TIME Tries to Humanize Biden in Embarrassing Puff Piece

On Tuesday, nearly one month after TIME published a dark, distorted and dishonest front cover feature that deliberately took Donald Trump out of context and painted him in the worst possible light, the same magazine ran another front cover feature on Joe Biden, titled, “‘We Are the World Power.’ How Joe Biden Leads.”

The contrast between the two pieces could not have been more glaring, and the tone could not have been more different. The reader would not be hard-pressed to wonder which candidate TIME prefers.

Instead of Biden facing any serious line of questioning or pushback about the catastrophic decisions he has made or not made, we are treated to a fawning, sycophantic work of “journalism” far removed from reality—in an embarrassing attempt to humanize good ol’ Scranton Joe.

The 21-minute Biden puff piece, which was written by TIME’s Washington bureau chief, Massimo Calabres, focuses almost exclusively on Biden’s supposed “foreign policy successes,” while ignoring his self-inflicted catastrophes here at home—in an attempt to distract from the disastrous job he has done on the domestic front.

For the record, by every objective measure, Biden’s foreign policy has been an abject failure and equally as horrendous as his domestic policies—but the goal here is clearly to gaslight the American people into believing that if Trump returns to the White House, somehow the world will be even more chaotic and dangerous than it currently is.

Good luck persuading the masses who haven’t been living in a witness protection program for the last three and a half years of that.

The piece begins by trying to convince us that Biden is a folksy, down-to-earth guy who has an impeccable memory—especially when it comes to fine White House furniture.

“Joe Biden makes his way through the West Wing, telling stories. In the Cabinet Room, with sun pouring through French doors from the Rose Garden outside, he remembers the first time he sat around the long mahogany table,” Calabres writes.

Truly, we’re all very impressed Biden still remembers the first time he sat in the Cabinet Room.

TIME wants us to believe that, at Biden’s advanced age, he is not only fully capable of leading us, but he is apparently doing a courageous job.

“Biden leads the U.S. as the American century is fading into an uncertain future, a changing world of threats, opportunities, and power shifts,” Calabres writes. “At 81, he holds fast to a vision that has reigned since World War II, in which a rich and powerful America leads an alliance of democracies to safeguard the globe from tyranny.”

Ah yes, that “alliance of democracies” is working out so well that under Biden’s watch, Putin invaded Ukraine, China continues to show aggression towards Taiwan, Hamas perpetuated the worst attack against the Jewish people since the Holocaust, and Iran, whose terrorist operation Biden continues to fund and tries to cut deals with, played a significant role in orchestrating the October 7 attacks—while also firing more than 300 drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles at Israel just two months ago.

But apparently it’s just a coincidence that all of that occurred under Biden—and not while Trump was president.

Perhaps even more comical—TIME actually tried to paint Iran’s belligerent actions towards Israel as a Biden success story:

“Biden’s ‘practical-based’ alliance building appeared to pay off on April 13, when Iran responded to an Israeli attack on a satellite diplomatic office by launching more than 300 missiles and drones in its first-ever direct attack on Israel,” Calabres writes. The Saudis and Jordanians reportedly provided intelligence assistance and opened their airspace to U.S. and other jets. With Israel leading the way, the ad hoc alliance managed to shoot down all but four of the projectiles, with no fatalities. More important, the episode helped avert a region-wide war.”

Whenever something truly abhorrent happens, a popular theme from the legacy media throughout Biden’s presidency seems to be, “If not for Biden’s strong diplomacy, it could have been a lot worse.” That’s like saying, “At least Al-Qaeda didn’t also knock down the Empire State Building on September 11!”

Evidently, TIME is unable to connect the dots—that a weak leader in the White House invites aggression from our adversaries, which is precisely what led to a hostile regime attempting to wipe Israel off the map in the first place. But isn’t it great that the Saudis and Jordanians were able to provide us with intelligence?

TIME also lavished praise on Biden for what they called “a phased cease-fire plan that would end the war and secure the release of hostages.”

Actually, it would not “end the war” or guarantee the release of the hostages, because we’re talking about negotiating with a terrorist organization—but it would almost certainly ensure that Hamas remains a viable threat and has the capability to carry out further October 7 style attacks against Israel in the future.

And in typical nonsensical Biden fashion, he blamed Bibi Netanyahu for supposedly prolonging the war for political purposes, stating, “There is every reason for people to draw that conclusion.”

Actually, it’s in Netanyahu’s interest to ensure that the Israeli people are safe from bloodthirsty savages. It’s in Biden’s political interest for the war to end now—so he can claim victory before the election.

But I digress.

TIME makes no mention of the failure of “Bidenomics”—which has caused skyrocketing inflation, soaring interest rates, draconian anti-business regulations, a $1.7 trillion federal deficit, a corporate tax hike proposed by Biden that will crush the American worker and our economy, and a Misery Index (the sum of current, seasonally adjusted unemployment plus the current inflation rate)—that currently sits at an abysmal 23 percent.

For context, the Misery Index typically averages around 17.6 percent in years when the incumbent president wins an election.

The piece also fails to bring up the weaponization of Biden’s Justice Department against a former president and his leading political opponent. And yes, it is weaponized considering that Biden refused to stop an unnecessary FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home or considering that the former number three official at the Biden Justice Department decided to leave his post to join a New York County District Attorney’s office in order to prosecute Trump.

Can anyone recall the last time a Major League Baseball player voluntarily decided to leave the Yankees to play for their Triple-A club in Scranton? Neither can I.

Only a fool would believe that Biden had no direct knowledge of these occurrences.

TIME also makes no mention of “Mr. Unity’s” divisive, race-baiting rhetoric and framing of Trump supporters as “domestic terrorists.” And the magazine fails to ask him why he has refused to unequivocally condemn the violent antisemitic campus protests across the country, perpetrated by the pro-Hamas faction of the Democrat Party.

Has anyone ever noticed that only Trump is forced to denounce certain groups or people, but when actual violence occurs by supporters on the left, Biden is never pressed on it?

Curiously, other than Biden making the remarkable statement that he wished he had eliminated Trump’s border security measures sooner, the article makes no other mention of Biden’s self-inflicted border crisis that has seen more than nine million illegal immigrants (that we’re aware of) enter our country since he took office.

In fact, the word “border” only appears three times in the piece, but of course it’s used to refer to Ukraine’s border with Russia—not our own southern border.

Yes, that never-ending quagmire is certainly top of mind for Americans living in El Paso or those who reside in Democrat-run sanctuary cities that have seen their public resources pushed to the brink in order to deal with the influx of illegal migrants.

There was also no mention of the record number of fentanyl overdoses in his first two years in office or an increase in sex-trafficking thanks to Biden’s lax immigration policies.

But don’t worry, just in case there was any doubt about Biden’s mental and physical prowess to serve as commander in chief—that too was quickly laid to rest.

“Asked whether he could handle its rigors though the end of a second term, when he will be 86, he shot back, ‘I can do it better than anybody you know,’” TIME reported.

Sure Joe.

And lest we forget, TIME wants us to remember that Biden is actually a very decent man—and not the guy who was seen checking his watch during the dignified transfer, as 13 U.S. service members were brought back to Dover Air Force Base after the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

“Wrapping up his conversation with TIME, Biden offers cookies from a tray in the outer Oval,” Calabres writes. “‘They’re homemade,’ he says. Turning to leave, he offers a final salutation: “‘Keep the faith.’”

As long as Biden remains in the White House, it will be impossible to “Keep the faith” about anything.

David Keltz is the author of “The Campaign of his Life” and “Media Bias in the Trump Presidency and the Extinction of the Conservative Millennial.” His writing has been published in The American Spectator, RealClearPolitics, American Greatness, the Federalist, the American Thinker, and the New York Daily News, among other publications.

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