Mass Deportations Would Lower Housing Prices

Housing prices are out of control. As any economist will tell you, there are two ways to bring the price of a good down: increase the supply or reduce the demand. 

Building houses—increasing the supply—is a complex and relatively difficult business. It requires time, labor, materials, and expertise. It is also environmentally taxing. Building lots of houses in quick succession can easily lead to urban sprawl, congestion, and unaesthetic cookie-cutter suburbs stretched out to the horizon. Residents of Dallas-Fort Worth know exactly what I’m talking about.

But there is, of course, another way to reduce the cost of housing in America—we could reduce demand. And there is, helpfully, a very easy way to do this: mass deportations. 

The Biden administration has let in some 8 million legal and illegal migrants since 2021. That equates to a roughly 7% increase in the national population and a concomitant rise in the demand for housing. 

Considering skyrocketing inflation—the dollar has lost half of its value in the last four years—investors have flocked to real estate as a hedge. This phenomenon, combined with mass immigration, has driven the prices of homes skyward. 

The median home price today in America is $400,000. The current 30-year mortgage interest rate is 7.8%. Buyers put down a median amount of $52,000. At those numbers, the average new buyer in America is paying $3,100 a month in mortgage payments. Over the life of the loan, they will pay a staggering $1.1 million. 

There is no other way to slice it; the current first-time home buyer in America faces an unrelentingly bad situation. Indeed, current college students should expect not to be able to afford a mortgage until they are well into their 30s or 40s. The current starting salary for a recent college graduate is just $51,000 a year. 

This is a depressing state of affairs and a potentially explosive one. The bifurcation of economic status in America along distinct age lines bodes ill for the wealthy elderly, who make up America’s dominant political class. 

It is very easy to see how a future recession could lead to revolutionary populism from both the left and the right. My advice to America’s rulers is simple: head this problem off before it gets to that point. 

There is an easy solution lying right before you—mass deportations.

The flood of immigrants into America means higher home prices and lower wages. Again, this is basic supply and demand. The more people there are in the country, the more housing they need. The more workers there are competing for the same jobs, the lower the wages. 

Mass deportations of illegal and legal immigrants alike would go a long way toward securing economic prosperity for actual American citizens. 

Since 1965, the year the Hart Celler Act passed, some 75+ million foreigners (and their children) have poured into America. If that immigration had never happened, there would be only 270 million or so Americans in the country today. That would mean a much less congested country for the rest of us. 

The idea that a nation needs lots of immigrants for economic growth is absurd. Native-born Americans have long been the most productive part of the nation. That is why there is such a rush of third-worlders to try and get into our borders. They need us more than we need them. It is an imbalance that Americans should take advantage of.

Deporting all of the migrants who have come to America since 1965 would, of course, be an unfeasible solution. But there are plenty of ways to reduce migration in America without much fuss. 

First, the federal government should begin taxing all remittance payments to foreign countries by 90%. The mercenary class of grifter migrants who use the American economy to funnel money back to friends and relatives overseas would immediately find themselves unable to accomplish their purposes. Many of those migrants would simply leave on their own. 

Moreover, the United States should slash all “high-skill” migrant visas by 90%. Most of these supposed “model migrants” are really just a way for big corporations to reduce the negotiating power of middle-class Americans. India and China are especially egregious suppliers of this kind of scab labor. America does not need to import an entire class of foreigners to rule over ordinary people. America is more than capable of cranking out talented engineers, software developers, and CEOs. That is why, for the entire 20th century, the epicenter for technological innovation was in America and not India or China. 

The federal government should also finish construction of the border wall with Mexico. You don’t need to deport an illegal immigrant who never made it here in the first place.

The United States should also crack down on visa overstays by enforcing harsh penalties on violators and on the countries that are vectors for that kind of misbehavior. The federal government needs a much stronger and more accurate database of foreigners who are in the country. 

The United States should also make English the national language and ban the use of translators for accessing federal services. Immigrants who refuse to learn English and adopt American cultural norms before arriving in this country have no business being here. America is a country, not a homeless shelter. 

The federal government should also crack down on welfare usage by immigrants. Any foreigner found to be unable to sustain themselves here in the country should be automatically deported. Illegal immigrants and their children should be barred from accessing any and all public services, including schools, health care, and housing. Those benefits are for citizens, not invaders. 

The federal government should also crack down on firms that employ illegals. Going after the agricultural and meatpacking industries, especially, would help incentivize self-deportations. Big Ag benefits greatly from using cheap serf labor to boost profits. It is time these fat cats paid their fair share. 

Every major firm caught employing an illegal immigrant should be forced to pay a million-dollar fine per capita. That grifting would come to an end with a quickness.

The upside of these policies is that they don’t require a large expenditure of money or the use of lots of manpower to round up illegals. By changing the paperwork at a few key junctures in society, the number of foreigners in America today would be reduced substantially. 

That, in turn, would reduce the number of people using housing. That would mean a drop in home prices. That would be a wonderful development for young American families looking to settle down and get a home of their own. Helping Americans, our fellow citizens, is paramount. 

Deporting illegal immigrants and reducing the number of foreigners in this country is a good neighbor policy. It is the kind of moderate centrist solution that should be the basis of bipartisan reach-across-the-aisle politics that we can all agree on. 




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About Josiah Lippincott

Josiah Lippincott is a Ph.D. student and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. You can find him on Telegram at https://t.me/josiah_lippincott or subscribe to his Substack here.

Photo: The International Border Between Mexico and The USA.

Notable Replies

  1. Can’t argue with any of this. Get this man a seat in Congress or the White House!

  2. Mr. Lippincott makes a compelling and logical argument, except the likelihood of mass deportations is roughly the same as me winning the lottery. Illegal immigration is the Ace-in-the-Hole for power-mad leftists and they will NOT allow mass deportations–period!

    First, leftist lawyers would file a tsunami of lawsuits in an effort to stall or suspend mass deportations–and many of these suits would be successful. But in the unlikely event leftist judges could not stop deportations, leftist orcs would take to the streets with a vengeance. It would make the 2020 Summer of Love and “mostly peaceful” riots seem like the good ole days by comparison.

    Eventually, the American people are going to realize what we are dealing with and just how dire our circumstances are. Regrettably, by the time this epiphany occurs, it will probably be too late.

  3. It’s important to let the American people understand how much the illegals harm our economy and our future.

    Mr. Lippincott articulates this all very well. Secondly, I suggest the Trump administration play the Catch me if you Can game that Democrats are so adept at. That is, the minute he is in office, start the massive deportation campaign and executive orders on the economic policies - like taxing 90% of the remittances. Execute this so fast the courts can stop it, but it will be too late.

  4. You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, your scope is too narrow. Republicans have repeatedly betrayed their base by opening the borders to mass, uncontrolled immigration (both legal and illegal) for decades. They are just as complicit as Democrats, but their reasoning and motivations differ.

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