Don’t Count on Biden To Collect China’s Debt to the United States

With an existential confrontation looming, we cannot afford or accept a leader concerned with China’s “safety” above our own.

ost Americans vividly recall Barack Obama’s expansive, unsolicited apology tour throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America on behalf of the United States.  Having barely assumed his responsibilities as commander-in-chief, Obama’s flagrant equivocations on American greatness were embarrassing at best and treasonous at worst. His prostrations had a long-lasting impact on America’s positioning on the world […]


A Coup Against Our Institutions

The systematic campaign to undermine an incoming presidential administration through politicized investigations is a true constitutional crisis.

atthew Spalding, a scholar of the Constitution and dean of Hillsdale College’s Van Andel Graduate School of Government in Washington, D.C., has written an important essay on the troubling possibility that the treatment of General Michael Flynn by the Obama administration and, later, by holdovers in the FBI, the Justice Department, and the CIA, represents […]


‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden Is Sleepwalking Into the Presidency

As Americans search for a candidate who will keep the country safe and prosperous, they just might decide that Joe Biden is the lesser of two evils, as they did with Trump in 2016.

resident Trump famously—and also cleverly and aptly—nicknamed former Vice President Joe Biden, “Sleepy Joe.” But if the president thinks he can keep America laughing at that nickname while doing very little himself to repair America as it burns, he is sure to hand Sleepy Joe the keys to the Oval Office. Through all of his […]


The Left Wants to Distract Us from a Choice in 2020

Every time the president attacks Biden, Trump is trying to make the coming election a choice; every time populists attack Trump for being weak they unwittingly abet the Left’s attempt to make the coming election a referendum on the president.

n Washington, D.C.’s Lafayette Square during the Left’s latest attempt to create “Year Zero” by erasing American history, the less-than-peaceful protestors endeavored to create a “Black House Autonomous Zone” (BHAZ). As is their destructive wont, they defaced St. John’s Episcopal Church and a statue of President Andrew Jackson. Before they could topple the statue of […]


The Democrats Indulge in a Death Wish

Maybe voters should grant their wish.

oe Biden’s present lead in the polls is a levitation. These are the dangling entrails of the panic that the national political media, which are unofficially conducting the Democratic campaign in the unheroic absence of the putative nominee, have sown about the coronavirus and the impression, desperately promoted, identifying Trump with the recent chaos. A […]


Obama and his Gang of Untouchables

In Washington Obama is feared, not loved; no one dares to cross him. It’s the Chicago Way.

n the 1987 classic “The Untouchables,” federal crime fighters take on legendary mafioso Al Capone and the Chicago mob during the Prohibition era. At the time, Capone controlled every power base in the city—from local newspapers to sitting judges. The film spawned a famous line—“he pulls a knife, you pull a gun”—from the scene where […]


Speaker Pelosi: Americans Deserve Answers from You

In reality, Pelosi’s claims are disingenuous and her apparent call for ‘answers’ is nothing more than a ruse to deflect the American public’s attention away from her failures.

resident Trump’s reelection campaign recommenced with a triumphant return to the stage on Saturday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On Sunday, a familiar media pattern emerged in response to Trump’s comment, clearly made in jest, indicating that he had asked his aides to slow the COVID-19 testing down in order to keep the number of positive […]


Are These Really ‘End Times’?

Spring springs eternal and new life supplants the death of winter. We are only at the end of the beginning of the era of Trump.

ith the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, bloody riots and looting, anarchic protests, enviro-fascism, the spread of pure hatred, and political discord that is ripping apart civilization itself, one has to wonder out loud: is this the end of the world? In the last book of the New Testament, Revelation, seven trumpets are sounded, one at a […]


A Rock ’Em, Sock ’Em Campaign

The country wants prosperity back and Trump is a great cheerleader. Joe Biden, by contrast, will be dominated by the extremes of his party.

hen President Trump got a good look at the coronavirus in late January, and listened to the opening choruses of the Democratic attack on him as “anti-science,” he evidently concluded there was nothing for it but a two to three month shut-down followed by a declaration of partial victory in the public health crisis along […]


Florida Poll Cause for Both Concern and Optimism

Trump cannot let Biden and his campaign “hide the football.”

lear-eyed political observers understand there is more than meets the eye with almost any poll. Everyone wants to trumpet the one topline—“Biden beating Trump by 10!”—without really digging in to see what else a poll is saying. With last week’s American Greatness/TIPP Florida poll, however, there are some important and interesting data points that deserve […]


The Con of the Surrender Cons

If legacy conservatism had its own statue, it would be one big slippery slope curving left and capped with a white flag.

he column, written in the heated aftermath of George Floyd’s killing, sounded like a typical anti-American screed published in the New York Times or posted on MSNBC. “Racism in America is a fatal wound,” the author lamented. “Every time another incident occurs we put a Band-Aid on it, but the Band-Aid keeps falling off. Band-Aids […]


Do-Nothing GOP Senate Passes Football to the Court, Fumbles Again

This week, more than most, should be a wake up call to Americans about what Republicans and the conservative movement deserve and about what we should expect from the people who claim its leadership.

he Supreme Court handed conservatives two gut punches this week, seriously undermining both the rule of law and the foundational American principle of religious liberty. The court also effectively upended the notion that judges, as a political strategy, are the answer to conservative policy concerns. On Monday, the court handed down a decision in Bostock […]


Joe Biden and Friedrich Nietzsche

How the “resounding tinkle of virtue” has poisoned our politics.

ccording to Joe Biden, the basement candidate for president, ending “systemic racism” in the United States is “the moral obligation of our time.” Too late, Joe! Systemic racism in the United States ended with the Union victory in the Civil War. Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox on April 9, 1865. On June 19 of […]


The Rebirth of John Bolton

The mustachioed ogre who the Left once wanted tried for war crimes is finally earning the affection of the Trump-hating Beltway establishment that eluded him for years.

n 2008, a British environmental activist attempted to perform a citizen’s arrest on John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, during a speech in London. He failed. Top officials with George W. Bush’s Administration, Bolton in particular, were widely considered war criminals for their role in launching a deadly war in Iraq, […]


Gorsuch Takes a Knee

When people who believe there are boys and there are girls get treated as slaves, they should not look for judges to help them out, especially when it was the judges who got them into this mess.

hat U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch did in his opinion proclaiming that civil rights in employment requires  recognition of gay rights was abominable enough, but what it revealed about his view of his role as a justice is even worse. Conservative critiques of Gorsuch’s pretentious preening aside—if Justice Antonin Scalia were alive, he’d be […]


The Biden Factor Is Difficult to Calculate

President Trump should win, but that does not now provide any certainty that he will.

he final stage of the election campaign and its result will depend on four factors: management of the balance between demand for police reform and concern for the maintenance of public order; whether there is a significant revival of COVID-19; the swiftness of the economic recovery; and the resolution of questions about Joe Biden’s apparent […]


No, Trump Didn’t Radicalize the Left

Our current crisis speaks as much to the failures of the old-guard conservative movement, particularly neoconservatives, as it validates the triumph of the Left.

new poll offers grim but realistic news about America: One-third of our fellow countrymen, including 40 percent of Republicans, say we are on the verge of a civil war. It is a dangerous time—terrifying for parents of children of any age—as the radical Left’s 50-year incursion into every American institution finally is reaping long-sought dividends […]


Obama Left African Americans No Choice

Remembering when the 44th president ordered his elitist white education secretary to roll back the D.C. scholarship program.

ack in 2009, when golf great Tiger Woods crashed his Escalade, comedian Wanda Sykes wondered if the black part of him bought the Cadillac and the Asian part of him crashed it. That hilarious routine did not prompt calls for Sykes’ “cancellation” but it also did not invite any parallel speculation about actions of the […]


My Name Is Joe O’Biden, And I Am Here To Defund the Police!

In yet another American Greatness exclusive, here is the transcript of Joe Biden’s video address from the basement of his house in Wilmington, Delaware on June 11.

olks, it’s Joe O’Biden here. I couldn’t help myself, so I decided to do another video from my crypt er . . . from my basement, so that y’all can see for yourself—I am ready to be vice president. I mean, president. No joke! The fact of the matter is, people love seeing me on […]


Voter Fraud Complaint Upends Push for Universal Vote-by-Mail in Arizona

Arizona needs election reform, but not the type our political class wants.

n interesting revelation came to light earlier this month that has added fuel to the fire over the debate to implement universal vote-by-mail in Arizona. Several weeks ago news broke that a complaint had been filed with Attorney General Mark Brnovich outlining possible felony voter fraud by the son of Democrat State Representative Mitzi Epstein. […]