The Age of Fakes: How Globalists are Deceiving the Masses

Given the constant stream of Hollywood end-of-the-world calamity blockbuster movies, many are generally distracted from the real-life disaster scenarios we face. The globalists are advancing their evil agenda at every turn, and time is running short to effectively oppose them. They are the real existential threat facing humanity.

This is the threat of an idealization of fake foundations. It begs the question: will our historical era be remembered as the “age of fakes?” We live in an ecosystem filled with fake news, fake policies, fake freedoms, and fake outrage, among many other “fakes.”

Our world continues to be built upon two monstrous fake foundations: fake progress and fake liberalism. Since 1968, the Trudeaus (Pierre and Justin) have redefined progress and characterized it as something only they/big government can provide. By brushing aside human innovation, artistic achievement, work ethic, and private entrepreneurship, a wave of misleading progressivism has emerged. Under this façade of progressivism, Pierre Trudeau presented the charter as a collection of freedoms only the government could provide. Under this false narrative, the Trudeaus have developed a brand of liberalism that insists only new laws, new policies, new social programs, and newly discovered rights can ever make us free. Oddly enough, this has only burdened us with the heavy weight of government chains.

This represents a drastic shift in Canada’s mindset, a mindset that once valued individual liberty, private property, and free speech. Canada is not alone in this; polls from around the world show that humans are dreadfully unhappy. Despite the constant growth of new gadgets aimed at entertaining the masses, how is it that we are becoming increasingly sullen?

Could it be that we humans—regardless of race, religion, or nationality—are wired to seek something more than shiny knockoffs, fleeting pleasures, and engineered emergencies that devilishly clamor for our attention? Perhaps somewhere beyond the ill-used brain of every social media addict is a lonely soul desperate for authentic truth. Perhaps a growing share of the population sees this glittery globalist cage as disappointingly fake.

In the end, what happens when the world is driven mad by frauds, hoaxes, and shams? Social revolutions begin. In search of meaningful lives, people will reject the fake authorities controlling them.


One of the first to go will be our fake academic institutions. Throughout history, education has been seen as the silver bullet against social inequality. It was widely understood that providing students with the foundations of civilized knowledge equipped them with the tools to construct better lives. Dedication to creating an educated and self-sufficient society stood in stark contrast to the European colleges, which catered to the perpetuation of an entrenched aristocracy. We understood that promotion of learning across all social classes simultaneously promotes individual liberty over state tyranny.

What has happened in today’s educational sphere has been the creation of politically correct individuals gripped by groupthink. Instead of valuing real knowledge and genuine thinking, the government values fancy degrees that exemplify an individual subjecting themselves to the government scheme. Now, fake educations and fake degrees have instead produced a society ill-equipped to fight for individual liberty against the threats of resurgent government tyranny. The perpetuation of the ‘fake era’ is only viable when citizens lack the intellectual acumen to object.

So social revolution begins in the schools—or away from the schools, that is. Interest in homeschooling will continue to grow. Bright young minds bristling at the dogma now being taught at overpriced colleges will soon discover better ways to learn. Real thinkers will rebel against intellectual prisons teaching WOKE nonsense over the rich canon of Western scholarship. Parents will refuse to subject their children to the racist and sexualized curricula of Marxist indoctrination camps disguised as classrooms. Degrees that are earned without rigor will be understood as expensive fakes.


The next threat lies in our growing dependency on processed foods.  This trend of embracing processed foods, often shipped long distances via crammed distribution systems, has created a vulnerability to food supply distribution unparalleled in history.

The prairie farmers of a century ago possessed a healthier and more secure food supply than today’s urban denizens. Today, we are indentured servants to industrial food manufacturers, along with the phalanx of captured regulatory agencies that oversee food and agriculture.

We tend to suppress or dismiss alarms that the North American food supply chain, a leader in innovation, could be vulnerable to seismic disruption. We have embraced expansion at the expense of locally sourced food in our major cities and surroundings. Instead, we now have succumbed to the notion that shipping food across the country is a better way to feed the people. For example, most of Alberta’s dairy products are shipped from Quebec, consequently supporting their trade cartel.

What is not readily apparent to most consumers is how vulnerable this seemingly miraculous system is to disruption or even destruction. Novel risks associated with the mass transportation of goods, such as backed-up ports and clogged highways have started to wreak havoc. The prospect of war in Ukraine or invasions in Taiwan has shed light on the sheer vulnerability of our growing food system. We are more vulnerable now than ever.

Globalization has offered us many cost savings and efficiencies, but obscures real threats. We have moved away from local farming to embrace the “big,” resulting in a fragile system of food distribution that is susceptible to everything under the sun.


When government artifice and manipulation become so outlandish that everything appears fake, traditional control mechanisms fall apart. Long-slumbering populations wake from their state-induced hypnotic trance much like a hungry bear emerging from hibernation—shaky at first but soon ferocious.

Lenin once ominously boasted, “Give me four years to teach children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” John D. Rockefeller selfishly insisted, “I do not want a nation of thinkers; I want a nation of workers.” These sentiments have destroyed Western genius and resiliency for the last century, and the damage cannot be undone overnight. A society taught not to think for itself is one that knows no other course of action than to blindly obey.

As Dr. Thomas Sowell puts it:

There is, despite the current climate, still hope. Genuine intellectual thinkers do exist, and continue to raise their voice. These are the type of people who refuse to let Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and other fake experts control their lives with fake vaccines and digital ID’s. They refuse to be a part of the ‘fake era.’

Leighton Grey is a legal scholar, cultural analyst and host of the world-renowned Grey Matter Podcast. He serves as Senior Fellow for the conservative think tank, The Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

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