

If these paragons of physical strength and skill want to show they have real courage, they should review the facts and tell hard truths.

he recent expressions of support for Black Lives Matter by professional athletes can be understood as legitimate reactions to tragic episodes of injustice that occur in the United States. But almost everything beyond that noble sentiment is flawed. “Systemic racism,” to the extent it even exists, explains very little of black underachievement, and the Black […]

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The Democrats Hold the Nation Hostage

The Democrats are taking the American people hostage, holding a proverbial gun to their heads and issuing a thinly veiled threat to vote for them to make the bloodletting stop — or else the carnage will continue apace.

s America’s cities literally burn to ashes and violent crime spikes to its highest level in decades, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party and their media apologists have coalesced around their talking point. “This is happening in Donald Trump’s America,” they bellow in unison from the command posts of high society. Let’s be blunt: This is […]

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We Have Had Enough Lockdown

Take off the masks and remove the “social distancing” circles from the floors. Open the schools, liberate college campuses, fill the restaurants and the gyms and the churches and the salons. Enough.

f 2020 wasn’t twisted enough, the current political imbroglio centers around a verboten visit to a California boutique for a routine blow-out. Americans are lining up either behind House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who claims she was “set up” to visit the San Francisco salon, or the salon’s owner, a woman struggling to keep her […]

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Know Your Enemies

American citizens have to recognize that whether they like it or not, they are in a moral war, not just a “war of ideas” or a political debate against the coalition of the extreme Left.

ainstream Americans are about as harmless as they come. Focused as we are on work, family, church, sports, hobbies and recreation, we celebrate our holidays and special moments and mourn our loved ones when they pass. Who would want to overthrow a system that allows so many people to live, be free, and pursue happiness […]

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Antifa Aren’t Revolutionaries—They Serve The Powers That Be

It’s important to properly understand Antifa and what it means.

ntifa rules the streets of Portland and sows chaos in many other American cities. Millions of Americans don’t like Antifa, but many struggle to figure out who these black-masked radicals really are. Conservatives like to call Antifa “fascist” or the modern-day successor to the Ku Klux Klan. Liberals will insist either that Antifa is a […]

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The Left and NeverTrumpers Justify Murder for Political Disagreement

Do liberals really want a world where their political opponents feel justified to shoot them?

merica has a history of assassinations and attempted assassinations of political leaders. Saturday night we crossed the line into the assassination of ordinary partisans, shot down on the streets for their political beliefs. And the side of the now-hot culture war that led us over that line is the very one that typically lectures the […]

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It’s China, Stupid

Russia isn’t the greatest threat America faces right now. Not even close.

 new report from the Pentagon paints a chilling portrait of the challenge the Chinese Communist Party poses to the United States and the world. The annual report to Congress, “Military and Security Developments Concerning the People’s Republic of China,” details the comprehensive effort the Chinese have launched to achieve global military and economic superiority.  The […]

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Could Parental Choice Swing the Election?

Education issues could be key in the presidential race.

hile government-run schooling has been the choice for a great majority of parents in recent times, change is on the horizon. The National Home Education Research Institute reports that 23 percent of parents who did not homeschool before the Covid-19 invasion indicated that they are now “very likely” to do so full or part time, and […]

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EPA Can’t Deny Farmers Their Day in Court

Here is a prime opportunity for the White House to show farmers that it stands with them and with sensible, science-based environmental regulation, and against bureaucracy gone wild.

ith so much bad news circulating these days, how about some good news from an unlikely source? The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has been a bastion of judicial activism for decades. But maybe that’s changing. Late last month, a three-judge panel for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency is not […]

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The Lockdown Has Gone From a Mistake to a Crime

The lockdown is a crime. But even more upsetting is that it is supported by so many Americans.

our months ago, I wrote a column titled “The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History.” I explained that “‘mistake’ and ‘evil’ are not synonyms. The lockdown is a mistake; the Holocaust, slavery, communism, fascism, etc., were evils. Massive mistakes are made by arrogant fools; massive evils are committed by evil people.” Regarding […]

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John Stankey, AT&T’s Accidental Kamikaze, Strikes Again! 

It will be interesting to see if future economists smile at the regeneration of AT&T in the 21st century.

ohn Stankey, formerly Warner Media’s casual, open-collared Joe Cool and now AT&T’s new CEO, apparently is losing control of his multi-billion dollar behemoth. Obviously he has no clue how to discipline his corporate underlings, and so the AT&T stock price is glued in the so-so $30 range.   His DirecTV acquisition continues to bleed customers, with […]

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Why Kenosha Riots Could Matter in November

If security concerns in Kenosha persist, Nov. 3 may not shape up to be a good night for Democrats.

f all the riots that have gone unchecked in the country this summer, the one in Kenosha, Wisconsin, might matter most with regard to the November presidential election. The vivid imagery in the days following the police shooting of Jacob Blake shows a town in devastation. Rioters blocked traffic. And they stole gasoline from a […]

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Facts Be Damned

The media and those who want to curry favor with the media have a dual agenda.

very left-wing radical who thinks of himself as a “journalist” with his camera phone and Twitter account knows the pathway to success and a mainstream media job: first, you create a crisis of whatever size possible. Perhaps it’s about race or #MeToo or some obscure LGBTQ matter; ideally, it involves all three of those things. […]

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Do Young Lives Matter?

Take a knee or walk off the court if you like, but if you truly want to save poor lives, demand educational freedom and demand it now.

o young lives matter? Especially poor ones? LeBron James and many other professional athletes are taking a stand against racism and what they consider unjust actions by police across the country. One can argue about the wisdom of these actions and even the basis of the complaints but one can’t argue that a leading cause […]

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WHO’s on First with Joe Biden

“White coat supremacy” meets watermelon environmentalism.

uilding back better means building back greener,” sounds like the latest bromide from the Democratic Party’s chief cellar-dweller Joe Biden. But the speaker is actually World Health Organization boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, back on August 21.  The coronavirus pandemic, Tedros said, “has given new impetus to the need to accelerate efforts to respond to climate […]