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A review of “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite,” by Peter Schweizer (Harper, 368 pages, $29.99)

The Grubby Corruption of Our Power Elite

We all owe Peter Schweizer an enormous debt of gratitude for his enormous and effective labors in bringing sunlight to these tenebrous and mephitic climes.

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Terry Jones, ‘Monty Python,’ and the Quest for Supreme Executive Power

“Holy Grail” came out in 1975, but it packs some relevance for a farcical ceremony now going on in the Senate. Supreme executive power still derives from a mandate from the masses. Some Democrats don’t get that but Terry Jones would understand.

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A review of “The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite,” by Michael Lind (Portfolio, 224 pages, $25)

A Class War for Our Time

The alternative to engaging in the fight Michael Lind describes is that conservatives will remain caught somewhere between the libertarianism of Republican elites and the neoliberalism of the Democratic Party.

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Rest in Peace, Dearest Roger

Roger Scruton experienced what it means to be generous and what can be gained when civilization makes a concerted effort to celebrate and practice virtue.

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The Gratitude of a Lover of Wisdom

To properly do philosophy, one does not need to spend eight years getting a Ph.D., figure out exactly what Plato or Aristotle thought, or win a debate. Scruton knew this truth intimately, having been expelled from the academy some years ago. He understood that at its heart, philosophy is an act of love.

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Rowling and King Slam Into the Woke Diversity Cult

To the Woke, art presents an unpredictable hazardous threat to the nonsense they’re forced to repeat ad nauseam. Any creative endeavor is pregnant with risk and presents a moment where the mind is unguarded and pliable.

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Woke Harry Potter

What if J.K. Rowling reimagined Harry Potter in the satirical tradition of Orwell’s Animal Farm? She should.

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The Feminist Sociopath

Which will it be, 21st-century feminists? An unfeeling, virtually sociopathic feminism or a feminism that is a proud and integral part of an ongoing project to more completely embrace humanity?

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Roger Scruton, Seeker of Truth and Beauty

The philosopher, who died Sunday at 75, was often criticized by the leftist intellectual establishment for nothing more than making much-needed observations they termed value judgments, which involved a defense of Western Civilization and the order of things.

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A review of “Originalism’s Promise: A Natural Law Account of the American Constitution,” by Lee J. Strang (Cambridge University Press, 326 pages, $110 [cloth], $34.00 [paperback])

Can Aristotle and St. Thomas Help Us Preserve the Constitution?

If his fellow scholars take Strang seriously (and they should), he might indeed move us further away from government by judiciary, and back toward the rule of law and the Constitution’s original understanding.

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Once Upon a Time in Conservative Hollywood

Does the world really need low-budget, right-leaning genre movies when high-budget right-leaning movies are already being made by people with exceptional talent?

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‘Party of Five’ Reboot Is Pure Illegal Immigrant Propaganda

A reimagining of the popular 1990s series appears to be an exercise in bemoaning “All That’s Bad With America Under Trump.”

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To Hell With These Gilded Charlatans

The hero we need doesn’t care about money or social status or celebrity. He is the true rebellious independent who actually fulfills the human potential that all of us carry.

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The Golden Globes: A Televised Execution

An Englishman conquered America by mocking the hypocrisy, ignorance, and self-indulgence of Hollywood.

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On the Death of a Villain

“Oh, no, now there’ll be a war!” Wails the plaintive Lefty throng Who conveniently ignore That there’s been one, all along— Jihadis, at war with us By their own eager admission— Our policies should cover this Pre-existing condition. Our responses will reveal Who’s Chamberlain-ish, or Rooseveltive: Barry tried the art of the deal. Trump has […]

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Democrats and the Tuxedo Test

If Democrats are to retake the White House, they had better pin more than their hopes on the only candidate who looks somewhat presidential in black tie and tails.

FDR refined it, JFK romanticized it, LBJ relaxed it, Richard Nixon restored it, Ronald Reagan revered it, and Donald Trump continues to respect it—the tuxedo jacket. If Democrats are to retake the White House, they had better pin more than their hopes on the only candidate who looks somewhat presidential in black tie and tails. […]

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New Year’s Eve: Marxism-Lennonism Revisited

If you doubt that Lennonism has a powerful hold on the thinking of many Americans, consider how “Imagine” has become the more-or-less official anthem of New Year’s Eve in the United States.

The New Year’s Eve celebration at Times Square will again this year feature John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” We thought this article, first published in 2017, would be worth sharing again this year. Republishing it also affords us an opportunity to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Thank you for all of your support in […]

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A review of “No Safe Spaces” (Directed by Justin Folk, PG-13, 95 minutes, Atlas Distribution Company)

Freedom of Speech No More?

“No Safe Spaces” succeeds at its primary goal: revealing the fundamentally evil designs of our enemies. There are, however, serious flaws in this otherwise polished production.

For his work in devising a way to predict the spread of infectious diseases, physician and sociologist Nicholas Christakis found himself on a list of top global thinkers in 2010. The year before that, he was ranked among the world’s most influential people, making him one of the brightest stars in the constellation of liberalism. […]

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A review of “The Two Popes” (Directed by Fernando Meirelles, PG-13, 129 minutes, Netflix.)

The Simplistic Hero and Villain of ‘The Two Popes’

The film really isn’t about the two popes, but about one—Francis. Benedict is only used as a vehicle and a way to portray Francis as the savior of the Catholic Church.

It is no secret that our mainstream culture no longer seems to understand or value religion. Most depictions or attempts to explain it are reduced to mere sentimentality, and this is particularly true whenever there is a liberal treatment of Christianity, especially Roman Catholicism. It isn’t only the simplistic emotionalism of the artists grappling with […]

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A review of “Richard Jewell” (Directed by Clint Eastwood, R, 131 minutes, Warner Bros.)

Clint Eastwood Portrays the American Greatness of Ordinary Americans

Eastwood’s project of demonstrating the greatness in the American character is again exemplified in “Richard Jewell.”

Something really interesting is happening at Malpaso Productions, Clint Eastwood’s movie production company. Eastwood’s films, especially in recent years, portray the best in the American character through real stories of ordinary Americans called by events to stand up and shine. In his latest, “Richard Jewell,” Eastwood continues exploring a theme I’ve called “American Greatness in […]