Democrats Have Gone Full Soviet

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Comrade just had a bad night. Comrade had a slight cold. Comrade had a touch of jet lag. Comrade needs a bit more sleep.

Mark June 27th as the date on which the Union of Soviet Socialist Reprobates (USSR) officially became the second major political party in America.

Comrade Biden had a cold on that debate stage that night in the same way Comrade Brezhnev had a cold in 1982.

Comrade Biden had a bad night in the same way that Missouri Senator Thomas Eagleton did in the summer of 1972 as George McGovern’s Vice-Presidential running mate when it was reported he had bouts with depression and had been treated with electroshock therapy. Concerned that a recurrence could jeopardize national security in the event Eagleton had to step in as POTUS, McGovern replaced him. That was back when Democrats placed importance on such concerns about the country.

None of these instances were bad nights nor were they cases of the sniffles. They were instead, as was Biden’s, an indication that the prospect of having a “good night” was behind them.

Now that the echo chamber has eroded, the suspension of disbelief needs a new toehold.

So comes the compliant DC press corps full of faux skeptics and replacement theorists buying time for the party’s General Secretary to regain his footing with a series of wholly unpersuasive public acts dutifully interpreted through his chief misinformation officers.

They get it.

(KJP clip)

The doctors have been told what to think and not think too. And they also will not be taking questions.

The admission that Biden stumbled serves as the predicate for yet another act of heroism from General Secretary Joe in which, Phoenix-like, he rises from the ashes to dust himself off and, in mythical fashion, forge ahead providing for the proletariat.

(Biden campaign video)

The whole matter was little more than Biden’s Chumbawamba moment.

A little less foreign travel. A little bit more sleep. A few more vitamins. And Bidenmania is ready to run wild on you, MAGAworld.

The problem is Biden got knocked down and he stayed down. He still cannot figure out what to not read from the TelePrompter during his contrived “everything is fine” media availabilities. And now his DC press corps is unable to hide his Ron Burgundy moments.

Here he is railing against the phony climate apocalypse at a DC weather command center with AOC-approved hysterics except…

(Biden bloopers: “say that again.”)

…you’re not supposed to read “say that again,” Mr. General Secretary. And…

(Biden bloopers: investing to expand energy shortages.)

…you’re not supposed to be advertising coming energy shortages, Mr. General Secretary.

Because Biden couldn’t pull off the comeback, the Politburo had to meet. And so came the pilgrimage of USSR governors to DC to do a wellness check.

With notable nonparticipants, they emerged with a pledge of support for General Secretary Joe…for now.


In the most excellent series on Paramount+, “A Gentleman in Moscow,” adapted from the Amor Towles novel of the same name, which takes place in the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, there is a scene between an imprisoned nobleman named Rostov, the protagonist, and the Soviet Secret Police killer named Osip who monitors him in which Osip asks a question of Rostov to which he already knows the unfavorable answer.

Rostov says, you know the answer so what is the point of lying to you? To which Osip responds, “There is truth to be found in the lies we tell.”

Think of the lies Biden, his top lieutenants and his DC press corps flacks told for months, years really, about how robust and exacting Biden was. They scrubbed the pages of their periodicals and TV sets of any mention of Biden’s incapacity presenting General Secretary Joe only in his fleeting moments of clarity denouncing Trump and Trump supporters.

There is no famine, and we will silence all suggestions to the contrary and punish those making them. Just as the Bolsheviks denied The Great Famine of 1921-1922 to preserve their rule so did the Neo-Leninists of 2021-2024 act to preserve theirs.

The truth to be found in the lies they told is that the Democrat Party has gone full Soviet.

General Secretary Joe is politically dead and now the nomenklatura cautiously positions themselves in preparation for the replacement.

There is no admission of wrongdoing. There are only more lies.

Like Rep. Jim Clyburn explaining how Biden was too prepared for the debate.

(Clyburn clip)

Like every utterance from the woefully inept White House spokeshuman Karine Jean Pierre.

(KJP clip)

Like Nancy Pelosi’s we’re-rubber-and-you’re-glue gambit.

(Pelosi clip)

The truth to be found in the lies they told and continue to tell is that, like the Soviets of yore, they will kill to obtain and maintain state power and truth is the first thing they buried in a shallow grave.

This is to say the Neo-Bolsheviks, with or without General Secretary Joe, of America’s USSR party will surrender. They will scorch the earth from sea to shining sea if that’s what it takes.

They still have their media propagandists. They still have their government schools and their government unions. They still have 10 million or more illegal immigrants they imported and distributed to vote-rich metropolitan areas in swing states lorded over by sanctuary politicians.

They still have the means to their ends.


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