Terrorism Abroad Means Terrorism at Home

The reality is that the Democrat party has sacrificed our children and our safety for political power, and our current GOP politicians seem unwilling to address it. We must adjust our thinking about terrorism, the border, and the Democrat party.

According to President Biden, “Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people.” But Hamas has dominated Palestinian politics since 2006. Numerous polls show that the Palestinian people support Hamas and believe they should wage a Holy War on Israel. Summer camp in Hamas’ Gaza Strip even consists of teaching children how to use AK rifles to exterminate Israelis.

Immediately after the tragedy of 9/11, Americans wanted revenge—no one sucker punches us and gets away with it. But we didn’t want to exterminate every Muslim. Despite the constant accusations of racism, we respect people as individuals rather than prioritizing only race or pedigree. Perhaps our downfall is that we project this thought processes onto the rest of the world, including our enemies, who flatly reject this ideology.

This mindset is extremely concerning considering our own border is currently wide open, with the Biden Administration intentionally releasing illegal immigrants into our nation unvetted. In fact, around 4 million illegal aliens have come into our country since Biden took office, not including the “gotaways.”

The border issue isn’t nearly as complicated as pundits and politicians pretend. Democrats believe that more illegal aliens will mean more future Democrat votes. Although the President himself is too mentally compromised to make such decisions, his handlers could easily seal the border as President Trump did for four years, but they intentionally choose not to.

The open border leads to an influx of dangerous illegal drugs that are killing Americans in record numbers. It leads to more drunk driving, murders, rapes, and assaults by lawless criminals. Besides the increase in crime, illegal aliens are a huge drain on local resources as schools grapple with the discipline problems of illegal alien children and struggle to find ESL teachers, taking instructional time away from American kids. Just ask New York City or Chicago who are currently overwhelmed with just a fraction of illegal aliens that rural Texas has been dealing with for decades.

The Democrats clearly have no problem sacrificing American lives and American children to increase their political power. Which brings us back to Palestine. Or rather, brings Palestinians to our border. We have no idea who is coming across our southern border. But we do know that terror watchlist apprehensions at our southern border were a record 169 in fiscal year 2023, compared to 0 in 2019.

Democrats have a misguided belief that the people coming here illegally just want a better life for themselves and their families. They then conclude that the compassionate thing to do is to allow them to come into our country and stay, completely ignoring our own families and laws. Terrorists and violent criminals from enemy nations are taking full advantage of that misguided belief. Thanks to the open border, who knows how many terrorists are here in the U.S. with more potentially arriving every day. Not all the people coming here are peaceful. They clearly have no regard for laws, and many have little regard for life, engaging in violent crime and human trafficking. And yet, Republicans do nothing.

We have a fundamental, God given right to life, liberty, and property. The purpose of any government–local, state, or federal–is to protect those rights for their citizens. But instead, those rights are being threatened because Democrats want to increase their political power and Republicans are letting them.

It is imperative that we seal the border immediately. The State of Texas must get serious about illegals coming into our country, despite the agenda of the political establishment running the federal Government. The buoys should extend the full length of the Rio Grande. Razor wire, walls, and other physical barriers need to be erected along our border. Any federal agent that removes physical barriers erected by the state to protect citizens should be arrested and held in confinement for trial. No less than the lives of our citizens are at stake. If federal law enforcement is not going to abide by or enforce the constitution and protect our citizens, then the State of Texas must take it upon itself to do so.

American citizens must vote for strong conservative Republicans who will stand up to the corrupt political establishment, uphold the constitution, and pass meaningful legislation to serve and protect citizens. We must exercise our constitutional rights, especially to bear arms, so that we are not rendered defenseless in the face of the Democrat agenda. Most importantly, we must pray for our communities and nation, as God is the only one who knows where we are headed. The fate of the greatest nation in the world depends on it.

Tim Greeson is a family man, small business owner, and avid anti-communist running as a conservative, Christian Republican for state representative in Texas House District 85.

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Photo: Layers of razor wire along the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass, Texas, US, on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023. President Biden said he sought to redirect funds to build a border wall but was unsuccessful as his administration announced plans last week to add roughly 17 miles of barriers along the Rio Grande in Texas. Photographer: Jordan Vonderhaar/Bloomberg via Getty Images