The Corrupt Media Tried to Implicate Me in a Mass Shooting Because a Psychopath ‘Liked My Tweets’

There was another mass shooting Wednesday. It was tragic and horrible – like all mass shootings are.

At 11:58 p.m. Eastern Time, I received a phone call from a friend who works at a major news network. In his “concern” for me, he stated that my name had been thrown around his newsroom, because the shooter had “liked a few of my tweets.”

I asked if he needed a response from me, to which I stated, “F@#* that guy! I hope he burns in hell!”

He then informed me that I “might want to get ahead of the story” – implying that there would be a negative spin about me from the corporate press that I would need to protect myself from.

In response to this concern, I asked why that would happen? After all, by that point in the night, it was known that this person was going through psychotic spells and had even threatened a National Guard base.

There was no good answer to my question.

The implication was clear. According to reporters, producers and editors at major news organizations, my Twitter, which is full of my disapproval of leftists and their policies – somehow contributed to the deaths and injuries of innocent people in Lewiston, Maine.

Those same people would have you then believe that had other conservative commentators and I only not run our mouths, none of his actions would have occurred.

I asked him if his news organization had ever looked into any of the social media accounts the Nashville trans-shooters or any gang members in Chicago to see what they liked online to connect their social media to their behavior – and his response was that that might be a good story to pitch.

Odd that corporate media doesn’t do that, isn’t it? What made this horrible situation any different than the others?

Why only care about this story and these connections?

By now we all know the answer to these questions. This one fit the leftists’ narrative.

Former Obama Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel once famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” This was exactly one of those moments he was referring to.

Here, people who clearly don’t like the opinions that I share on Twitter/X were foaming at the mouth to find a way to either guilt or intimidate me and others into silence. Even if they could get me to post a bit less, they would have accomplished their goal.

Even if not a direct attack on me – these are the same leftists who already claim that “words are violence” – and without a doubt would work with social media companies who are more apt to agree with them to ultimately stifle the reach of my opinion or have me deplatformed.

This small conversation is representative of something that’s bigger than me – bigger than any piece of content that I’ll ever post on social media – or even any group of people. This is a direct result of the downfall of legitimate journalism. This instance is just one of many that showcases that major news outlets are solely focused on taking down their political opponents and scoring political points than actually sharing the truth.

The reason that we rarely, if ever accomplish anything together as a country anymore is because our information is dictated by people who would rather score points against those they don’t like instead of reporting facts – and these low standards aren’t even remotely applied equally.

Corporate media outlets have simply devolved into propagandists for leftist talking points.

We already know this is what happens – but they want this to be the norm of what we tolerate.

Even I’m guilty of joking off the absolute false reporting and insane defenses of the Biden administration’s destructive policies, because it’s become an everyday occurrence – but this was a wakeup call.

Caving or even becoming complacent to the constant attacks and spin from the left will never get us out of the situation we’re in. In the middle of record inflation that includes fuel and grocery prices that are in our faces every single day – it’s important to know that we are in an information war with the very people who have traditionally been the providers of information.

And while they’re the first to scream “disinformation” at stories they disagree with – they’re also the ones who are first to serve us disinformation.

When you hear about the importance of speaking up and being vocal – it’s more than just an empty suggestion – it’s something that is critical to the existence of our Republic.


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About Tim Young

Tim Young is the media and culture critic for American Greatness.

Photo: LEWISTON, MAINE - OCTOBER 27: Media members stand near the Schemengees Bar where one of two mass shootings took place on October 27, 2023 in Lewiston, Maine. Police are still searching for the suspect, Robert Card, who allegedly killed 18 people in two separate locations on Wednesday night. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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