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An American Company Under Siege in South Korea

China simply orders companies to hand over their intellectual property. A South Korean conglomerate is abusing the Korean court system to achieve the same end. Why hasn’t the U.S. government intervened?

e are all familiar with China’s predatory trade practices: intellectual property theft, subsidized exports, state-owned businesses masquerading as private enterprise, and counterfeit products just to name a few. Beijing’s abuses are so numerous and so long-standing we pretty much expect them to cheat. If you’re China, “It’s what you do,” as the ad says. But […]

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Can China Turn the Wuhan Coronavirus To Its Advantage?

Recent experience and the Western mindset may be leading Beijing to reach that conclusion.

an it be that after systematically lying to the world for months about the Wuhan coronavirus—about its existence, about its transmission, about its lethality—that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) thinks it can turn this worldwide pandemic to its advantage? Yes. And here’s how. First, China has to rewrite its role in the virus’s emergence, “[portraying] […]

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Freedom in the Face of the Plague

Going outside, meeting with those we love, and gathering to worship God may come at a cost. The decision to shut down large swaths of our public life by fiat definitely does.

ive free or die!” So cries a noble people in the face of danger. Our forefathers, who prevailed in the War of Independence, were such men. They faced danger with courage and resolute firmness. Our modern leaders do not. Instead, they cower. Out of fear, state governors across America dictated draconian shutdowns in response to […]

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The Courage to Disrupt

Americans must heed more than survival instincts. We need a growth mindset.

hen we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, America must seize this historic opportunity to transform its economy and the world through disruptive innovation. Throughout history, pandemics have spawned periods of significant human advancement. The Black Plague ravaged the populations of Europe and Asia in just under five years, laying the groundwork for the Renaissance and […]

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A Howard Zinn Pandemic

How the Zinn Education Project is exploiting this crisis and inserting their left-wing propaganda into the education and curricula of even more young American students.

n the midst of a global pandemic, left-wing pundits and politicians spin the blame to comport with the propaganda coming from Communist China, the regime responsible for the virus’s spread in the first place. And as students are forced to take classes remotely, companies such as National Public Radio, Newsela, and the Zinn Education Project—with […]

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Church and State in Virusland

The guilt-tripping of the religious as not caring about public health is dishonest and dangerous. It is religious persecution in disguise and contrary to the American tradition.

s state governments all over America outlaw “social gatherings” except for “essential services” such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and liquor stores, the implications for religion become obvious. Last Sunday, a minister in Florida was arrested for holding a normal church service and thereby endangering public health. But a church worship service is not just a […]

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Layoffs Anyway?!

In a time of national crisis, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts begged the government for a $25 million handout before ungraciously kicking its staff to the curb. This is reflective of D.C.’s culture, certainly. But it does not at all mirror the rest of America.

he ink is barely dry on the $2.2 trillion congressional relief package and companies who received funding in the bill—which is designed to help keep people employed—have begun announcing layoffs, anyway. On March 27, United Airlines announced that, despite taking some of the $58 billion in funding earmarked for the airlines, they’d be laying off […]

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Trump Should Use the Pandemic to His, and America’s, Advantage

Does Trump have what it takes to fulfill that which he was called to do, as Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan did for their generations? Or, will he surrender to the democratic-globalist oligarchs who control our dying society?

hen Rahm Emanuel told audiences that former President Barack Obama should “never let a serious crisis go to waste,” he was applauded. Emanuel was referring to the Obama Administration’s response to the Great Recession. Clearly, President Obama agreed. Obama ushered in the greatest reorganization of the American socio-economic order under the auspices of resolving the […]

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What a Year! The Coronavirus Crisis in Retrospect

The crisis led to a new appreciation of contingency—an appreciation of the fact that our world is beset not only by the fragility of normality but also the normality of fragility.

ecember 31, 2020. What a roller-coaster of a year it has been. In January, congressional Democrats were busy trying to impeach the president of the United States. That same month, news of a new, highly contagious virus leaked out of China and began to circulate in the West. The stock market stumbled, then recovered and […]

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Why the Shutdown Is Necessary

This is not just a bad flu.

et me start by saying I’m very hopeful about treatments, which may come any day, reduce all these numbers, and quickly resolve this mess. I hope they do. But since we can’t count on that, we have to make decisions now based on the best numbers we have. Everyone wants to know what will be […]

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Why the Media’s Coronavirus Campaign Is Failing

The president’s enemies may think he’s a joke, but it’s not too late for Trump to surprise everyone.

he corporate media misunderstands the role of a president during a crisis. Above all, people look to their president for hope. Right now, whatever Donald Trump is doing seems to be working. To the consternation of his foes in the press, Trump’s approval ratings are up, while theirs are down. That must be awfully frustrating. […]

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Maybe It’s Time To Unfriend People Who Eat Bats?

What Americans ought to keep in mind is that China is not America and China’s problems don’t warrant Chinese “solutions.”

emember Bat Boy? He was the mascot of the old supermarket tabloid, The Weekly World News. He’d appear on the cover every now and then, allegedly because he had appeared somewhere again. He’s been gone for awhile now. Maybe the Chinese ate him. They eat practically everything else. Cats, dogs, owls, salamanders—and bats (not, apparently, […]

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Don’t Downplay the Wuhan Virus—the Real Story Is China

Instead of directing our anger at the shutdowns or our president, we should direct our anger at the politicians—both Democrats and Republicans—who allowed China to become the menace that it is, and happily allowed countless American jobs to be outsourced there.

n confronting COVID-19, there are two connected but distinct contagions—one medical and the other financial. We need a balanced and informed policy that grasps the seriousness of the medical problem and addresses it even at the cost of damage to the markets and economy. But in addressing the disease we cannot inflict deep and lasting […]

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Why is Queens the Hotspot of Hotspots in the Nation’s Coronavirus Crisis?

While failing to offer an honest explanation about how this disease continues to consume New York City, Cuomo nonetheless is demanding the rest of the country surrender to tyrannical and punitive government “cures” to do what he did not.

ccording to reports, the death toll from coronavirus-related illness in the United States, according to some sources, reached 6,000 on Thursday. The country remains in lockdown and the economy is in freefall after the White House warned this week that between 100,000 to 200,000 people will die in the United States over the next few […]

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Petit Tyranny

The drastic measures needed for this “chemotherapy” against a serious disease have unshrouded the suppressive nature of a hearty minority. Watch “Karen” and learn what she’s capable of doing.

t’s perhaps surprising to learn just how many of one’s fellow citizens would thrive in modern-day Belarus or latter-day East Germany. The Great British lockdown this week has given succor to those inclined to the petit tyrannies common to countries of our curious pity. Facebook groups have sprung up, leaping with the caps-locked indignations of […]

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Visas for Pottersville

Facing 30 percent unemployment, we’re importing more foreign workers. Why?

n the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey is shown an alternate, dystopian version of Bedford Falls. In Pottersville, renamed for the greedy local mogul, the neighborhood bar is instead a raucous saloon, George’s flirty childhood friend has become a prostitute, and his real-world wife, Mary, is instead a spinster librarian. At one […]

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Payback Time for China

Only by taking strong and unprecedented measures can the United States and the world protect their citizens and counter a delinquent and devious country like The Communist People’s Republic of China.

t is war,” we have been told. The number of casualties will only escalate such a war. Even terrorism might not be a proper comparison. It’s the early days of the epidemic, and as of March 31, 2020, the death toll from the Chinese coronavirus has already surpassed that of the 9/11 attacks. So, if […]

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Doctors, Doctored Numbers, and Democracy

Many of our so-called health experts are acting less like good doctors and more like bad politicians.

he New York Times on Tuesday reported: “The numbers the health officials showed President Trump were overwhelming. With the peak of the coronavirus pandemic still weeks away, he was told, hundreds of thousands of Americans could face death if the country reopened too soon.” These numbers, many millions of infections, hundreds of thousands of deaths, […]

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A Letter to an Ailing Friend

A few words of gratitude and thanks as a childhood mentor lies sick with COVID-19 in a New York City hospital.

t’s hard to write a story about someone else without injecting yourself into the story. But I feel compelled to write about this: for my mother, for those alone in the hot zones, in hospitals scared to death, and to those who are close to death. For the candy man in a New York City […]

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The Wu New Deal

How Democrats intend to use the Wuhan virus crisis to restructure government and society according to their whims.

n his survey of the Great Depression and World War II, Freedom From Fear, historian David Kennedy makes the point that the New Deal—which manifestly failed to end the Depression—was only a failure if you assume that its purpose was, in fact, to end the Depression. Likewise, the Democrats’ attempt at pushing their wish list […]