Americans Want to Know Who is Really in Charge in the White House

In last Thursday’s presidential debate, we saw the most decisive loss ever by an incumbent American president. Biden’s performance was so abysmal that it raises serious questions about how he can continue to function as president, especially in his role as commander-in-chief.

Donald Trump dominated the debate, making important new criticisms that Biden failed to answer—especially how the surge in illegal immigration during the Biden presidency is hurting social security. Trump put Biden on the defensive, parried tough questions, and pointed out how many of Biden’s statements were incoherent.

Biden could hardly have done worse. He was incoherent, lost his train of thought and appeared confused. He offered no believable defenses for his record as president. The defenses he did provide made no sense.

The left-wing publication Slate gave this stark assessment of Biden’s performance in the debate, claiming it “revealed that [he] is indeed an old man who appears to be in no condition to be running this country, even now—not to mention in another four years.”

Many Americans had the same concern after the debate.

We saw Biden staring into space and looking slack-jawed with his eyes glazed over when Trump spoke. If Biden acts this way during Oval Office meetings, cabinet meetings, and meetings with foreign leaders, one has to ask: How is he making decisions as president?  Is Biden simply signing everything his staff puts in front of him?  Do unnamed White House advisers run cabinet meetings while Biden sits motionless in his chair?

Are these nameless White House advisers essentially acting as president and implementing their own radical-left policies without Biden’s knowledge and beyond the reach of congressional oversight?

Making this worse—much worse—was a revelation by Biden aides to the press this week that the president has difficulty functioning outside of a 6-hour window of 10 AM to 4 PM and that on-camera interviews are therefore scheduled for this period.

It goes without saying that Biden’s commander-in-chief responsibilities to protect our nation and its troops is a 24-7 job. America’s enemies are not going to schedule their military provocations and terrorist attacks for the six hours a day when Biden is well-rested and alert.

We have come a long way from the TV ads Hillary Clinton ran during the 2008 and 2016 presidential campaigns that she would be the best qualified president to answer an emergency 3 AM phone call at the White House about a foreign crisis. (She wasn’t, of course.)

So again, the question is, who is in charge at the White House?  Who is deciding that America will keep criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu over the Israel-Hamas War but do little to force Hamas to release its Israeli hostages? Who is preventing the United States from pressing Ukraine to begin peace talks to end the Ukraine-Russia War?  Who is ordering U.S. officials to keep appeasing Iran and not enforce U.S. oil sanctions?  Who in the White House is looking the other way while China makes new trade deals with longtime U.S. allies like Saudi Arabia at our expense?

National Review’s Michael Brendan Dougherty wrote yesterday that because America requires a functioning executive and since the debate indicated that Biden is no longer competent to do the job, Biden should step down now and be succeeded by Kamala Harris. But Harris has proved to be so vapid and unserious as vice president that she could prove to be an even worse president than Biden.

Whether Biden remains in office for the remainder of his term or lets Harris take over for his final six months in office, our country is facing a leadership crisis that puts U.S. national security at serious risk. The world is already much more unstable and dangerous than it was when Donald Trump left office. Global instability could grow significantly this year as America’s enemies race to exploit strong indications that the United States will not have a competent commander-in-chief for the remainder of the Biden presidency.

This is a crisis that Biden and his supporters knowingly created. Joe Biden was not competent to be president in 2020 but was engineered into the office by political operatives, the mainstream media, intelligence officers, and others because of their hatred of President Trump. American voters must hold Biden and his enablers accountable for this when they go to the polls this November.

Fred Fleitz previously served as National Security Council chief of staff, CIA analyst, and a House Intelligence Committee staff member.

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Photo: ATLANTA, GEORGIA - JUNE 27: U.S. President Joe Biden walks off stage during the CNN Presidential Debate at the CNN Studios on June 27, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. President Biden and Republican presidential candidate, former U.S. President Donald Trump are facing off in the first presidential debate of the 2024 campaign. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Notable Replies

  1. It’s funny to watch the revelations begin the process of oozing out from the cracks and crevasses of the formerly solid Democrat wall. Only now are Democrat leaders and media pundits beginning to wonder aloud just who has been running the country for the last year or so. Some point to Barack Obama, while others point to Jill Biden and a small cadre of advisors.

    Another revelation----or dare we say, pathetic excuse, is also making the rounds, and that the greatest reason being given from those who were really in the know, was that they did not want the Right taking advantage of the chaos that would ensue when the truth became known. This was an abject display of Party over country we’ve come to expect from the denizens that inhabit the Left.

    I was surprised to find that Joe Biden admitted to identifying as a Black woman yesterday in an interview on Philadelphia’s WURD. I thought that an odd way to try to reattract a fleeing constituency. However, as a person in transition, it does explain the sudden spray tan.

    Most of the articles I’m reading conclude Biden will throw in the towel one day next week. Kamala is already measuring the drapes, while also threatening political Armageddon if she also isn’t chosen to lead the ticket for November. And admittedly, there would be huge pitfalls to overcome if Party leadership chooses Newsom, Whitmer, or Pritzker over the “highly qualified” DEI hire embodied by Kamala Harris.

    Not being mentioned much on the Left, three states have laws there can be no change in the candidates name for the presidential election at this point. Those are Nevada, Arizona, and Michigan. The only way a new name can be inserted is if Biden steps down from the presidency and only one name would be allowed----that of Kamala Harris.

    Another thing coming to light was that snapping sound heard at the end of the debate was the sound of checkbooks snapping closed. Yeah, we all read that Biden made a huge cash haul following the debate, but one wonders now if the pledges will turn into actual cash. Which brings up another thing-------

    Biden’s war chest is his and his alone. Current estimates have it at $200 million. Current Federal Election Commission rules hold the ONLY person it can legally be signed over to is Kamala Harris. Newsom, Whitmer, et al. would have to raise their own cash. One pundit felt the money could merely be signed over to the DNC, but even if it were done, the funds would be tied up for weeks, if not months, by threatened lawsuits from various conservative organizations.

    As to the ultimate question as to who is really in charge, I really don’t expect anyone to step forward. After all, the embarrassment of exposure to running the greatest con game of all against the American people might even be greater than the possible legal exposure they would have to face.

  2. The installation of a senile meat puppet and his completely inane and ineligible-for-office, cackling sidekick is the greatest wrong done to American citizens this century. It is unlike 9/11 or wars or tragedies. It is an offense against the very republic we claim we are. Joe Biden was never elected. He was installed by frauds and cheats. There must be a reckoning for the people who perpetrated this obscenity. That is an Appeal to Heaven, but Americans having been denuded of any faith won’t see an angel of God holding a flaming sword of justice. Let them conjure one.

    Electing Donald Trump is not the justice we seek. For people who have never set foot in Washington, D.C. or witnessed the kind of corruption that lives there, it’s unimaginable just how evil and scheming its inhabitants are in pursuit of power. Far worse than mafias, or cartels from south of the border, Washington, D.C. contains a brand of person so arrogant, greed-filled, and useless, they are crying out for destruction on orders of magnitude rivaling Sodom and Gomorrah, and whether our enemies (or should I write the people we’ve been told we should “hate” so that somewhere a corporate board could declare record earnings over the dead and maimed bodies of American kids wasting their youth fighting someone else’s wars) choose this moment or another to attack the United States or its people, I pray the first place they incinerate is the capital of American corruption: Washington, D.C. It may contain white marble monuments glorifying noble men and women, but its streets are overflowing with the pure sewage of corruption. It permeates everything and everyone.

    For far too long, elites in this country have gotten away with murder: of entire cities, of people, of small businesses, of opportunities and dreams of the people who have built and made the country thrive, of our land and its beauty, of our prosperity and peace, our health, our virtue, even our humor. If a handful of militia members could race to Concord and Lexington to stave off the British confiscation of a weapons cache, I hope and pray daily that the spirit which moved a handful of patriots to oppose tyranny then, will embolden Americans to remember their brothers and sisters rotting in jails who have lost everything for simply exercising their rights as citizens, and demand justice for the stolen 2020 election now.

    Any, and I do mean any action to conciliate or simply sweep it under the rug is perceived as another grievance against citizens. Should those who believe that simply electing the man who rightfully won the 2020 presidential election constitute “justice” for that which was stolen from us and the long train of abuses since, they are mistaken. The damage is irreversible. The debt is unsustainable. The invasion ongoing. Responsible parties must face actual punishment for the crimes they have committed against America, be stripped of citizenship, their property, and exiled from this place forever. If we fail to demand it now, while memory serves, we will doom those who come after us to worse offenses.

  3. L.K., Many of us believe this is Biblical and that we are at a crossroad. Much depends on how far reaching Trump’s coat tails prove to be AND the flavor of those he will bring along. I know there are a number in DC who would happily seek the measures you call for. They have been too few to be as effective as we would want. But I’m guessing that once the full Democrat led charade is exposed, even the most milquetoast RINO might be willing to drop the hammer.

  4. Yet, it is biblical and it is a crossroads. How many times have we witnessed our “leaders” take the easy way out? It is not only Democrats perpetrating these offenses. In fact, I would go so far as to state that the responsibility for Joe Biden and all that followed lies with the Republicans in the Senate, and especially Mitch McConnell. We should not rest until the Republican Party is purged of every person connected with this crime.

  5. I don’t know if you are a Gutfeld! aficionado, but his opening monologue on July 3rd addressed all the things we’ve been wondering in his unique style----

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