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A review of Victor Stops the School Bully by Keith Vitali and Sam Oates Parker House Publishing (2020), 46 pages. $17.99

Effective Methods to Counter Bullying

Victor Stops the School Bully is truly one of the best juvenile-fiction reads on the topic of bullying, bullying dynamics, and how to finally put an end to one of the gravest, often-underreported threats to child safety and wellbeing.

ullying, like all forms of physical, mental, and emotional abuse, is one of the myriad threats facing our children today with upwards of 20 percent to nearly half of all school-age children experiencing varying degrees of the abuse in the classroom and on the playground, and at least 15 percent having to deal with a […]

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A review of “Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All,” by Michael Shellenberger (Harper, 432 pages, $29.99)

‘Apocalypse Never’ Takes Direct Aim at Consensus Climate Alarmism

This environmental humanist agenda that prioritizes love for humanity is a direct challenge to climate alarmists, who must now answer the question, as Michael Shellenberger writes “are they motivated by love for humanity or something closer to its opposite?”

An important new book by Michael Shellenberger, Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All, attempts to counter the common belief that climate change poses an imminent and existential threat to humanity and the planet. At 285 pages, this is a relatively short and very readable book, but it covers a lot of ground. And with […]

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Scorch the Field

It is good for us to play sometimes, and not fight. In reality, people are united by what the political utilitarian cannot recognize: by play and song and worship.

n 1947, a few months after Jackie Robinson had broken the color barrier in the National League, the Cleveland Indians jumped into the ring, signing Hall of Fame outfielder Larry Doby, who was in the middle of his career, and Hall of Fame pitcher Satchel Paige, who was 41 years old and had spent what […]

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A review of “Wisdom and Folly: A Book of Devotional Doggerel,” by Joe Long (Covenant Books, 136 pages, $14.95)

A Long View of American Life

Do we choose wisdom or folly? We should choose wisely but, in the choosing, also make sure to bring along a sense of humor.

oe Long is an unusual poet, if by unusual you mean someone who values and understands tradition. While some of what passes for today’s poetic musings are neither amusing nor poetic, Long’s poetry stands out as a refreshing throwback in both of these categories. Long’s debut collection of poems, Wisdom and Folly: A Book of […]

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A review of “Capitol of Freedom: Restoring American Greatness,” by Ken Buck with Shonda Werry (Fidelis Books, 208 pages, $27)

A Blueprint for American Greatness

Rep. Ken Buck’s (R-Colo.) new book provides the blueprint for correcting the progressive curricula infecting our schools.

ou can’t fight somethin’ with nuthin’, as the old saying goes. The “something” I refer to is the progressive curricula populating so much of what passes for our education system these days. Speech codes and safe spaces are multiplying like rabbits on our college campuses. The Pulitzer Prize-winning “1619 Project” has franchised its “America is […]

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Handmaids’ Plot to Bring Fascism to America

If fascism comes to America, it will come from the Left. And while people occupy themselves in devising fantasies that supposedly are cautionary tales, our freedoms are being eroded by the day.

hat does a writer of left-liberal orientation do when he sees that the injustices he railed against all his life no longer exist in the way he feared, if they ever did to the extent he professed, and, if he were honest, he would have to admit that things have been quite good? Why, make […]

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The Excellence of ‘The Last Dance’

The 10-part Netflix documentary may not be the last word about Michael Jordan, but it is the best work about his greatness.

s symbolic as Superman’s S, as sleek as Nike’s Swoosh, the Jumpman logo is the silhouette of a man in midair. Like his likeness alone, like the image of a basketball player dancing in the sky, like the grand jeté of a long horizontal jump, Michael Jordan transcends sports and commerce. Like the original logo […]

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‘Virtue Signal’ Game Skewers
SJW Activism

Peter Thiel calls “Virtue Signal” a game for those who “are ready to wake up from woke!”

irtue Signal: The Game of Social Justice,” released earlier this year by Incel Riot Studios, is a humorous table-top card game of parody and snark about social justice activists. Petty power spats, microaggressions, and wacky plot twists abound as the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) of the game spend more time fighting each other than for […]

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Decoding Howard Zinn’s Dark Vision of America

With the surplus of Zinn disciples running wild today, it may be that he would have simply blended in among the crowd.

n the course of a career that spanned over 50 years, one man seized the mantle of the accepted voice of critical history for the revisionist Left: Howard Zinn. His book A People’s History of the United States sought to teach young readers to see America from the perspective of the disadvantaged. What resulted was […]

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Poetry Magazine Caves to the Mob

Postmodern drivel is unsavory enough when it’s coming from business leaders and the like. But when it’s coming from people who hold responsible positions in the literary world it’s especially appalling.

n or about December 1910,” wrote Virginia Woolf in a 1924 essay, “human nature changed.” Woolf was exaggerating for effect, but it’s true that in the first years of the 20th century, imaginative artists of every stripe responded to the rapid social changes and technological developments of the day—and to the profoundly challenging ideas of […]

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A review “Communist China’s War Inside America,” by Brian Kennedy (Encounter, 49 pages, $7.99)

Common Sense About China

China’s goal, Brian Kennedy writes, is “demoralizing the United States to the point where America believes that further resistance is futile.” They can’t succeed without the help of America’s elite.

omething really strange is going on in America today. If you have wondered why political correctness requires you to avoid using the word “Chinese” with regard to a virus that came from China, then I have the book for you. It’s Communist China’s War Inside America by my friend Brian Kennedy. The good news is […]

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Cancel Sports!

We cannot ignore the ways that sporting actively perpetuates American inequality.

hen news broke last week that the Washington Redskins football team finally would be renamed, I couldn’t celebrate: I was too worried that this progressive victory might distract us from the fact that the entire enterprise of American sports is a hotbed of bigotry and intolerance. So it was with great relief that I greeted […]

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The Way of Richard Brookhiser

Honor, decency, gratitude, and integrity; from these values do statues take shape. From these values do men build monuments and memorials.

f the Jews made Jerusalem famous, the Protestants made the New Jerusalem of America a light unto the nations. By Protestants, I mean the founders of our civil religion; the architects of many mansions on behalf of laws, language, culture, institutions, literature, history, and tradition. More specifically, I mean the way of those men who […]

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None Dare Call It Conspiracy and Its Insights for Today

Gems of wisdom abound in this book that enjoyed huge but fleeting popularity during the Vietnam era, but is perhaps more relevant today than when it was written.

oes anyone still believe what they read in the New York Times or watch on any major television network news broadcast? Because for millions of Americans, the credibility of those news sources is at an all-time low. The internet hive mind, even in the face of blatant censorship by search engines and social media monopolies, simply offers […]

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That Kiss!

How a spontaneous kiss momentarily reminded us of a saner, happier reality—beyond COVID-19 and beyond #MeToo mercenaries.

here’s a reason this Canadian expatriate has been missing Canada of late. In particular, I miss the everyday normality of its local CTV News. Often apolitical, Canadians are always less eager to feature the caterwauling of politicians than to cover the joys of a cat rescue. Or a kiss. How natural, then, that a CTV […]

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The Cancel Coven of the SPLC Gets New Life

s the world emerges from a three-month lockdown, racial unrest has broken out again as a result of the killings of black Americans George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. While the nation is polarized, the reaction of corporate America and the media has been to carefully cull society and culture of any person or image that […]

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Shut Up and Coach—If (and Only If) You’re Not Woke

On the impending “cancellation” of OSU’s Mike Gundy over a t-shirt and other offenses.

klahoma State University head football coach Mike Gundy stirred up the woke hornet’s nest after a picture surfaced of him wearing a One America News (OAN) Network t-shirt. “What a despicable man!” was supposed to be our dictated reaction. “How dare he wear a shirt with that logo?” Gundy’s star player, Chuba Hubbard, took to […]

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Who Controls the Past Controls the Future

Assessing the History Channel’s “Grant.”

he History Channel’s recent series about Ulysses S. Grant was produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and based on the best-selling biography by Ron Chernow. It concluded on Wednesday and was just about what one would expect from a film created by some of academia’s and entertainment’s biggest leftists. Although the series did fairly well in rehabilitating […]

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Documentary Offers Respectful Insight Into a Sad But Thoughtful Online World

“TFW No GF” is shorthand for “The feeling when you have no girlfriend,” and the search for community and identity among these young men left behind by American society is worth understanding and exploring.

mazon is hosting a hot button film on its streaming platform about a subculture of disaffected young men in America who have formed their identities through an internet subculture called, “TFW No GF.” This is shorthand for “The feeling when you have no girlfriend.” The project of up-and-coming documentarian, Alex Lee Moyer, originally was to […]

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Néstor T. Carbonell, Why Cuba Matters: New Threats in America’s Backyard (Archway Books)

Cuba’s Ongoing Threat to U.S. Interests

The United States cannot remake Cuba into a more successful country, but at the same time, we can have no interest in encouraging its failures.

ix years ago President Barack Obama visited Havana—the first U.S. president to do so since 1928. On that trip he announced that he had come “to put an end to the longest Cold War in the hemisphere.”  As far as Obama was concerned, the war was certainly over. Even before his arrival he had announced […]