The Left: Force-Feeding Americans Liver and Onions

Liver and onions.

My father loved liver and onions. He would fry them up in our tiny galley kitchen. The stench, er, aroma, would imbue the entirety of our humble abode and, I remain convinced, saturate me and my brother’s school clothes. Can you say “unpopular?” What did my mother think? She didn’t cook and didn’t care. One less thing for her to worry about, as she already had two insoluble problems on her hands: me and my brother.

One day, my father had enough—not of liver and onions, but of me and my brother complaining about it. He grabbed a fork, jabbed some liver, and extended us a sample. It was an offer we couldn’t refuse and a taste we’d never forget. To this day, I hate liver and onions. (As for my brother, who knows? He grew up to be a bass player.)

Never could I, in good conscience, proclaim how my taste buds lusted for liver and onions, nor could I ever implore others to share the culinary bliss of the dish. Even if my conscience could be momentarily smothered under a huge pile of cash to endorse liver and onions, my profession would ring flat and false and, rightly, fall upon deafened, disgusted ears.

But what if, from infancy onward, all I was ever allowed to eat was a plate of liver and onions? My taste buds and nostrils would not only become inured to the dish but would ultimately come to welcome it. A ravenous man with no recourse to other sustenance would believe a meal of liver and onions to be a godsend, no matter how incessantly served to him.

Yet, what if one day, a person who had been served liver and onions every waking meal of their lives somehow managed to ingest, say, steak and potatoes? Or a grilled cheese sandwich with a garden salad on the side? The person may well savor the taste and seek it out more often. Indeed, having discovered another culinary universe offering more than liver and onions, the person may spend their remaining days ensuring they partook of varied foods prepared in various ways to compensate for their enforced ingesting of liver and onions.

Or, perhaps, with their palates degraded to point of being able to distinguish any other dish, they may refuse to eat anything other than liver and onions.

This is the goal of the left’s early, incessant, and often tax-subsidized indoctrination.

It is why the left enforces its DIE* (diversity, inclusion, and equity) secular religion within private and public institutions, such as schools and corporations.

It is why the left demands the power to inculcate its ideology within children over the objections of parents and, in fact, is bent upon eroding parental rights.

It is why the left no longer supports free speech, deeming it dangerous, and instead calls for “content moderation,” i.e., censorship, by Big Tech and the government both separately and in collusion with each other.

It is why the left, which has routinely lied and dissembled to subvert a duly elected president, interfere with a presidential election, and keep Americans “locked down” during a pandemic, claims unto itself the power to decide what is disinformation, misinformation, and truth (even though the post-modernist mind does not believe in objective, eternal truths).

It is why the left seeks to censor and silence any dissenting media, social media sites, or community and political organizations and their members.

Not content with one travesty of justice, it is why the left has weaponized the police powers of the state, including colluding with non-profit leftist hate groups, to repress all dissenting views to its radical, extreme, and dangerous “fundamental transformation” of America.

It is why the left has politicized the justice system with politics and, despite its laughable claims to be “democratic,” it has jailed the presumptive nominee of the opposition party based upon the kangaroo court proceedings instigated by the current president and conducted with the support of past members of his administration and supporters.

Simply and despicably, the Left agenda has failed and will continue to fail the American people as a practical matter, for it is based upon an intrinsically abstract and absurd ideology that is an affront to human dignity, independence, and freedom.

The left is not progressive. The left is regressive, repressive, and rejectionist. Rejecting America’s foundational principles of liberty, equality, pluralism, and tolerance, the left’s “fundamental transformation” of America (and the world) constitutes the erasure of the American revolution and a reversion back to the soul-crushing collective found in medieval feudalism’s serfdom, scarcity, repression, and barbarity.

It is why when Democrats say “our democracy,” they are talking about their party, not our country. As close-minded as any cult, the left wants to ensure no one has any recourse to anything but leftist ideology and policies. The left must “cancel the messenger,” because it cannot withstand even a smattering of dissent, because such will help empower the public to unite to reject and replace the left’s (once more) failed experiment in elitist social engineering.

In short, the goal of the left is to ensure Americans are force-fed liver and onions for their entire lives, lest they crave something more appetizing.

An American Greatness contributor, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) served Michigan’s 11th Congressional district from 2003-2012, and served as Chair of the Republican House Policy Committee. Not a lobbyist, he is a frequent public speaker and moderator for public policy seminars; and a Monday co-host of the “John Batchelor Radio Show,” among sundry media appearances.

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About Thaddeus G. McCotter

An American Greatness contributor, the Hon. Thaddeus G. McCotter (M.C., Ret.) represented Michigan’s 11th Congressional district from 2003 to 2012 and served as Chair of the Republican House Policy Committee. Not a lobbyist, he is a frequent public speaker and moderator for public policy seminars, and a Monday co-host of the "John Batchelor Show" among sundry media appearances.

Photo: Customer sending the dish back unhappy with the serving

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  1. Avatar for task task says:

    In our humble abode it was kidneys which were stewed to feed our cats. And they loved it so that in one way it ameliorated what was a stench so foul it would knock a vulture off of an outhouse a hundred yards away.

    Remember that almost half the country seems to relish the liver and onions choice on the limited propaganda menu. In fact they regurgitate it back like an adult bird feeding its nestlings. And also remember that most welfare recipients don’t use their benefits to buy and eat just liver and onions. The common (redistributed) good is about sharing the wealth provided by the producers and those in charge (power) don’t care how much liver and onions the producers complain about that they are forced (can afford) to eat because those are not who they expect to be voting for them. In fact they hope to make them a minority whose only privilege will be to feed the masses with the produce of their toil. That is what open borders is all about.

  2. Dr. Jordan Peterson has a theory on this and it dovetails with other things we know about people who gravitate to the Far Left wing of the Progressive Party, and that is on any given day, their lives gravitate towards chaos—and that the way they cope with the chaos is to impose rules on everyone else in order to diminish the sense of chaos in their own lives.

    Perhaps the best known of his quips is, “if you want to change the world, first make up your own bed”. Fixing one’s own chaos is hard, very hard. It takes both discipline and will. Instead of doing the myriad of small things necessary to fix one’s self, it is easier on the psyche to tackle big things----even truly unfixable things—to fill the holes in their own lives. It is a psychological cop out.

    Numerous studies have shown that people on the Left have greater incidence of mental illness than their counterparts on the Right. In response, those on the Left level the accusation that everyone is messed up but that it is only those on the Left that have the courage to seek help to correct mental issues and that we on the Right are in denial. Doesn’t that sound a bit projective?

    Regardless, to me it smacks of the attitude that if I cannot be happy, I’m going to make damn sure you’re unhappy too. So yes, it’s liver and onions for you bucko. On the Right, we nod and smile as we continue to flip the hamburgers on the grill.

  3. The latest victory by the Left against the scourge of phobias is the brave removal of no-U-Turn signs in a Los Angeles neighborhood. Who knew the pain of seeing such posted directions on the lives of countless LGBTQAA+ individuals? No worries about the potential carnage posed by those U-Turning in the face of oncoming traffic, esthetic mental hurt at the effrontery must be combatted.

  4. Avatar for task task says:

    They do it by virtue signaling. Examples follow.

    Look at what Democrats have done for unions? Really? That is not what they had in mind. They are fishing for votes. I fish where the fish are. Willy Sutton robed banks because that is where the money is kept. Likewise Democrats, before the fraud became so easy to implement, needed to convince people to vote for them and a lot of potential voters belong to unions. They did the same with the War on Poverty that was enabled by the passage of the Civil Right’s Act of 1964. They do everything for votes and nothing for real benevolent reasons. It is about power and since the our Constitution has nothing to do with taxing and spending based on benevolence you have to conclude that America is governed by a document based on something other than original intent.

    It should be interesting to review the comments regarding Donald Trump, who decided, the other day, to campaign on removing federal income tax on tips, waiters and waitresses receive - he is using a page right out of the Democrat’s playbook. After all, is this legal? In my opinion it is complicated but he did not go far enough. All income should be removed. A different method of taxation is called for to treat people equally under the law. The very concept of a progressive income tax with many inclusions and exceptions represents the very essence of governing by inequality. It was the forerunner of DEI. Now it is the vanguard for it. And no one ever really understood because it catered to vote gathering. Maybe now it will be identified and seen for what it really is… inequality and injustice on a grand scale.

  5. Numerous studies have shown that people on the Left have greater incidence of mental illness than their counterparts on the Right.

    Indeed, not only have studies shown a higher incidence of mental illness on the left, but similar studies have shown the left to be less charitable than the right, and less prone to religion–or even a belief in God–than those on the right.

    The obvious conclusion is that a sizable minority of our population (leftists) have very serious personal issues (they are dysfunctional), but have a strong megalomaniacal streak that seeks to rule over others while imposing harsh and inhumane laws and regulations on those they see as unworthy of themselves.

    On a side note, I recently read a comment that made me curious. A commenter on another site with the pseudonym of a retired USMC officer, referenced a foreign movie as an example of what could happen in this country should we devolve into a Civil War. I post this movie for others to explore. The movie is called Hatred. After reading the historical basis for the movie and speaking with a colleague who actually knew survivors, I would agree with the officer.

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