Mark Cuban Epitomizes The Hypocrisy Of Liberal Billionaires

The always media-hungry Mark Cuban wants to insert himself into presidential politics. The billionaire TV show host is now pushing himself as one of President Biden’s top cheerleadersHe’s fundraising for Biden and Democrat groups are utilizing his media appearances to gin up donations.

He’s volunteered to be an attack dog for Biden. He regularly uses his X account to attack Donald Trump and claim Biden will do wonders for the country if given another term. Cuban even asserts that he would vote for Biden even if the president was on his deathbed and Trump was the only other option. That’s dedication to the cause.

Cuban isn’t cozying up to Biden simply out of some deep political conviction. He may claim that the president is morally superior to his opponent or that he prefers Biden’s social policies. But the real motivation is something far more shallow. Cuban sees Biden and the Democrats as better for his business interests.

In 2020, Cuban backed Biden because he said it would be good for business. The dismal economy under the current president proved that argument wrong, yet Cuban continues to maintain that Joe is the pick for prosperity. What the mogul really means is that Biden is better for his own business interests.

That doesn’t make for good tweets, so he pretends it’s about something far more noble.

Cuban invested heavily in environmental enterprises over the last few years. He’s doled out millions to climate start-ups. These are the types of companies primed to benefit from Democrat-backed green subsidies and government pressure for the corporate world to adopt ESG (environmental, social, and governance) policies. All of this is part of Biden’s agenda—and Cuban stands to benefit. It makes sense why he argues that “woke” is good for business and melts down over conservative resistance towards these endeavors. Getting rid of woke business practices hurts his bottom line.

Cuban has been pushing the administration and its allies in Congress to restrict pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Sadly, they’ve been listening.

PBMs are third-party operators that negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies on behalf of health insurance beneficiaries, lowering costs for American consumers. Big Pharma doesn’t like PBMs because they feel they intrude on their business model and push their profit margins down.

Cuban’s portfolio puts him on the side of Big Pharma. He owns a drug company, Cost Plus Drugs, that is set to profit from Biden’s proposed regulations on PBMs. Yet, ironically, even Cuban’s company has partnered with select PBMs when it is convenient because he knows how successful they are at reducing costs.

Because of his status as a top Democrat donor with star power, Cuban seems to think he can have it both ways—push for regulations on PBMs when it fits his business interests, all while quietly using them behind the scenes when they stand to benefit him personally.

Cuban loves to talk a big game. He insists he just wants what’s best for the country in his political choices. But that’s just not true. Cuban likes Biden simply because he believes the Democrats will make him more money.

Only a dunce could buy Cuban’s selfless billionaire act. He doesn’t care about what’s best for America. If he did, he wouldn’t want another term for Joe Biden.

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About Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford is a Capitol Hill refugee now earning an honest living.

Photo: AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 12: Businessman Mark Cuban speaks onstage at 'Mark Cuban & Tech Execs: Is Govt Disrupting Disruption?' during 2017 SXSW Conference and Festivals at Austin Convention Center on March 12, 2017 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by JEALEX Photo/Getty Images for SXSW)

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  1. Another point of view regarding PBMs can be found at Epoch Times which argues the relationships between and among government agencies, PBMs, insurance companies and consumers is far more complicated than “consumers benefit” under one versus another system. Eliquis is one of the drugs affected by the Inflation Reduction Act’s supposed restructuring of drug prices. However, superscum Mark Cuban is correctly portrayed as another rent-seeking greedy billionaire, just as Bill-Scummiest-of-All-Gates is a rent-seeking nuclear pig. Send them all to the slaughterhouse, i.e., let us acknowledge that government-controlled healthcare of any kind is bankrupting the country and wean ourselves off of it. “Free” continues to provide incentives for those 15 million illegals walking, flying and riding the rails into your friendly local ER. It is simply another form of socialist intervention in what was once a Free Enterprise-based society.


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