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Do Democrats believe they can insult their way to power, or that power entitles them to insult us? Do they not know that power rests with the people, that we have it in our power to begin the world over again? Do Democrats not understand how our system of government works, that government of the people requires government by people who are not Democrats?

If Democrats think they have a monopoly on power and it does not matter what they say or do, they should think again.

Democrats—rethink your approach to politics because you work for us. To members of the media—rethink your approach in general, because you cannot vouchsafe your work if you work for Democrats. Case in point: FBI agent Erika Jensen’s admission that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real.

After four years of dissembling and denials, the truth is on the record. The admission is part of the official record of Hunter Biden’s ongoing criminal trial. Missing from all other records is an apology by the FBI to the American people.

Missing is the wrong word, because it implies—it presupposes—the existence of a thing with no basis in reality: contrition by the FBI. For the FBI to feel sorry, the bureau must first have feelings.

Democrats are not sorry either, because they feel they are immune from civil retaliation, i.e., the timely and orderly rejection of Democrats on Election Day.

A more responsible political party would recognize this truth. A political party whose chief responsibility is to the people, for the party is an agent of the people, respects the truth.

The people give the party agency, not the other way around. The Democrat Party has no mandate to govern with prejudice, or to disrespect us on account of how Democrats feel about us.

And yet, because they believe we are unintelligent and undeserving of the intelligence in their possession, Democrats want to withhold all the information they can give us. Look at their response to the New York Post’s reporting about the laptop.

After rejecting the story as propaganda and calling it misinformation, Democrats find themselves on the wrong side of the facts and the law. After attributing the source to foreign agents and attacking anyone with an interest in the story, Democrats find themselves on the wrong side of history.

Let the record reflect, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, for you are jurors in this trial that is our national election, that those who call us fascists, racists and insurrectionists—those who deplore us—describe themselves.

Freedom of the press does not mean suppression of stories unfavorable to Democrats. Suppressing news in the name of national security, and doing so based on lies about Russian interference, is evidence of betrayal. The word is treason, even if the act itself—suppression of news relevant to the outcome of a national election—is not technically criminal.

But for their loyalty to the Democrat Party, the powers that be are unqualified to wield power and unwilling to cede power. Because of their abuse of power, what with their association with and support for the enemies of freedom, the powers that be are neither good nor just.

If one party wants to maintain its rule, if the party in power wants to rule against us, let them do so by following the law. Let them try to do so, provided they obey the law. But if the facts are against them, if in the end the people are against them, let them do the decent thing—and go away.

Let the truth prevail.

Steve Gruber is the host of America’s Voice Live, which airs daily on Real America’s Voice TV

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Notable Replies

  1. Democrats are not sorry either, because they feel they are immune from civil retaliation, i.e., the timely and orderly rejection of Democrats on Election Day.

    Mr. Gruber evidently thinks the folks who stole the 2020 election are somehow honor bound not to steal the 2024 election. How very naive.

    “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” ~ Joseph Stalin

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