Too Little Too Late? House Speaker Johnson Finally Has Border Crisis Concerns

After weeks of taking heat from friends and foes alike, U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has sounded off on the growing U.S. border crisis.

Earlier this week, Johnson tweeted out a response to Dept. of Homeland Security data showing that the Biden administration is flying otherwise inadmissible immigrants into the U.S.

That data was obtained by subpoena by the House Homeland Security Committee and provided exclusively to Fox News. According to House Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green (R-TN) say the president’s humanitarian program allows immigrants who have no legal basis to be in the U.S. Fox News reports that another 1.6 million migrants are awaiting approval for the program.

Johnson’s objections to what he calls “reckless open border policies” have sparked backlash among conservative voters who point out that the Speaker’s $95 billion in security aid to  Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan do nothing to secure the American border.

Critics say Johnson failed to use his position to defund the president’s parole program which utilizes more than 50 airports nationwide to fly in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

In fact, Todd Bensman who is a National Security Fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies reports that Congress approved another $3.5 billion for migration and refugee assistance to NGOs on both sides of the border.

It’s getting tougher for Speaker Johnson to convince struggling Americans that his concerns are genuine when he’s proven unwilling or unable to stop handing the Biden administration an open budget to fund illegals being flown into the U.S.

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Photo: US President Joe Biden visits the US-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas, on January 8, 2023. (Photo by Jim WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Notable Replies

  1. Johnson has got to go! It’s clear that he severely compromised and is unable to carry out his duties. Although it will be disruptive to replace him, as things currently stand, he’s a speaker of the House for the Marxocrats. He had his chance and he betrayed his own party by violating the Hastert rule and pushing through bills that his own conference didn’t even pass. We’ve had too much of this effing a-hole and it’s time for him to be be gone!

  2. Get rid of Johnson. If nothing gets done at all it would better than having this turncoat at the helm to finance and enable Biden’s whims. It’s because of antics like his and his supporters that the Republican Party needs to be destroyed and completely reconstituted. By contrast, the Democrat Party needs to be destroyed and helplessly, powerlessly fragmented. These parties have endangered the health of our government and ignored the will of the citizens for far too long.

  3. Avatar for task task says:

    It is not a question about Mike Johnson being replaced. He has to go because he lost the public’s trust and it matters little if he did so purposefully or because he is incapable of negotiating. It is a question of when? Do we do so now and make the spectacle it will surely become, and give the public additional examples of why the Republican Party is so blatantly ineffective, or do we wait till after the November election and suck it up in the meantime? Yes, we know he is a great supporter of Israel but so what? Any replacement we expect to be equally supportive and far more fiscally aware and trustworthy.

  4. I agree with all others here, but I would take it a step further. Johnson must be publicly humiliated, paraded through the streets in his undies, then flogged, hung, drawn and quartered. The Tudors knew how to deal with traitors!

  5. How is he supposed to get his way on immigration when the Congress cannot agree on how to address the problem. I stand up for Johnson. One step at a time, do what is possible, especially when you hold such a weak position in the power structure of Washington. What he needs is less flack from his opponents in his own party and a stronger majority in the future. Open up your eyes. What is truly possible and what is not!

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