Kansas AG Kris Kobach Sues Pfizer For Misleading Kansans About COVID Shots

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach announced Monday that he is suing Pfizer for misleading Kansans about its COVID mRNA shots.

Kobach is accusing Pfizer of deceiving the public about the significant health risks associated with the mRNA products, and of misrepresenting the efficacy of the jabs.

“Pfizer made multiple misleading statements to deceive the public about its vaccine at a time when Americans needed the truth,” the Kansas AG told reporters during a press conference at the Statehouse in Topeka.

The percentage of adverse events was higher in pregnant women than the general population by about 17 percent, according to a study published in Medicine in February 2022.

Kobach said Pfizer knew a year earlier that there were significant risks to taking the jab while pregnant.

“In February of 2021, Pfizer possessed reports for 458 pregnant women who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy. More than half of the pregnant women reported an adverse event, and more than 10 percent reported a miscarriage—many within days of the vaccination,” he said.

Kobach noted that Pfizer should have known the mRNA products were unsafe for pregnant women based on its own  animal trial.  “Pfizer also possessed information from its own October 2020 study on pregnancy in rats indicating that its COVID vaccine was likely linked to infertility, loss of litters, and stillborn offspring,” he said.

In addition to knowing about the pregnancy risks, Kobach noted that Pfizer also had plenty of safety signals early on about the mRNA shots causing heart damage.

“Pfizer knew, the United States government, the United States military, foreign governments, and others had found that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine caused myocarditis and pericarditis,” he said.

Yet Pfizer’s CEO was still denying this well established fact as recently as January of 2023.

“Pfizer consistently denied any evidence of a connection or safety signal between its COVID-19 vaccine and myocarditis or pericarditis,” Kobach said. “Indeed, on January 18, 2023, when asked if its vaccine caused strikes or myocarditis, Pfizer Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla stated, ‘we’ve not seen a single signal although we have distributed billions of doses.'”

Kobach went on to accuse Pfizer of misleading Kansans about the efficacy of its mRNA products against the COVID variants and its efficacy at preventing transmission.

“Additionally Pfizer claimed its vaccine protected against COVID variants, despite data showing otherwise. The pharmaceutical giant also suggested its vaccine prevented COVID transmission, but later admitted it had never studied whether its vaccine stopped transmission,” Kobach’s office said in a news release.

Kobach also alleged that “Pfizer coordinated with social media officials to censor speech critical of COVID-19 vaccines and declined to participate in the federal government’s vaccine development program, Operation Warp Speed, to avoid government oversight.”


Vaccines administered under an Emergency Use Authorization are protected from legal liability, but not if they were fraudulently produced. Because of this, Pfizer is facing multiple lawsuits, as well as an ongoing grand jury investigation in Florida to look into potential criminal activity related to its mRNA shots.

On November 30, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that he was suing Pfizer for “unlawfully misrepresenting” Covid-19 vaccine efficacy and conspiring to censor public discourse.

“Pfizer engaged in false, deceptive, and misleading acts and practices by making unsupported claims regarding the company’s COVID-19 vaccine in violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act,” Paxton said in a press release at the time.

The suit says Pfizer misrepresented its product in three main areas: duration of protection, protection from transmission and protection from new variants. Paxton wants the company to pay civil penalties of up to $10 million for the three violations of the DTPA.

Pfizer has claimed that its representations about its mRNA product have been “accurate and science-based” and that it believes Paxton’s lawsuit has no merit.

The lawsuit, which was first filed in Lubbock’s 99th District Court, was reportedly moved to federal court in January.

Brook Jackson, who blew the whistle on Pfizer’s allegedly dangerous and shoddy research practices in a complaint to the FDA in September of 2020, has also sued Pfizer, filing a False Claims Act/qui tam complaint against the pharmaceutical giant in January 2021.

Florida’s Statewide Grand Jury released its first interim report in February, focusing on nonpharmaceutical COVID interventions such as masks and lockdowns.

The report noted that lack of cooperation on the part of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Army had thwarted the grand jury’s investigation into the COVID injections.

According to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), as of May 31, 2024, there have been 37,647 COVID “vaccine” deaths, 216,757 hospitalizations, 154,810 trips to Urgent Care, 243,814 Doctor Office Visits 10,834 cases of anaphylaxis, 17,759 cases of Bell’s Palsy, 5,139 miscarriages, 21,741 heart attacks, 28,445 cases of Myocarditis or Pericarditis, 71,005 permanently disabled, 9,218 cases of Thrombocytopenia/ Low Platelet, 40,002 life threatening events, 46,899 severe allergic reactions, and 16,147 cases of Shingles.

Many medical experts believe those numbers represent just a small percentage of the total number of adverse events vaccinees have suffered.

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About Debra Heine

Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.

Photo: Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach meets with supporters at the Lyon County senior center and talks about the upcoming election, Emporia, Kansas, October 28, 2018. (Photo by Mark Reinstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

Notable Replies

  1. Excellent, just excellent piece! The PTB would love for us peasants to simply shut up and forget what they did to us and our loved ones. Of course we won’t! I hope Kobach can be heard in an impartial setting and that his effort represents a precursor which other state AGs follow. Taking down every and any corporation or person who deliberately lied about the toxic jabs for money is not justice. It’s a necessary reckoning without which we will face an inevitable collapse.

    Yes, for money, they killed people, they were willing to risk women having miscarriages, or increasing likelihood of cardiovascular events or cancer? What kind of country is this when those entrusted with protecting and enhancing the “health” of people merely by providing impartial and true facts, instead make money off lies? This government and its corporate partners are indeed sick.

  2. Avatar for Unsk Unsk says:

    Finally some pushback against a fake vaccine whose sole purpose was to kill us.

    The Vax utilizes among it’s many purposely lethal faults the killer substance graphene oxide in positively charged subatomic nano particles as a part of the mRNA delivery system that bind with our negatively charged red blood cells forcing them to clump together to create plasticized huge blood clots that cause multiple problems including myocarditis, strokes and heart attacks. Morticians are now finding well over 50% of the cadavers they work on contain these extensive plasticized blood clot systems .

    Also once bound together our blood cells lose their ability to bring oxygen to our cells and expel toxins aiding severe distress particularly to the lungs.

    These subatomic graphene oxide nano particles are so small they pass through every bodily barrier and as a consequence infect every organ. They infect all our interstitial fluid surrounding and infecting all our cells by delivering the deadly COVID spike protein causing all sorts of havoc including causing long term COVID like flu systems, rendering ovaries infertile and causing many forms of now all too common turbo cancers.

    As a result over a half a million Americans have been murdered and over 28 million injured by this hellacious Vax gene therapy.

    To make matters worse Doctors like Doctor Robert Young now believe our and other governments worldwide have purposefully infected our food supply and usd other forms of “transfection” to effectively infect all the population. Myself, even though I refused the Vax according to my doctors are thought to have contracted a long term parasitic flu like reaction much like many others caused by the grapheme oxide nano particles.

    This Vax we thought was meant to save us was instead meant to do us great arm just as intended by the evil psychopaths of the Deep State Globalist Cabal in which is really one of greatest crimes against humanity ever conceived.

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