Trump is Going to Win

There is no master plan, no shadowy cabal in control, no clever Machiavellians pulling the strings. The liberal leadership class is epically stupid, hubristic, and arrogant. They are about to reap everything they’ve sown in the last four years and then some. 

Trump is going to win. 

Joe Biden’s meltdown in last week’s debate was always going to happen. Everyone who was paying attention has known for years that Biden’s cognitive health and vital energy were in profound decline. The regime was only able to ram him through in 2020 by using the COVID crisis as cover. All they did was delay the inevitable. 

When Biden finally stood mouth agape and slurring his words on national television, even DC insiders, the dumbest people in the country, finally had to admit the truth—Biden is obviously not in any state to be president right now, much less run again.

If Joe Biden applied for a job at the local Kroger to bag groceries, it would be cruel to hire him. He doesn’t have the stamina for that kind of work. He cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be president and Americans know it. 75% think he shouldn’t be running. 

The more cynical on the right like to imagine that the whole debate was staged and that the shadowy “they” scheduled the debate early in order to reveal Biden’s decline and then force him out.

This makes no sense, though. Displaying weakness is not a sign of power. Dumping Biden now would guarantee that Democrats would lose the election in a 45-state blowout. They can’t transfer Biden’s campaign war chest to another candidate; in some states (like Wisconsin), ballot access laws would prevent a new candidate from even getting on the ballot; and, to top it off, there is no mechanism to force Biden out without his consent, which he won’t give.

This is to say nothing of the complete lack of any alternative leading Democrat who can take Biden’s place. The Democrats have no one in reserve. There is simply no way they can change course now and still win. At this point, it seems clear that the coming election will be too big to rig… by a lot. 

Ballot harvesting and democracy “fortification” cost big bucks. Liberal donors are demoralized and depressed. Ramming Biden through now, when he is obviously senile and dying, will completely annihilate any shreds of legitimacy that the regime still clings to. If Biden “wins” in November, it will make it clear to even the most naïve citizens that American democracy is fundamentally rotten and broken. The next wave of the American Right will have no reason to even pretend to believe in our non-existent constitutional norms. 

Liberals have no good options. That is why they are panicking. Putting Trump in jail won’t work. For one, it will cause his fundraising to grow to absurd heights. Earlier this year, Biden had a $100 million edge over Trump; now he’s $20 million behind. Put him in jail and that financial lead will become insurmountable. Moreover, even if Trump is in jail, he will still be on the ballot. He is still going to win. 

Biden could try to have Trump assassinated. Maybe get one of the intelligence agencies to do it. But, again, the same crisis of legitimacy remains. Biden is obviously unfit for office and is in no position to exert meaningful control over the regime. Which gay bureaucrat would be willing to order Trump’s killing on a decrepit Biden’s behalf? Who will pull the trigger? There are only so many mentally ill psychopaths on the CIA’s MK Ultra rolls. Will liberals put the fate of “Our Sacred Democracy” into the hands of one of these clowns in hopes they will be able to successfully eliminate Trump? I doubt it. 

The time to kill Trump was in the summer of 2020, when the left’s communist thugs were on the verge of taking over DC. That moment passed and now the regime is stuck praying that Trump will have some kind of health episode and die—an outcome that, in light of Trump’s preternatural vitality, seems unlikely. 

The regime could try to cancel the election. Provoking a nuclear strike from the Russians would be the best avenue to try and make that happen. During the debate, Biden repeatedly brought up the prospect of war (including nuclear conflict) with the Russians under Article V of the NATO alliance. But that scenario—provoking the Russians to take a decisive step against the American heartland—again requires a level of willpower and insanity, along with Russian cooperation, that seems deeply unlikely to manifest. Liberals might earnestly believe that Donald Trump is the second coming of Adolf Hitler but that doesn’t mean they will have the sheer testicular fortitude to provoke a nuclear holocaust to keep him out of power. 

At this point, the regime has nothing. If they cheat, they lose all legitimacy. If they put Trump in jail, they lose all legitimacy. If they kill Trump, they lose legitimacy. If they provoke a nuclear strike or false flag, they will lose legitimacy AND set off a chain reaction of events that they will have no control over—to say nothing of all the dead bodies they would have to pile up.

In light of this situation, the left has no good options. Biden is cooked. There are no meaningful alternatives. Trump is strong and getting stronger. At this point, a blowout victory for the Teflon Don is the most likely outcome. 

Trump is a man of destiny. His victory this November has always felt inevitable. The arc of history is long, but it bends towards Orange Man, descending in triumph onto our decadent capital as the shrieks of libtards fill the air. 

Winning is going to feel so good. In fact, it already feels great. 

Liberals, get those passports ready. You have six months. 




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About Josiah Lippincott

Josiah Lippincott is a Ph.D. student and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. You can find him on Telegram at https://t.me/josiah_lippincott or subscribe to his Substack here.

Photo: Former US President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Historic Greenbrier Farms in Chesapeake, Virginia, on July 28, 2024. (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Notable Replies

  1. Don’t count the chickens until the election has hatched. Do not assume anything. I am more concerned about a Trump presidency failing to restore some legitimacy to governance. If Trump cannot accomplish a number of items quickly, it’s going to be a very long and difficult slog.

    Given the level of damage from “fundamental transformation” over the Biden and Obama occupancies, the road ahead is fraught with peril, but they have shown themselves and their hiding places in the Deep State. Should Trump fail to surround himself with loyal and like-minded advisors and cabinet members, God help us. Should the feckless RepubliCON Party once again betray its base and the American people, God help THEM.

  2. Avatar for cdor cdor says:

    The author is blunt in his assessments. I caution against getting too cocky. The Democrats will not be stopped by laws, rules, or propriety. The RNC is not run by a Romney anymore, so that is a very good thing. Laura Trump will fight for the election to be right. Assassination is too spine chilling to say out loud. That was difficult to read.

  3. Legitimacy? Obviously, Democrats don’t care about legitimacy, or else they would be already cowering in shame after the 2020 election. Even if we insist on overlooking the myriad irregularities with ballots, the fraudulent Psy-Ops conducted by the Dem-Big-State-Tech-Giant-Big-Media axis were plenty enough to drag The Corpse over the finish line.

    So let’s not discount at all their ability, willingness and I dare say addiction to cheating. I wager that in any election that counts, Democrats take it for granted that a good 10% of the ballots they cast will be fake or illegal. They don’t give a rat’s rear end about legitimacy–power is the only thing they crave.

    Thus I’m afraid that the optimism shown by Mr. Lippincott is misplaced. We’re already counting our chickens, at a time when we got smoked in the last 3 elections–not to count the GA special election and other state ballot initiatives. He’s right, though, on something I’ve been saying since the debate: Biden will be the one on the ticket. a) They won’t be willing to give up the sizeable war-chest he’s accumulated, b) it would be politically embarrassing to overlook Kackles, and c) the Bidens have too much of an ego.

  4. Democrats are at a point in their political devolution when they see nullifying the '24 election as a viable option. Risky solutions become enticing when you believe your whole world is about to crash down around your head. If you’re a Democrat, that’s the way you see reality. These people have one of their own in the WH. It’s the pacifier guaranteed to soothe their anxieties about the ‘other.’

    What starts next year has been in the works for several decades. Democrats’ policies have been bad for that long. Fixing what they did in 2020 means that the usual elect turnover cycle will be turned off for a generation. If some Republicans in Congress don’t get in the way, it could be longer.

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