The Myth That Biden Had Nothing to Do with the Prosecutions of Trump

The five criminal and civil prosecutions of Donald Trump all prompt heated denials from Democrats that President Biden and Democrat operatives had a role in any of them.

But Joe Biden has long let it be known that he was frustrated with his own Department of Justice’s federal prosecutors for their tardiness in indicting Donald Trump.

Biden was upset because any delay might mean that his rival Trump would not be in federal court during the 2024 election cycle. And that would mean he could not be tagged as a “convicted felon” by the November election while being kept off the campaign trail.

Politico has long prided itself on its supposed insider knowledge of the workings of the Biden administration. Note that it was reported earlier this February that a frustrated Joe Biden “has grumbled to aides and advisers that had Garland moved sooner in his investigation into former President Donald Trump’s election interference, a trial may already be underway or even have concluded…”

If there was any doubt about the Biden administration’s effort to force Trump into court before November, Politico further dispelled it—even as it blamed Trump for Biden’s anger at Garland: “That trial still could take place before the election and much of the delay is owed not to Garland but to deliberate resistance put up by the former president and his team.”

Note in passing how a presidential candidate’s legal right to oppose a politicized indictment months before an election by his opponent’s federal attorneys is smeared by Politico as “deliberate resistance.”

Given Politico was publicly reporting six months ago about Biden’s anger at the pace of his DOJ’s prosecution of Trump, does anyone believe his special counsel, Jack Smith, was not aware of such presidential displeasure and pressure?

Note Smith had petitioned and was denied an unusual request to the court to speed up the course of his Trump indictment.

And why would Biden’s own Attorney General, Merrick Garland, select such an obvious partisan as Smith? Remember, in his last tenure as special counsel, Smith had previously gone after popular Republican and conservative Virginia governor Bob MacDonald.

Yet Smith’s politized persecution of the innocent McDonnell was reversed by a unanimous verdict of the U.S. Supreme Court. That rare court unanimity normally should have raised a red flag to the Biden DOJ about both Smith’s partiality and his incompetence.

But then again, Smith’s wife had donated to the 2020 Biden campaign fund. And she was previously known for producing a hagiographic 2020 documentary (“Becoming”) about Michelle Obama.

Selecting a special counsel with a successful record of prior nonpartisan convictions was clearly not why the DOJ appointed Smith.

The White House’s involvement is not limited to the Smith federal indictments.

Fulton County district attorney Fani Willis’s paramour and erstwhile lead prosecutor in her indictment of Trump, Nathan Wade, met twice with the White House counsel’s office. On one occasion, Wade met inside the Biden White House.

Subpoenaed records reveal that the brazen Wade actually billed the federal government for his time spent with the White House counsel’s staff—although so far no one has disclosed under oath the nature of such meetings.

Of the tens of thousands of local prosecutions each year, in how many instances does a county prosecutor consult with the White House counsel’s office—and then bill it for his knowledge?

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s just-completed felony convictions of Donald Trump were spearheaded by former prominent federal prosecutor Matthew Colangelo. He is not just a well-known Democratic partisan who served as a political consultant to the Democratic National Committee.

Colangelo had also just left his prior position in the Biden Justice Department—reputedly as Attorney General Merrick Garland’s third-ranking prosecutor—to join the local Bragg team.

Again, among all the multitudes of annual municipal indictments nationwide, how many local prosecutors manage to enlist one of the nation’s three top federal attorneys to head their case?

So, apparently, it was not enough for the shameless Bragg to campaign flagrantly on promises to go after Trump. In addition, Bragg brashly drafted a top Democratic operative and political appointee from inside Joe Biden’s DOJ to head his prosecution.

Not surprisingly, it took only a few hours after the Colangelo-Bragg conviction of Trump for Biden on spec to start blasting his rival Donald Trump as a “convicted felon.” Biden is delighted that his own former prosecutor, a left-wing judge, and a Manhattan jury may well keep Trump off the campaign trail.

So, it is past time for the media and Democrats to drop this ridiculous ruse of Biden’s White House “neutrality.” Instead, they should admit that they are terrified of the will of the people in November and so are conniving to silence them.

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About Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson is a distinguished fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He is an American military historian, columnist, a former classics professor, and scholar of ancient warfare. He has been a visiting professor at Hillsdale College since 2004, and is the 2023 Giles O'Malley Distinguished Visiting Professor at the School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University. Hanson was awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2007 by President George W. Bush, and the Bradley Prize in 2008. Hanson is also a farmer (growing almonds on a family farm in Selma, California) and a critic of social trends related to farming and agrarianism. He is the author of the just released New York Times best seller, The End of Everything: How Wars Descend into Annihilation, published by Basic Books on May 7, 2024, as well as the recent  The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, The Case for Trump, and The Dying Citizen.

Photo: WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 04: U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on an executive order limiting asylum in the East Room of the White House on June 04, 2024 in Washington, DC. Biden signed an executive order that would limit migrants seeking asylum who cross the southern border illegally at times when there is a high volume of daily encounters. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Notable Replies

  1. Despite the wink, wink denials by the Biden White House, the sticky fingerprints of Administration coordination have been all over this from the very beginning. And I do think it extremely hilarious that Biden is upset with Merrick Garland over the delays in these obviously political prosecutions.

    The caliber of both Trump’s lawyers and those of other defendants have proved superior to that of state and federal government’s own hatchet men. And adding to the delays are actions such as those by Judge Cannon in not rolling over to Jack Smith and his draconian demands on trial procedures.

    Adding to the government’s frustration is that all of their lawfare is rebounding against them. Not only did Trump NOT take a hit in the polls after his NYC conviction, he is actually rising while Biden’s own numbers continue to fall. Yesterday, Trump’s lead in Georgia rose to five points over Biden, in a state that Biden took by .03 percent in 2020.

    Though the electorate may have made questionable decisions in certain elections, it hasn’t been out of stupidity, it was because of a misleading press. But people have become more savvy of late. Falling away from mainstream news and finding sources with less bias plays into the changes as well.

    One reason for the fall-away is that people have had it with an administration and lapdog press telling them the economy is fine when everyone is faced with the truth everyday. Lying to me about one thing does not make me a blind believer in another, and another, and another.

    When they lie about the adverse effects of uncontrolled borders, uncontrolled crime, and uncontrolled progressivism destroying cities and universities, it is difficult to be fooled by partisan political chicanery.

  2. I don’t normally do this, and I hope the folks here at AG will forgive me for linking to other publications, but after I posted my comment I came across two different articles that exemplify the media’s pushing the narrative—one of which is “basically” fair, and one of which oozes bias to the point of ridiculousness. The other link is to the Scott Rasmussen Show where he breaks down the disconnect between ordinary citizens and the ruling elite on how the nation should be governed.

    Going last first----here is the link to the Rasmussen show as it sets the stage for the two articles:

    Next, compare the responses of a focus group of ordinary citizens and their views on Donald Trump and government lawfare:

    And finally, from Vox this heavily laden with loaded adjectives take on how the nation needs to be saved from Trump through EVEN MORE federal lawfare against the man:
    Trump's New York conviction has put the federal system on trial - Vox

  3. Avatar for task task says:

    Prior to my acceptance into professional school, as a biology and chemistry major, I dreaded having to take liberal arts courses, not because I did not like them but because I needed a straight A average to maximize my chances of acceptance. I had already been wounded with a B grade in second semester English composition. Spelling was a big issue for me. So after I took a basic economics course I quickly realized my fears were ill-founded. I got the highest mark on every test. I concluded that it was not because I was so smart and tried so hard. It became apparent that everyone else was quite stupid.

    And so today the fact that VDH has to write an article regarding what the rest of us already know about means that there are a lot of potential voters who know less than nothing. They only know what is wrong. They know only what they read and are told by some of the media and will argue vehemently to defend misinformation and outright lies.

    Jack Smith may soon disappear as a Special Council because, as everyone knows, who should know, he has never received the necessary Senate Confirmation to become the most powerful attorney in the US. He is exactly the reason why Senate confirmation is required. Such confirmation prevents a prosecutor from going rouge. He is nothing more than an unimpeachable employee. A rogue prosecutor, working for the Executive Brach, is enabling the Chief Executive (the President) to become a rouge President. That alone speaks volumes about the necessity for each branch to pay attention to the Separation of Powers Doctrine. Without an educated and informed public even a well designed constitutional republic can permit tyranny to emerge.

    The fact that these marauding bands of merry federal prosecutors, have been permitted to go Stasi feral, and have gotten as far as they have for as long as they have, is symptomatic of a great underlying problem. Americans are far dumber today than when I went to school and that includes many who identify as Republicans whose job is to stop the other side from doing illegal things. That is why Joe Biden can get away with using the word “felon”, despite it being constructed via a Kangaroo court under the auspices of a hack partisan judge. What was allowed was illegal. We know the other side for what it has become. A leading Democrat politician made that clear to me when he explained why he voted for Trump. He said, when describing his own Party, “they are all socialists now”.

  4. Which ties in to your theme that Americans have gotten stupider-----
    The rank and file are enamored of socialism because they believe they will finally get power, while the Elite know that under socialism, the rank and file will never get close to power.

  5. Avatar for task task says:

    Very well said… briefly and succinctly!

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