The Bidenvasion is Worse Than You Thought—and Biden’s Wimpy Executive Orders Aren’t Gonna Cut It

Joe Biden pretended for three-and-a-half years that he was powerless to stop the flood of illegal aliens he helped cross the southern border—including hardened criminals, human traffickers, and known terrorists. Now, facing annihilation at the polls this November, he’s suddenly playing at “tough-on-immigration”—and hoping voters don’t see through the lie.

Here’s the truth: Biden’s executive order is too meaningless and too late to stop the crisis his open border policies caused. And it’s even worse than the left-wing media reports.

For months, Restoration News has tracked the unbelievable flood of illegal aliens committing thousands of crimes nationwide, many of them violent and many more targeting women and children.

This “Bidenvasion” is devastating families and swamping our first responders, who experience the consequences of radical anti-borders ideology firsthand, yet sanctuary cities and their allies in the left-wing press are desperately concealing this carnage from the public.

That stops now.

Welcome to IllegalAlienCrimes.com, a brand-new, ever-growing website from Restoration News devoted to exposing the monsters in your midst—so you can take action with your local sheriff and representatives.

We’re empowering Americans to track the child rapists, murderers, drug dealers, terrorists, and gang members who’ve entered Joe Biden’s borderless America to do what the media won’t: Report the truth.

Here are just a few examples of the thousands of crimes we’ve discovered, with more added every day:

  • In small town Bedford, Virginia, an illegal alien from Mexico was arrested for kidnapping and having sex with a minor likely trafficked from Honduras and exposed to danger by Biden’s inept Department of Health and Human Services, which placed the girl with a predatory sponsor—the rapist’s girlfriend.
  • A Florida family discovered the hard way that it’s no longer safe for children to play outside when their 11-year-old daughter was snatched off the street by an illegal alien pedophile and molested in his van.
  • In San Diego, an illegal alien broke into a home in military housing and sexually assaulted a sleeping 5-year-old girl—returning again days later, when he was caught on surveillance camera.
  • In New Jersey, a 19-year-old illegal alien sexually abused, tortured, and killed a housecat.
  • An illegal alien created a “rape dungeon on wheels”—abducting and raping women in the California mountains.
  • And in Sturgis, Michigan, an illegal alien broke into a home and sexually assaulted two children.

Then there’s Laken Riley, a University of Georgia nursing student who was brutally bludgeoned to death by a Venezuelan thug who was helped into the country by the Biden administration. That thug, Jorge Ibarra, could’ve been stopped and deported before murdering an innocent 22-year-old woman—instead, he was shielded by radical leftists in Athens, a sanctuary county.

Make no mistake: Laken Riley would be alive today if Joe Biden wasn’t president.

Murderers, Not Migrants

That’s just one tragic story. Over 10 million illegal aliens have entered the United States under Biden, including countless hardened criminals from war-torn Venezuela and Honduras. Not to mention the ever-increasing number of Chinese and Jordanian men of military age walking across the border into San Diego, some of whom are known affiliates of terror organizations and the CCP.

These criminals are transported, in some cases with taxpayer dollars, to virtually every state—including North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia, which are experiencing high rates of illegal aliens. Tax rates in these states are skyrocketing due to increased government resources needed, such as schools and jails.

This month alone, for example, the Georgia Department of Corrections recorded a stunning 1,895 criminals who claim foreign citizenship in its jails.

Many more crimes go unreported, in part because Democrats refuse to cooperate with federal deportation officials. Records show there are currently 14,262 illegal aliens held in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention who are convicts or have pending criminal charges.

We’re putting more pressure on public officials, such as sanctuary city sheriffs, to disclose illegal alien criminals who are causing harm in communities across America.

So don’t be fooled by Biden’s sudden “action” on the border crisis. He’s shown for years that he doesn’t care about American lives—he only cares about getting reelected.

Poll after poll shows that voters’ number one concern is immigration, and it’s sinking Biden’s reelection chances. Americans aren’t as stupid as the left believes—they remember that under Donald Trump, the border was secure and our families kept safe.

We can have that back if we boot Biden out this November—our lives may depend on it.

Victoria Manning is a senior investigative researcher for Restoration News, published by Restoration of America, and author of “Behind the Wall of Government Schools


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Photo: John R. Modlin, Chief Patrol Agent of the U.S. Border Patrol's Tucson Sector, shared on X this photo of illegal migrant apprehensions.

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