Gun Rights Would Be Ironclad if All 10 Million Gun Owners Voted Trump in November

Gun owners of America, unite—or lose your right to own guns for good.

A stunning 10 million gun owners and hunters are not registered to vote in 2024, according to the grassroots organization Vote4America—a potentially dire statistic for the Republican vote overall.

Such a large voter bloc could easily secure former President Donald Trump a landslide victory—and defend the Second Amendment for years to come from the radical left—but gun owners have a sad history of being vocally active on social media and quiet at the polls.

“You know, it’s an amazing thing. People that have guns, people that legitimately have guns, they love guns and they use guns for the right purpose, but they tend to vote very little and yet they have to vote for us,” Trump said in May, and he’s right.

“​​If we could convert 2 percent of all licensed hunters and get them to vote, GOP would win in a landslide,” said Baker Leavitt, an adviser to Vote4America on the District of Conservation podcast.

In recent years, numerous gun control initiatives at both state and federal levels have left law-abiding gun owners vulnerable. Biden’s federal government has been relentless in its overreach, while fear-driven legislation from Democrat lawmakers in blue states has put gun owners in a precarious position.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority—a boon from Trump’s first four years in office—has consistently supported the rights of law-abiding, gun-owning Americans, further highlighting the importance for gun owners to elect a president who will appoint conservative justices committed to upholding constitutional rights.

“Millions of everyday people who love America aren’t registered to vote because they either believe their vote doesn’t count or the system is rigged. Our goal is to make sure these people know that voting matters. The issues people worry about—attacks on personal freedoms, our crime problem, skyrocketing inflation—are all impacted by the people we put in office,” Stephen Aaron, Founder of Perspective Strategies and partner of Vote4America, told Restoration News.

Key States in 2024

An analysis of voter data reveals significant gaps in voter registration across several key states.

Pennsylvania has 515,277 unregistered gun owners, while Michigan and North Carolina each have 370,000. Georgia has 350,000 unregistered gun owners, and Wisconsin has 338,000.

If gun owners begin voting, the numbers would undoubtedly favor Republicans.


Data on gun ownership by political affiliation shows that most gun owners are Republicans. Among Republicans, 48 percent own a gun and 66 percent live in a household with a gun. In contrast, only 20 percent of Democrats report owning a gun.

Trump, aware of the significant gap between gun owners and voters, urged gun owners to vote after receiving an endorsement from the National Rifle Association (NRA) in May.

“We’ve got to get gun owners to vote,” Trump said in Minnesota. “I think you’re a rebellious bunch. But let’s be rebellious and vote this time.”

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association for Saving Lives Action Fund (USCCA-FSL Action Fund) is also sounding the alarm to alert potential voters that their rights are not safe.

“One sizable voter bloc that can and should significantly impact the elections is law-abiding gun owners,” said USCCA-FSL Action Fund Chairman of the Board & Executive Director Katie Pointer Baney. “The gap between Second Amendment advocates and detractors is growing wider by the day.”

Baney also pointed out the surge in new gun owners from all walks of life as a signifier that U.S. voters “want to see their fundamental rights protected.”

If Biden is reelected, his continued siege on gun owners will undoubtedly endure.

Automatic Voter Registration

Since 2008, the Left has strategically implemented numerous 501(c)(3) charities to identify and register tens of millions of new Democrat voters across the country.

Restoration News estimates this organized web of groups have access to upwards of $500 million each year to register new Democrats based on demographics. So why not do the same for gun owners?

In Virginia, Democrats enacted an automatic voter registration (AVR) law in 2019—allowing residents to opt into voting while changing their license or completing any other ordinary activity at the DMV. But other states have more malicious approaches.

In Alaska, any resident who applies for the Permanent Fund Dividend is automatically registered to vote. They must manually opt out if they are not interested.

Why not fight fire with fire? When a gun owner purchases a firearm, why isn’t there an option to register to vote?

Democrats are leading the charge on AVR and it’s about time Republicans fight back. Of the 24 states that allow AVR, 17 of them are the result of Democrat bills. Three of the states are the result of ballot initiatives backed by leftist “dark money” groups.

The left will fight against any initiative that allows gun owners to be automatically registered, as it plays against their goal of only registering voters who are Democrat. This was previously seen in West Virginia when a collection of Republican lawmakers introduced an AVR bill that added photo ID voting requirements.

To no surprise, Democrats shot the initiative down.

Even if Republicans aren’t playing into the Democrat-led initiative to allow AVR, it is important that voters know the significant impact they can have by registering to vote and heading to the polls.

If gun owners are able to step up their voting statistics, Trump will undoubtedly take Biden in November.

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