Trump Rallying, Despite Legal Hell, Shows That He Is the Leader America Needs

For the last month or so, aside from the regular Democrat lawfare over the last decade, President Trump has been put through a sham “trial” that could only make the Soviet Politburo blush. Trump has been ordered by the Democrat judge to be in attendance virtually every day, with the idea clearly being to keep him off the campaign trail and to help Joe Biden steal the election.

However, that has not stopped Trump from being the warrior the MAGA movement needs. In fact, the trial, not to mention everything else Biden and the Democrat Party have thrown at him, has only strengthened his resolve to take the Oval Office once again and fight for the country he, and we, love and are trying to save.

For example, this past Saturday, Trump turned what would have broken most of us long ago into the biggest rally in New Jersey’s history and perhaps the largest presidential rally in modern American history. Earlier this month, he conducted two back-to-back rallies in Wisconsin and Michigan on his only weekday off from trial.

Imagine the passion, the drive, and the love of a cause it takes to be able to take this type of abuse from all sides, and still be able to use those horribly negative events and channel them into the positive, happy, forward-thinking demeanor that MAGA is so well-known for.

And that’s why the left fears him and his movement—our movement—to death.

Compare a Trump rally to a modern-day college campus, and you will see what MAGA has to offer versus what the left does. Does America want to be led by a movement of happy, positive warriors fighting for the survival of the nation, or by miserable, Marxist anti-Semitic radicals destroying everything in their path?

In short, do we want to Make America Great Again, or do we want to replace the American flag with the Palestinian one?

For this reason alone, the left will stop at nothing to keep Trump away from the campaign trail and away from the Oval Office.

The pretext they use to do so, in this case the New York “trial,” while important for its own, is irrelevant to their motives, as they couldn’t care less about campaign finance law or anything else the Soros DA in Manhattan claims Trump did. A few months ago, it was attempting to kick Trump off the ballot for “insurrection,” before that it was other phony indictments, impeachments and the deep state doing whatever it could to derail his first term.

The sole reason for this is that left only cares about one principle, that of maintaining and growing its own power. It aims to overthrow every foundation of Western society in order to usher in a utopia of its own making, and it must force mass compliance to do so. If ruining and destroying lives is what it takes, so be it.

Trump knows this too, and it’s what motivates him to fight these Communists.

Donald Trump, as president, kept his promises and changed the trajectory of the Republican Party forever. Before Trump, the GOP was, at best, a phony opposition party whose greatest skill was facetime on Fox News whining about Democrat hypocrisy. Now, virtually everyone who runs for office runs on Trump’s endorsement, brand, and style.

The establishment grifters of D.C. know this. They hate Trump for it. They hate you for supporting it. It’s why they want to take him out, so no one ever tries to upset the “regular order” of the swamp again.

If the last month shows us anything, it’s that nothing can keep Trump’s enthusiasm and passion down, and ours must stay elevated as well. We can never let ourselves become demoralized. We have a clear leader, and we must continue to fight, and to be happy, positive warriors, to Make America Great Again.

Jeremy Frankel is a freelance writer who has worked with many media publications, including Newsmax, the Bongino Report, the Daily Wire, American Greatness and Townhall. Follow him on XTruth SocialGETTR and CenterClip.

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About Jeremy Frankel

Jeremy Frankel is a political analyst and writer whose work has been featured in numerous publications and by multiple TV and radio shows. Follow him on Twitter @frankeljeremy and Parler @JeremyFrankel.

Photo: Republican presidential hopeful and former US President Donald Trump gestures as he speaks during a rally in Laconia, New Hampshire, January 22, 2024. (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP) (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)

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