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If It Weren’t for Double Standards, Our Media Would Have None

The Marxist blood running in the veins of the media, of celebrities in Hollywood, in nearly every Democratic politician, and unfortunately some weak sister Republicans, demands that we do not question the Left.

ince the death of George Floyd in May, the top headlines every day report that the protests stem from his alleged murder. Though the left-leaning woke media insists on describing the protests as “peaceful,” they have spiralled into destructive rioting and are responsible for deaths, in some cases, at the hands of Marxist opportunists looking […]

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What Does Our Nation Mean to Us? Rejecting the Culture of Hate

Freedom has died many times in history; let us not witness new death pangs on the anniversary of its birth.

s we approach this Fourth of July, the United States is consumed by reckless violence, nihilistic silencing, and a systematic assault on the nation’s cultural and political patrimony. The voices of sanity are few, and civic courage is in short supply. The exemplars of such courage in the Anglo-American tradition—Washington, Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Teddy […]

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The Present Moment Has Set Blacks Back a Half-Century

The damage the left is doing to so many blacks—to their moral compass, to their happiness and to their relations with their white fellow citizens—is not in the realm of “may do.” It is done.

ccording to the make-believe world of the Left, we are experiencing a great moment in American racial history. For the first time, the story goes, more whites than ever are coming to realize how racist America is, how racist cops are and how systemically racist everything in America is. Only now do many Americans understand […]

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The South Picks College Football Over Its Heritage

Even though college sports programs are rife with fraud, scandals, and other tawdry behavior, too many Southern conservatives will bend the knee for their favorite team. 

ississippi abolished its Confederate-influenced state flag last week. For years, this was a point of controversy for the state, yet Mississippians resolutely stood by their flag. The recent unrest—along with threats of economic boycotts—seemed to change the minds of Mississippi lawmakers. Both Republican-dominated state chambers voted overwhelmingly to change the state flag. GOP leaders tried […]

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Big Tech’s Escalating War on Free Speech

What the leftist establishment denies—from the corporate boardrooms to mainstream media—is that truth cannot be permanently suppressed.

n June 19, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld 9-0 the right to freedom of speech, including “hate speech.” As Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the court: “The proudest boast of our free speech jurisprudence is that we protect the freedom to express the thought that we hate.” Justice Anthony Kennedy added in a concurring opinion: […]

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What the Zeitgeist Has Wrought

The knowledge that one is merely a bystander to History—or worse, born guilty and existing as an impediment to the progress of History—is soul-crushing.

e are tasting the bitter fruits of more than a half-century of the “zeitgeist”—the Marxist theory of history—reigning supreme in our public schools. This pedagogy replaced the “Great Man” approach, which teaches that history is catalyzed by individuals of unusual personal strength and rare attributes.  “Great Man” history studies bravery, wisdom, uncommon prudence, unparalleled fortitude […]

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It’s Not Left vs. Right,
It’s Big vs. Small

Global corporations make token payments to anti-racism activists in the United States while funding the Chinese Communist Party’s racist dictatorship and sowing the destitution that causes unrest at home.

he primary contradiction in our society, the fault line that defines our politics and economy, is not Left versus Right. It’s big versus small. Anyone surprised to see corporate America (an anachronism in itself) kowtowing to cultural Marxism is trapped in the old Left-Right map that tells us “capitalists oppose Marxists.” But today’s landscape is […]

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Compared to What?

The Gene McDaniels principle on police shootings.

he late Gene McDaniels came up as a jazz singer but in 1961 he scored pop hits with “A Hundred Pounds of Clay” and “Tower of Strength,” co-written by Burt Bacharach. McDaniels went on to write “Compared to What,” performed in fine style at the 1969 Montreaux jazz festival by Les McCann on piano and […]

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The Hubbub About ‘The Boogaloo’ Is the Worst Kind of Fake News

Meanwhile, let’s keep pretending Antifa doesn’t exist.

s self-described Marxists and anarchists rampage through American cities, threaten lives, destroy historic monuments, burn churches, and terrorize the public, the Department of Homeland Security’s crack analysts have emphasized the real threat: Hawaiian shirts and cartoon frogs. Politico reports that the National Capital Region Threat Intelligence Consortium (NTIC), a DHS Fusion Center for Washington D.C. […]

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Will Justice Roberts and the Justice Department Go Kid Gloves Against Google?

Just as the Justice Department has gone all in to stop Google’s IP theft, they must do the same with Google’s search monopoly and other anti-competitive practices.

t’s no exaggeration to say Google received carte blanche from the Obama Administraion to violate federal antitrust, privacy, and intellectual property laws. It’s been reported that more than 400 meetings took place between the White House and Google employees, and that 55 former Google employees, lawyers, and lobbyists worked for the administration. Clearly, Google’s roots […]

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The Wisdom of Markets

Education, like food, is essential for human existence. Leaving either up to a government monopoly, which has absolutely no incentive to improve the quality of its product, can have pernicious consequences on consumers and, indeed, all citizens.

hose invested in the primacy of traditional public schools–notably the teachers unions, bureaucrats and others who financially benefit from the current set-up–insist that the government is best suited to be in charge of educating our nation’s children, and that any individual or group that pushes for school privatization is greedy, and looking to “get rich […]

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H.L. Mencken: Misfit In 21st-Century America

By virtue of the unsettling, bracing originality of his ideas, Mencken is rendered as inaccessible to the American reader today as an alien from deep space.

.L. Mencken, a contrarian polemicist and the consummate critic, who wrote prolifically and prodigiously from 1899 until 1948, may no longer seem relevant, but the fault would not be his. Mencken was a well-read bon vivant with a taste for Teutonic philosophy and a fidelity to immutable truth. He was also a brilliant satirist and […]

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Madonna of the Trail Defies Statue-Toppling Culture

The truth is, we will always be less than perfect, but we cannot let that or rage ever get in the path of attaining our constitutional ideals.

EALLSVILLE, Pennsylvania—If you are driving too fast, you’ll miss her. It often happens at the pitch of the rolling Appalachian Mountain, where she has stood for nearly 100 years: the statue of a sturdy frontier woman holding a rifle in one arm and an infant in another, with another child clinging to her long skirt. […]

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Trump Steps In Where Congress Fears to Tread on H-1B Visas

The president’s executive actions won’t go as far as legislation would go, but the steps he’s taking are far more than Congress has had the will to do.

he White House announced this week that new guest worker visas will be banned through the end of the year, and long-exploited loopholes in highly skilled worker visas will be permanently closed. It is welcome news, arriving squarely in the midst of our spring, now extended into a summer, of discontent. The suspension of new […]

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Voting Isn’t Enough to Combat the Woke Left

Donald Trump can’t stop the Left’s assaults on American institutions. Only the citizens who have had “enough” can do it. Voting isn’t enough.

ecently, I read with great interest James Lindsay’s essay called “The Woke Breaking Point.” There, he invites his readers to ask friends and acquaintances “What would it take for you to say that the Woke movement has gone too far?” This, he suggests, is a way to help people keep themselves honest: if you consider […]

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Apologize to Your ‘Racist Uncle’

There may come a time when we will look back at Thanksgiving dinner rants as an unconscious warning, as an early, unheeded expression of something profoundly dangerous.

or many years, America has been the proverbial frog boiling slowly in a pot. Some were more sensitive to the changes in the water’s temperature than others have been. Others couldn’t sense the change at all. The most sensitive tended to be older white men: white men like your “racist uncle.” It’s time that America […]

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It is Time for Leaders on the Right to Act Worthy of Themselves

Those who have no real conviction have no will to fight. They will bend the knee to almost anything.

n the fifth anniversary of the Boston Massacre, the young, talented physician and great son of liberty, Dr. Joseph Warren, stood before thousands of Bostonians gathered in the Old South Meeting House. As he looked out over those gathered, Warren said, Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of. Our enemies are […]

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And a Charity for All

If we truly desire to honor loved ones when they pass, let’s try harder to extend the hand of conciliation to all who mourn. One way is by suggesting worthy causes for donation that everyone can be glad to support.

t used to be that when a loved one died, family members—in the death notice—would invite friends and relatives to honor the deceased by donating to a charity of their choice. Or they might suggest specific charities that benefit the larger community such as a hospital, art gallery, or children’s museum. Is that custom now […]

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The Real Enemy Is Bad Policy, Not Statues

Tearing down bad policies instead of statues will lead to meaningful progress.

 throng of hoodies and tattoos storm the stairway leading to city hall. The shrinking gap between them and the riot police contracts until the moment of confrontation. Fear ripples across the line of uniforms. Emboldened, the mob surges another step. The uniformed officers take a knee and bow their heads. A disheveled mayor surrenders, offering […]

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Lincoln’s New Assassins

The fact that we have produced senseless mobs willing to tear down our monuments testifies to the fact that we, the living, need to do more to honor our nation’s living spirit, not merely take selfies before dead bronze.

ow the mob takes the role of John Wilkes Booth in removing perhaps the greatest of all Lincoln sculptures, the Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park, located in northeast Washington, D.C. The preeminent Lincoln scholar of our or any other time, Harry V. Jaffa, said many times that this sculpture, originally referred to as the Freedman’s […]