American Prometheus Chained at Mar-A-Lago

Oppenheimer, the 2024 Oscar winner for Best Picture, begins with a short but incomplete reference to the story of Prometheus. Whether appropriate or not to the story of the Father of the Atomic Bomb is a matter of perspective, but in just implying that he stole fire and was punished, the movie leaves much to be desired and much to be supplied.

According to Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan, living with the rest of the Gods on Mount Olympus. He decided to steal fire from the Gods and give it to Man. Man was then immediately given the gift of light, illuminating his way from the perpetual darkness. For his crime, Prometheus was to be punished. He was chained to a rock and every day, an eagle ate away his liver, only to have it regenerate overnight.

This eternal cycle of punishment was designed to last in perpetuity—no end, no finish. Giving fire brought Man light and knowledge from the darkness. Even though it was immensely helpful to the weak and powerless, it was a direct affront to the powerful. Only one with power could bring the Truth and the light, but in so doing, it exposed the sinful plan to keep Man in the dark. With his way illuminated, Man saw the false narrative of the Gods, the lies of equality of treatment, equality of protection of the law, and the lie that those in power function to give aid, not to strip dignity. Such an act needed to be severely penalized, as it was a crime that could never be forgiven.

From the moment he came down the escalator at Trump Tower in November 2015, Donald Trump challenged the Gods of Washington. He was, is and shall always remain a deadly threat to the entrenched slugs of both parties, who would rather stay in power than do what is right. His presence brought light to the darkness that consumed the country.

The First Amendment protection given to a free press so that darkness can be stripped away is a useless joke, as the majority of mainstream media would rather cheerlead a lie than investigate corruption. The darkness shows that there are indeed two sets of legal systems: one to protect Democrats and one to ruthlessly persecute Republicans. The darkness professes that the Constitution simply does not apply to Donald Trump, as the ends justify the means, believing it to be a righteous and noble deed to eradicate him from Public service, no matter the costs.

Two bogus, failed impeachments; five partisan and political indictments; the twisting of the 14th Amendment Insurrection clause in an attempt to disqualify Trump from appearing on the ballot, then unanimously rebuffed at the Supreme Court; the absence of any such charges—much less a conviction—made such a notion repulsive. Now, a kangaroo court conviction has been set in motion by a blindly biased judge and a corrupt prosecutor. There seems to be no end.

The sad reality is that it will not end, as like the offended Titans of Mount Olympus, the Democrat Party and their sycophant stooges in the media feel in their delusional deity complex that they have a right, nay, a duty to punish not only Trump but all those with him so mistakenly allied.

It is no accident that most Americans schooled by public teachers do not know who Lavrentiy Beria was or his place in world history. The deputy Premier to Josef Stalin during his 1942-1953 reign of terror, in which more innocents were murdered than even under Hitler, was famous for targeting the man first, then fabricating the crime. “Show me the man, I will show you the crime.” If Beria and Stalin were alive today, is there any doubt they would be Democrats?

The successful prosecution of Trump, promised by Prosecutor Bragg while campaigning, then cobbled together by a mysterious, unnamed theory, and its violation of the 6th Amendment, shepherded by the trial judge, was right out of the Stalin playbook, a truly sad commentary of a nation founded on laws. When the laws are prostituted, it is only the whore who stands at the bar of justice. This cannot and will not stand. Trump will be vindicated in the appeal, based on the incalculable number of errors in the trial.

But the election will be over before the cleansing ruling of a reversal. What does Donald Trump do then? Where does he get justice? Like any defendant wrongly convicted through prosecutorial misconduct, he brings an action for civil damages against the state, for numbers beyond imagination.

But this will do little to correct the underlying problem. Pearl Harbor has been attacked; there is no option but to do the hard work on the long road to Hiroshima and the elimination of those who pose the true “threat to Democracy.” Trump will ride into Washington on a horse named Revenge—not the best of motives, but one made necessary by the cowardly and unethical acts of others. Bringing the wrath of the criminal justice system against your political opponents is wrong when done by Democrats, and it would be wrong if done likewise by the new Trump administration. While two wrongs do not make it right, it does make it even. From the new reality of self-assured destruction, a respectful political dialogue can hopefully emerge, and the interests of the Nation made the new priority. Be not afraid.

John J. Hopkins is a practicing attorney in Alton, Ill., with 45 years of courtroom experience in southern Illinois. He also is a columnist at the Madison Record.


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Photo: PHOENIX, ARIZONA - JUNE 06: Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a Turning Point PAC town hall at Dream City Church on June 06, 2024 in Phoenix, Arizona. Trump delivered remarks and took questions from the audience during the 'chase the vote' town hall. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Notable Replies

  1. I’ve tried to make this point on several other occasions and venues, usually clumsily, but again will make another attempt.

    The Constitution, as John Adams noted, was not only made for a moral and religious people, but as a kind of referee for competing interests and future power structures that would inevitably emerge in our young nation. So long as everyone honored and pledged loyalty to the Constitution, our nation would endure.

    Yes, the Civil War severely tested that loyalty, but as we know from the writings of the Founding Fathers, it was always going to be a contentious issue that eventually had to be addressed. But our nation did survive the conflict intact and the Constitution prevailed.

    But today, there is no such loyalty. In fact, the Constitution is used as a tool of mockery against the political enemies of the left. Our nation is bitterly divided, the legal profession is deeply corrupt–as is the journalism profession–and the values and principles that allowed the Constitution to be our bedrock for almost 250 years is no more. We have become unmoored from the bond that made us “exceptional”.

    So now, we are left only with natural law and the reality of survival. Consequently, I would argue that our only loyalty is to God, and by necessity, to those who share our values. The Constitution is only as good as its uniform observance demands. And once factions rejected that fealty and we became a nation not of laws, but a nation of men with power, all pretense to Constitutional norms evaporated.

    Thus, forced by the demonic left to untether from the unifying document of our existence, we are faced with the classic Hobbesian choice; survival by any means necessary, or death under tyranny.

  2. Avatar for task task says:

    A couple of things.

    Many years ago my wife’s second cousin, whose father was, and is, and always will be, an ideological leftist, went to Washington D.C. to teach Constitutional Law which, from what I have listened to, resembles the US Constitution as does the Nazis Party does. And that is the point. Any emotional, caring and compassionate American might vote for the Nazis Party platform under a different name if they were first, unaware of Founding Principles because they were never taught such and second, were taught what the Nazis Party taught and third, were taught that the Constitution was created by racist, white, male bigots. BTW my wife’s cousin and second cousin are both attorneys and, if it means anything, come from a heritage that consistently votes for democrats.

    Unmarried women now represent a huge voting block and even if they were born without reproductive organs they would still have absolute distain for Founding Principles. They are well versed in equity and justify it based on what they consider opportunity exclusion. Adding genitals to the equation makes them even more ideological.

    My wife’s second cousin takes great pride in giving lectures, for which he is well paid, to corporate America. When you add it all up something becomes apparent as a common denominator. First, since the progressive liberal left controls indoctrination systems, is that it helps to have skin in the game and you have to have a modicum of intelligence that allows you to think above and beyond the maddening well indoctrinated mobs. And so, yes, they now justify their behavior based on the philosophy that “the ends justify the means”.

  3. The argument made in the piece that “two wrongs don’t make a right” doesn’t sit well with me in consideration of whether or not Trump should “get even” with his enemies. While Trump did nothing wrong and the entirety of his prosecutions and persecutions are bogus, many of his enemies are criminals and should be prosecuted for their crimes if justice is to be served. The list of names that should be included is long.

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