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Waging Lawfare Against the Left

It’s a battlefield where conservatives have to meet force with equal or greater force, lest everything else they fight for, and all their victories, are nullified.

n an article with a brazenly deceptive title, “Third Party Contenders Not a Factor in 2020,” U.S. News & World Report proceeded to provide evidence that third-party contenders most definitely will be a factor in deciding what is certain to be a very close presidential election in November. Consider the magazine’s take on these two battleground […]

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The Loathsomeness of Reza Aslan

No one who was familiar with Aslan’s writings should have been terribly surprised by his Friday night tweet, which some would justifiably describe as an explicit threat of physical violence.

he tweet, sent out on the evening of September 18, only minutes after the announcement of the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, was succinct and straightforward: “If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire f—ing thing down.” Within hours, these words had been widely retweeted and commented upon.  Apparently, it was the […]

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A Modest Proposal for Imposing Republican Will on the Court

It’s time Republicans started acting like winners. Acknowledge that the court is now a legislature and act accordingly.

he Supreme Court is the most powerful legislative body in America. It is an entirely partisan institution. Let’s stop pretending otherwise.   With that in mind, President Trump and the Senate Republicans immediately should nominate and appoint the youngest, most conservative public figure they can find. I recommend Madison Cawthorn, the 25-year-old House candidate running for […]

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Rage for the Machine

The Left has co-opted the anger of the disaffected. The Right needs to figure out who its friends are, play to win, and devote its energies to community-wide organizing that goes beyond electoral politics.

ne of the remarkable features of our age is the incredible degree of consensus among the institutions of power. Far from checks and balances or a proliferation of “little platoons,” the Left has forged a phalanx. While it seems that our country currently is undergoing a lot of conflict, what is taking place is largely […]

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The Dangers of Cancel Culture

Where will this hysteria end?

n the days leading up to the American War for Independence, a newly elected Patrick Henry stood before the Virginia assembly and boldly denounced the tyranny of King George III. Even though the loyalists in the room shouted at him and hurled vicious insults, Henry pressed on, explaining:  Should I keep back my opinions at […]

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Americans Know What Time It Is

There are many signs, including the announcement of the 1776 Commission, that the conscience of the country is awakening.

riday’s news that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died after her long battle with cancer has briefly pushed most other topics off the great chyron running along the country’s metaphysical information highway. Still, there are lingering echoes of some ancient happenings. For example, a couple of weeks ago, President Trump brokered a peace deal between Israel […]

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America’s Western Forests Are a Massive Soft Target for Terrorists and Their Domestic Accomplices

They are here, and they have embraced wildfire arson as a recommended tactic. It would be foolish not to investigate the possibility.

n October 28, 2019, with American commandos closing in, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi detonated a suicide vest and took his life. On January 3, 2020, Qasem Soleimani was blown to bits in a U.S. air strike. Baghdadi was the leader of ISIS; Soleimani was Iran’s most powerful military commander. Despite losing the territory it had overrun […]

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Coronavirus Cruelties

COVID-19 has been devastating to the elderly who catch it, but our response to the disease has also been devastating to them.

y mother died this week. Mom was a victim of Alzheimer’s dementia. Up until six months ago, despite her memory loss, she was pretty happy. She was in one of the best care facilities in Nevada, catering specifically to Alzheimer’s patients. She loved her caregivers there, and she forged strong bonds with them. My son […]

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The Ivory Tower’s Anti-Racist Olympics

Are the lofty lords of higher education beginning to realize that the dictates of social justice would require a “largely peaceful” defenestration of these “educators” along with their cushy, taxpayer-subsidized sinecures?

cademia’s elites are engaged in a heated competition at the Anti-Racist Olympics. The no-fun and games are a decided public spectacle, one demanded by the contestants’ leftist ideology and fellow-traveling peers to prove one’s fealty to the hideous myth of America’s systemic racism. Oh, and what a competition it is!  In a sharp essay for […]

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Randi Weingarten,
You’ve Been a Bad Girl

An open letter to the president of the American Federation of Teachers.

o Randi! I am really concerned about you, girl! First, at Al Sharpton’s National Day of Action lefty-fest in Washington, D.C. a couple of weeks ago, you informed the throng that teachers are sooo frightened of going back to work that they’re “writing their wills.” Yet you delivered your rant mask-free and did not practice […]

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Trump and Civil-Military Relations

It seems clear that both parties to the civil-military bargain need to reexamine their mutual relationship because it is mutual trust ultimately that lies at the heart of healthy civil-military relations.

mericans don’t often think about civil-military relations and that’s a good thing. It means that paratroopers are not seizing communications centers and tanks aren’t rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Capitol. But since U.S. civil-military relations are generally healthy, when Americans do talk about them, they often do so in apocalyptic terms. Each example of […]

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Where Does Never Trump Now Stand?

Amidst a roiling cold civil war between the proud Americanists and the embittered civilizational arsonists rioting in the streets, it is worth clarifying where everyone stands.

t this time four years ago, the “Never Trump” movement was alive and well. Birthed in earnest by National Review in its infamous “Against Trump” issue in February 2016, Never Trump consisted of conservatives and Republicans who vowed, even if he were to become the GOP presidential standard-bearer for the general election, to never, ever […]

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The Executioner’s Face Is Always Well-Hidden

Just as the nuclear age stimulated open and public discussion of nuclear deterrence and nuclear defense, we need open and public discussion of biological deterrence and biological defense.

ersonally, I am not reassured when scientists who have no experience in offensive biological warfare and who are not privy to sound intelligence tell us COVID-19 was not produced in a lab. I am even less reassured when, each time we see the argument, it is an argument from individual ignorance: “COVID-19 does not have […]

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New State Department Measures Should Lead to Broader Exposure of Iran’s Crimes

If the United States is serious about putting “maximum pressure” on Iran, it will demand accountability from high-ranking officials who have overseen political assassinations on Western soil, as well as a laundry list of other crimes.

he State Department last week issued a statement updating an earlier announcement of visa restrictions on 14 Iranian nationals. The update took the valuable step of identifying the targets by name and specifying they had been responsible for “gross violations of human rights” while “acting under the highest orders of their government to silence opposition […]

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Homeless Anarchy in Los Angeles

Police in Los Angeles, like in all cities run by progressive liberals, are up against a system that is failing. It makes their jobs nearly impossible.

nyone thinking about blaming the police for the anarchy that grips America’s liberal cities is not paying attention. The police know how to do their jobs. The politicians, elected by progressive liberals, do not let them. And often enough, even when there are laws remaining on the books that might permit prosecution, activist prosecutors, also […]

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Enter at Your Own Risk: Bill de Blasio’s America

Americans are getting a taste of the anti-police rhetoric New Yorkers have suffered for years, and they’re not on board.

ay what you will about Bill de Blasio—he was ahead of the curve. While the anti-cop fury may be a new phenomenon in the heartland, it’s old hat for Hizzoner. The left-wing mayors and politicians across the country who are now abandoning police departments are just following in the footsteps of de Blasio. As violent […]

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Front Line Dispatch from China’s Economic War Against the U.S.

We are engaged in an economic war with the CCP and the future of our nation is more important than any company’s quarterly earnings report.

he Chinese Communist Party’s economic war against the United States continues. The CCP is preparing to launch a major campaign to fleece American investors of billions of dollars to fund its drive for global hegemony. And it’s getting help from some of the biggest names on Wall Street, a virtual fifth column for the brutal […]

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Critical Race Theory Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg in Woke Government Training

President Trump can counter this dystopian vision with a more aggressive attack on diversity and inclusion training.

he Trump Administration put critical race theory on notice this month. The White House issued a directive outlawing the inclusion of exercises based on this theory in government training. “These types of ‘trainings’ not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division […]

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The Left’s Moral Compass Isn’t Broken …

The left’s moral compass is not broken. The left simply rejects such a compass.

ll of my life, I have said that the left’s moral compass is broken. And all of my life, I was wrong. Why I was wrong explains both the left and the moral crisis we are in better than almost any other explanation. I was wrong because in order to have a broken moral compass, […]

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Strzok Interviews Reveal FBI’s Disgrace

Can constitutional democracy continue to coexist with a lawless secret police that targets innocent people?

y his smartly dressed appearance, one would never know Peter Strzok wasn’t still a senior FBI agent. He looked to be straight out of central casting as he began his “Meet the Press” interview on Sunday with this book-promoting slander, “I think it is clear, I believed at the time in 2016, and I continue […]