Silicon Valley and Team Biden Collude to Rig 2020 Election

Big Tech’s censorship has nothing to do with accuracy or fairness.

f there is any doubt Big Tech oligarchs are colluding with Team Biden to influence the outcome of the 2020 election, none other than two-time losing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave the game away this week. “We can have democracy—or we can have social networks that allow the spread of weaponized disinformation about our elections,” […]


Why Trump Should Demand Debates with Kamala Harris

Pointing out that Joe Biden will not be a strong president actually plays into a major selling point for much of permanent Washington.

n the space of just a couple of days, both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made essentially the same gaffe, referring to a coming “Harris Administration” as opposed to a Biden Administration. But are these really gaffes? Rush Limbaugh astutely opined that the slipups might be intentional to reassure voters skeptical of Biden’s ability to […]


Trump Hate Is Not Enough

Joe Biden is not a political bumblebee, he is a lumbering guided-missile whose engine has failed.

 have railed in this and in other outlets many times in recent months against what I have described as a pantomime horse of the Democratic campaign conducted by a “decayed servitor, a waxworks dummy . . . following the science” by hiding in the catacombs of his Delaware home and giving minimum access to docile […]


An October Surprise in the Waiting

President Trump should take his shot for a hat trick on terrorism.

t the Republican National Convention last month, Carl and Marsha Mueller told the nation how in 2013 their daughter Kayla was kidnapped by Islamic State terrorists, tortured, and repeatedly raped by the Islamic State’s Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. During this 18-month ordeal, Kayla’s father explained, the government let them down, but “if Donald Trump had been […]


My Apologies, Mr. President

A suburban mom reflects on her 2016 vote and vows to do better in 2020.

andall Smith made the point in a recent essay that a “do what you feel” society accustomed to indulging itself will not have the discipline or the grit to be truly progressive in the sense of doing what it takes to make the world a better place for future generations. Immediately upon reading the article, […]


America Is on the Ballot, So Let’s Win

Americans may not be as patriotic as we once were, but do we still basically think of ourselves as belonging to the nation of Washington and Lincoln? On November 3, we will find out.

he Democrats and Republicans spent hours giving speeches at their nominating conventions, but their respective takeaways were simple enough. One party thinks America is racist to the core and that it must give way to something radically new. The other party thinks America is already great and that it is worth defending. Vice President Mike […]


The Democrats’ Undeserving and Uncivil Campaign

Joe Biden’s party doesn’t deserve to win with such nasty media support, a campaign so dishonest, such an extreme platform, and such mediocre candidates.

even weeks from the 2020 election, American politics have reached such an appalling state of incivility that there is no precedent for it in American presidential history. Of course, there was terrible acrimony between Jefferson and Hamilton, and by and against Andrew Jackson, and in the awful contentiousness leading up to and through the Civil […]


The Billionaire Backers of the ‘Insurrection’

The mostly behind-the-scenes attempt between Election Day and Inauguration Day to prevent Donald Trump from taking office the first time will go public in 2020.

s I reported last week, a cabal of Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans are plotting a post-election civil war of sorts to make sure Joe Biden assumes the presidency even if Donald Trump legitimately wins. “It’s insurrection,” President Trump said on Fox News last week when asked about the widely-circulated plan. “We’ll put them down very […]


Joe Biden Is a Catholic—Just a Really Bad One

A warning to good Catholics who may want to support Biden and the party of abortion.

ou can be a bad Catholic and a good Democrat. You can be a good Catholic and a bad Democrat. What you cannot be is a good Catholic and a good Democrat. A bad Catholic is someone who accepts the abortion of an innocent child at any stage of the life cycle, but especially in […]


Biden, ‘The Great and Powerful’

For now Joe Biden’s best hope is that some Emerald City media lackey does not play the role of the tiny dog Toto, rip away the curtain, and reveal the tiny man and his machinery behind the projection.

edia bias is not new. In addition to the Russian collusion hoax and the phone-call impeachment farce, who can forget the marquee media toadies of JournoList and the release of John Podesta’s email trove?  Or the moderator Donna Brazile’s primary debate questions, leaked through CNN, or Candy Crowley’s hijacking of a debate as moderator-turned-real-time-hack “fact-checker”?  […]


How to Win Reelection in the Final 60 Days

It’s time for a full-court press.

f history is to repeat itself with Donald Trump as victor in the 2020 presidential election, the campaign will need to bend its strategy, cross certain t’s and dot other i’s, now. The execution must be near perfect. Much like the miraculous first victory, we count on the metaphysical necessity of a Trump victory to […]


2010: An Election Fraudyssey

Democrats are confident they can score a big win in November. Americans have seen this movie before, and to avoid a similar outcome, ballot fraud needs to be addressed before Election Day, not after.

emocratic strategists of the Hawkfish firm, funded by Michael Bloomberg, are touting a scenario in which President Trump wins big on election night, but when all the ballots are counted, Trump is the loser and Joe Biden the winner. Such a production already played out with Kamala Harris, in her 2010 race for California attorney […]


Joe Biden’s Two ‘Colleges of Collusion’

With the Penn Biden Center for Global Engagement and the Biden Institute for Public Policy and Administration, the Democratic nominee has found that higher education pays in more ways than one.

t’s worse than you think,” wrote The New Yorker in 2016 about Trump University. NPR castigated it for offering no degree after four years and having no accreditation. Comedians like John Oliver dumped on it in a long produced segment.  Such was the coverage  when Donald Trump was running for president four years ago.  It […]


It’s Impossible for Biden To Stand Up for Law and Order

There is no space on the Left to aggressively counter left-wing violence.

oe Biden made a major pivot last week: he acknowledged riots exist and they are bad. “I want to make it absolutely clear, rioting is not protesting, looting is not protesting,” Biden said in an ad aired last week. “It’s lawlessness, plain and simple, and those that [sic] do it should be prosecuted.” This statement […]


Big Lies Matter

Democrats hoped to use anti-police riots after George Floyd’s death to shore up the black vote. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison led the effort by hiding the truth about what really happened.

mericans were horrified by the video of George Floyd dying under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer in May. Many supported protesting police brutality against blacks, thinking the cops in Floyd’s case must have broken every rule in the book. What few people knew at the time is that Minnesota’s Attorney General Keith […]


Trump Has Had a Historically Great First Term

You would never guess any of this from the Trump-hating media in full campaign for Joe Biden, but the voters will have reason to reflect on it before the electoral die is cast.

s the latest Democratic assassination effort—the bunk about President Trump disparaging American war dead on the centenary of the end of World War I—fades into ignominy with its propagator, the egregious Jeffrey Goldberg, acknowledging that anonymous denunciators are insufficiently convincing, we may dare to hope that in the last seven weeks of this tumultuous campaign, […]


Where Is Joe Biden’s Supreme Court List?

A Biden list would confirm the worst of Americans’ fears about what sort of dystopia a Democratic presidency, armed with the levers of judicial branch nomination powers, would inflict upon We the People.

resident Donald Trump on Wednesday unveiled his much-anticipated new Supreme Court nominee “list.” A whopping 20 names long, Wednesday’s list includes figures from all walks of legal and political life: federal appellate court judges, federal district court judges, sitting U.S. senators, current and former Trump administration figures, current state officers, and a former U.S. solicitor […]


The Resistance War Games a Post-Election Civil War

All of this could be written off as the grudge fantasies of political activists still mad about 2016 except it is backed by some of the wealthiest people in the world.

onsider yourselves warned, America. Cancel the Election Night party and forget the long-awaited moment when George Stephanopoulos announces, in the late hours of November 3, the official winner. And buckle up for an election-year nightmare that will make the 2000 recount look like a walk in a Palm Beach County park. A vengeful and well-funded […]


The Atlantic’s ‘Losers’ Attack Is Disgusting and Implausible

No group of Americans has President Trump elevated, assisted, and honored more often than our veterans.

n an electoral democracy, dirty tricks, wild spin, and outright lies are the norm during election season, not the exception. No Hollywood screenwriter could spin wild fiction better than yellow journalists during the political silly season. Voters accept this, perhaps cognizant of the famous aphorism, usually attributed to Winston Churchill, that democracy is the worst […]


‘Bidenizing’ the Truth

For more than 40 years, the “gatekeepers of truth” in the media mostly have given Joe Biden a pass for his lies, half-truths, and intellectual theft.

f today, Joe Biden were to flat-out lie or—to borrow a term his campaign uses every day—“misspeak,” I’m betting the media would simply let it go. That’s where we are right now. In the past, reporters at least sometimes would call out Biden on his whoppers. But not anymore. Today, the media “Bidenizes” just about […]