The Divorce of the Democrat Party and the Legacy Media – What it Means

The debacle surrounding recent events, including the Biden-Trump debate of June 27, spells the end of the Democrat Party as we know it. For generations, the media has been willing accomplices but the past 10 days have finally removed the protection and propaganda the media has provided Democrats for generations.

It was an unbelievable turnaround that was decades in the making. A compliant legacy media running cover for the Democrat Party as it worked to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist paradise. The first step was to take over nearly one-fifth of the economy by nationalizing health care (Obamacare). The second step, even more damaging to our fundamental sense of the rule of law, was to weaponize the federal bureaucracy to punish citizens who objected to the trillions of dollars allocated to grow the administrative state.

It seemed as though the legacy media had the perfect strategy in place to divert attention away from the workings of the Democrats and to push narratives that were favorable to the party. Finally, after the legacy was shown to be an Emperor with no clothes, they struck back to cover up their complicity, saying, “We had no idea that Biden’s decline was this obvious.”

If you need a clear indication of this denial, watch this train wreck orchestrated by Mark Halperin on his 2Way podcast. Halperin, once a Morning Joe regular on MSNBC with John Heilemann, was unceremoniously dumped in 2017 in the aftermath of sexual harassment allegations dating back to the early 2000s when he worked at ABC News. On the 2Way podcast, Inside the Beltway elites—consultants like Mark Katz, pollsters like Whit Ayres, political operatives like Phil Singer, and politicians like John Sununu—now cover for each other as they try to distance themselves from Biden and his administration after almost four years of sucking up.

Then There Are the So-called Journalists

The presidential debate of June 27 put to rest the unbelievable lie that Joe Biden was “sharp as a tack” and “runs circles” around those half his age. All one had to do was watch this hilarious video where these political and media magpies repeat Democrat and Biden administration talking points that the dear leader was, as they put it, “sharp as a tack.” The most egregious was the host of Biden’s reported favorite morning show, Morning Joe. We saw Joe Scarborough humiliate himself so badly that he took a multi-day “vacation” from his wife, Mika Brzezinski, who hosted the show on her own.

The administration, empowered by much of the American legacy media, was allowed to coin a new slur, “cheap fake,” to cover for a president in obvious decline in mental and physical capacity. These paid propagandists insisted that video and audio evidence of decline was “misinformation” and “selectively edited” to present a false image of a clearly failing person who is supposedly in charge of the U.S. It took a side-by-side playing of the video of Biden at the D-Day remembrances in France to expose the hucksters at CBS and expose their dishonesty.

The incessant gaslighting was finally exposed to the masses by the debate. But not before it had served its purpose, which was to hide two stone-cold facts. The first was obvious: Joe Biden was not qualified to be president. Second, the American legacy media has been engaged in a broad series of disgraceful cover-ups for years that shielded the Democrat Party from the public finding out its worst actions.

This shredding of relations between Democrats and the legacy media is a watershed moment that will be remembered as the point where the mask of decency and the skinsuit of credibility were ripped off both from the Democrats and the legacy media. The conspiracy of silence over Joe Biden’s health is now fully on display for everyone to see.

Joe Biden’s horrible debate performance and the aftermath of handwringing and mania—characterized as “bedwetting”—among most media outlets have exposed the Democrats as:

• Having lied to everyone for over five years about the genuine mental and physical decline of Joe Biden,

• Having no Plan B for the possibility of Biden ending his presidential campaign,

• Possessing no “deep bench” of political players to step in; only slippery grifters with no honorable record on which to run,

• Being beholden to the legacy media outlets for covering up their mistakes, miscalculations, maliciousness, and incompetence,

• Showing total disregard, bordering on hostility, for its constituents,

• Operating in the best interests of donors and moneyed institutions, not the citizenry,


• Believing that they can lie with impunity to everyone, all the time, forever, and get away with it.

Democrats now have an entire American population asking the question, “If you’ve lied about the president’s mental and physical condition all this time, what else are you lying about?”

When You’ve Lost George Stephanopoulos

Biden had a bad performance on June 27, but his July 5 recorded interview with George Stephanopoulos was something to behold. Stephanopoulos was uncharacteristically hard-hitting, dare we actually say fair, on the issue of Biden’s capacity to execute the duties of president. Even more importantly, his bad debate performance was undeniably indicative of mental and physical decline that can no longer be hidden.

“Fifty million Americans watched that debate. It seemed to confirm fears they already had (concerning your age).”

“Are you the same man today that you were when you took office three-and-a-half years ago?”

“Do you dispute that there have been more lapses, especially in the last several months?”

“Would you be willing to undergo an independent medical evaluation that included neurological and cognitive tests and release the results to the American people?”

“Do you have the mental and physical capacity to (serve as president) for another four years?”

One has to wonder how a legacy media that is totally in the tank for Democrats could turn on a dime against their leader so quickly. Actually, it’s no wonder at all: Biden is going down and taking the Democrats and the media down with him.

It’s not just the Biden administration. It’s the entire Democrat Party that has used the legacy media as unpaid (and paid) operatives to misinform the public, to cover up scandals, to perform lies of omission, to regurgitate talking points, and to push narratives favorable to Democrats. The anger and betrayal being felt right now within media circles must be suffocating.

Without the legacy media to run interference and push narratives, Democrats have no way to exist as a party in their current iteration. They will now have to answer for their record on the economy, the border, Israel, inflation, crime, and everything else that is going wrong in America today—and they will have to do so without a legacy media to gaslight everyone into believing their alternate reality. For almost every Conservative, this sense of schadenfreude (defined as the pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune) is simply delicious and should be savored.


Richard Truesdell is a former consumer electronics retail executive and automotive travel photojournalist. In the last 25 years, he has visited more than 35 countries on six continents. A former high school history teacher with a BA in Political Science from Waynesburg University, he is a lifelong Conservative moderate who has turned his thoughts and keyboard to political commentary and popular culture. A cross-section of his writings can be found here.

Keith Lehmann is a retired consumer electronics industry executive who has written extensively on technology, transportation, and international travel. Living in Southern California for over fifty years, he has first-hand exposure to societal and cultural happenings of the left and submits decidedly realism-based, Conservative viewpoints, much of which can be found on his Substack.


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Photo: CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - JUNE 27: Guests at the Old Town Pour House watch a debate between President Joe Biden and presumptive Republican nominee former President Donald Trump on June 27, 2024 in Chicago, Illinois. The debate is the first of two scheduled between the two candidates before the November election. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Notable Replies

  1. The schadenfreude is delicious; it is also sad and pointless. Confirmation that those of us out here that have been shouting in the wilderness that our sitting president is a senile sock puppet since before he was ‘elected’ are correct doesn’t solve any of the horrifying consequences of the 2024 election. It doesn’t free any of the political prisoners currently incarcerated, it doesn’t restore the careers or reputations of those targeted for speaking out against the ‘official’ narrative on a number of topics, it doesn’t rake back any of the vast amount of tax dollars sent to prop up Ukraine, it doesn’t put an end to the corruption that the Biden family has engaged in for years.

    I have happily loathed Joe Biden for decades but it is sad to watch the disintegration of the man in real time & in public. And not every cheerleader has been a Democrat or the media-- there have been plenty of Uniparty Republicans that have played this particular stupid game & richly deserve to win stupid prizes, such as the loss of their public office at the first available opportunity. One thing I am sure of is that, very soon, we will be back to the 24/7 media cycle of ‘Orange man bad

  2. There is NO daylight between the Democrat Party and the Enemedia–none. The fact that both entities are embarrassed by Biden does not indicate a schism, divorce, separation, or even a falling out. It’s a momentary defeat necessitating a tactical retreat of sorts–nothing more.

    The Enemedia are true believers and the day they will be truly fair and balanced is the day a gun will be put to their collective heads–an entertaining thought to be sure, but quite unrealistic.

  3. Avatar for task task says:

    Most people with a room temperature IQ knew there was something wrong with Joe Biden in 2020 and that it was getting worse but half the country never considered that there was something wrong with the very legacy media and the entire Democratic Party that reported and claimed otherwise. Now we all now that they were lying and they know we know it.

    The big question is how the media and the Democratic Party can restore the faith of the the citizenry so that they will again be believed? And it appears they can’t for a long time.

    America is experiencing a Waterloo Moment and the losers will not be able to recover anytime soon. This is not only about the 2024 election but also about many election cycles beyond. The media and Democrats will lie for sure but whatever they say will be framed by Joe Biden, the 2024 election, and the gas lighting we were told to endure as truth.

  4. Legacy media divorcing the Dems? Hardly. The only reason they are turning on Biden is that in order for the Democrats to stay in power they need to dump him. Do the authors of this piece really think that the current crop of mainstream so-called “journalists”–most of whom are ex- (or married to) Dem staffers, and who I would wager vote 99.9 to 0.1 Dem–are suddenly turning impartial? LOLZ

    Secondly, I wouldn’t write off Biden or Kamala as far as retaining power in November. There are WAY too many powerful International interests that hinge on the American globalist Left staying in power. They’ve pulled it off in 2020, and they won’t rest until they find a way to pull it off in November. What has just happened in France (a people largely leaning Right, but now with an even more Leftist government) may be a harbinger of what’s going to happen here. And lastly, let’s not discount the sheer short-sightedness, herd mentality and civic illiteracy of the average female voter here in the US, for whom voting for Trump is as much of a faux pas as spilling their chardonnay on a signed first edition of A Midwife’s Tale at their book club.

  5. Avatar for task task says:

    What you said in the second paragraph is spot on. Maximus or I could have written it ourselves.

    And you are not wrong regarding what you said in the first paragraph but what needs to be emphasized is not what the so called journalists will do because they can’t be cured. We already know. It’s now about the Zoomers, the Millennials and women who used insane sources camouflaged as truthful but really based on lies, innuendo, supposition and hearsay. All of them have been busted. It’s a lot easier going forward when we face arguments now factually proven to be misleading and salacious. It’s more than that. They contributed to the commitment of crimes because when they new about the crimes they covered for them.

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