Trump Verdict Aftermath, Does the GOP Hear the Voters?

After a New York jury has convicted former president Donald Trump on 34 separate felony charges, there’s no shortage of opinions circulating on legacy and social media. But the official statements from many prominent GOP officials at the federal and state level shows an astonishing disconnect from the people they claim to represent.

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton said publicly what the Washington D.C. Uniparty has been thinking since Trump was elected in 2016–this show trial was less about justice and more about keeping Trump out of the presidential race.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was one of the first to direct her colleagues’ attention to what their constituents are saying.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) took a similar cautionary tone in reminding the Republicans in Congress that the battle is no longer between the GOP and the Democrats but rather between the Uniparty and the American people.

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) provided a perfect example of how GOP leadership has failed to provide any meaningful resistance to the weaponization of the Dept. of Justice in its quest to punish Donald Trump for being elected in 2016.

Massie retweeted audio of a conversation between Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) that makes plain Johnson’s unwillingness to defund Prosecutor Jack Smith’s next sham trial of Trump.

Trump’s conviction is providing cause for celebration among establishment types but may yet prove to be a pyrrhic victory. The blatant weaponization of what was once the world’s fairest justice system is winning Trump support from former fence-sitters whose sense of injustice has been aroused.

The only thing that seems certain, at this point, is that the American voters will have the final say in November.

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Photo: WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 09: U.S. President Donald Trump is flanked by National Security Advisor John Bolton as he speaks about the FBI raid at his lawyer Michael Cohen's office, while receiving a briefing from senior military leaders regarding Syria, in the Cabinet Room, on April 9, 2018 in Washington, DC. The FBI raided the office of Michael Cohen on Monday as part of the ongoing investigation into the president's administration. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Notable Replies

  1. The only thing in all of this that gives me any hope is the fact that all of the American First representation in Congress tends to be so much younger than the Establishment. The only exception to that is Mike Johnson, whose performance as Speaker is dismal and anathema to any Republican. What a dunce! The Age of the Republican Dinosaur is coming to a gory end with the comet called “Trump” streaking across the sky. I look forward to viewing a crater the size of Washington, D.C.

    I doubt very much the Republican Establishment grasps what is happening, and if it does and continues down this road it will share responsibility with Democrats for the demise of a great and free people. Given that most of them share Biden’s age and other health issues, I look forward to an increasing AF caucus. I will personally celebrate the day Mitch the Chinese Wonder Turtle leaves office or dies.

  2. When I first heard about the verdict, intense anger was my reaction (which, no doubt, was the reaction of most of those who support Donald Trump and America-First policies). However, that anger was not directed so much at the kangaroo court of judge, jury and DA, but at DC Republicans.

    There is so much Republicans at all levels could do in support of Trump, and also in intense and visceral response to this gross miscarriage of justice, not to mention egregious election interference. There are innumerable ways Republicans could make Democrats regret the verdict and the lawfare by which they have persecuted Trump. But they won’t, and that is the reason for my anger.

    The only thing Republicans will do is make strong statements and fund raise off the verdict.

    In November, do not vote Republican–not one single Republican. The reason is simple; we already have tyranny and socialism in this country courtesy of Republican cowardice and treachery. Do not reward them with more tenure in DC. Make a statement. If tyranny is our future (and it appears it is), then let the Democrats do it alone.

    Besides, we cannot vote ourselves out of our dire circumstances, so voting for Republicans is simply putting lipstick on the pig–its not going to get any better with a few more Republican traitors in office. Managed decline is still decline.

    I would finish with a quote by Carl von Clausewitz regarding war and politics, but sadly, the American people aren’t there yet, if they ever will be. Suffice to say, you can vote yourself into Socialism (tyranny), but you cannot vote yourself out.

  3. " Does the GOP Hear the Voters?" No. They don’t. They hear their MIC and foreign donors more.

  4. Avatar for Unsk Unsk says:

    The GOP clearly is not listening to voters.

    The GOP establishment which is interchangeable and beholden almost completely to the Uniparty simply did not listen to the Republican base on:

    • The massive Budget Deficit which is effectively $3.2 Trillion and growing

    • Maintaining Border Security

    • Insuring that our Election laws no longer allow the massive fraud we have seen in the last two elections

    • Reining in the massive and grossly unconstitutional Censorship and Propaganda Apparatus the Deep State Cabal has instituted to control and intimate the American People

    • Return our legal system to our Constitutional based Rule of law and severely punish those in the Judicial System that work to take away our rights

    • End the FISA warrant system

    • Stop the immoral and incredibly dangerous and increasingly insane War in Ukraine. Just two days ago the Senile Felon and Traitor in the White House just authorized World War III by authorizing the use of American supplied missiles and other weaponry to be used to attack Russia deep within their own territory.

    Putin immediately responded that Russia would wipe out any base in whatever country either here or in Europe from which those missiles came.

    Unfortunately, Russia missile systems have far outpaced ours with their Kinzhal missiles and Zircon cruise missile systems particularly when coupled with their sophisticated drone attacks to the point that they easily overwhelm our vaunted Patriot ABM missile defense systems rendering all those bases sitting ducks. If we even begin to try to implement these insane policies much of Europe and perhaps America will be in flames and utter chaos in short order.

    This story is absolutely huge beyond belief but hardly anyone in the press including American Greatness seems to care one whit that we are conceivably headed towards nuclear annihilation.

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