Never Again: Stand Up to Left’s Use of Covid to Shut Down America

The Democrat Leftists and oligarchical elites are very capable people; it brings pain to admit it, but it’s true. In the midst of seeking the demise the 45th President and his legal team from 2020, they have managed to continue the fear factor that ushered in mail-in ballots and multiple week voting ensuring a myriad of unexplained discrepancies, ballots without a chain-of-custody, and the White House.

While they are hell-bent on destroying anyone who dares to question an election, they also have declared war on the American people through their war on fossil fuels, their lust for a green economy, and the fear-mongering of lockdowns and mandates. By now everyone should realize that Democrats do not love their Country—they love power and they are content with destroying it to ensure they maintain it. Lockdowns have been trending the last several weeks heading into election season as a form of conditioning the weak-minded to comply when they come—and they are coming. Every Democrat is using Covid-19 in their rhetoric and even some Republicans are starting to join in “for the common good”—becoming controlled opposition.

There isn’t anyone who does not remember where they were on September 11, 2001. Sadly, because of the lockdowns and mandates many have a similar memory. None are good memories. I have my own recollections of what happened in 2020.

In 2019 at the age of 90, my father began to have a series of strokes. Due to his need for skilled nursing, we reluctantly had to place him in a facility in January 2020. Fast forward to March, our Country was changed forever by fear more than the Coronavirus. Governors in many states expanded their executive powers by issuing states of emergencies—giving them excessive overreach and as we have seen lately—some Governors feel it gives them unbridled authority to suspend Constitutional rights. In my own State of North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper wasted no time shutting businesses and churches down, which he deemed “unessential.”

All over the nation, most governors followed suit in quarantining the healthy, rather than the sick. Nursing homes were completely off limits for visitation, families were not permitted to even bring snacks or clothes to their family members. We would call and check on my father’s condition and because nurses were overwhelmed with additional duties of answering unending calls from family members, giving updates, and their normal duties—many times our phone call wasn’t answered or returned. Communication was totally cut off. We were completely in the dark about their condition but being told by the tyrannical governor and the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Mandy Cohen (who is now Director of the CDC), “It’s for the common good.” Mandy was terrible for North Carolina and she will prove to be just as tyrannical, using fear to condition the masses to submission—nationally.

In mid-May we were called and informed that my father’s condition was worsening and his passing would be near, but we were told it was against the Governor’s State of Emergency for them to permit us to see him. Once, we were told that we would be met with a police presence if we tried to “break the law.” I remember an army of feelings converging on me that day. Here in the United States, we are being forbidden from seeing our families. Regaining my mental composure, I made phone call after phone call, only to be told there was nothing that could be done. We, along with many others, appealed to the Governor’s Office and we were literally blown off.  We appealed to the Lt. Governor’s Office (a Republican and not our current Lt Gov.)—our calls were never returned.

Continuing to fight, we were notified that my father was within hours of death. With that, I told them were heading to see him, regardless of the consequences. After great assertiveness from our entire family, they “granted” us 45 minutes as a family, but only one at a time. Suiting up and taking our temperatures ate into our time, thus we spent a grand total of 43 minutes with my father. He passed away the next day alone, being found by the nurse’s aide making her rounds. During my allotted time with him, I was able to whisper through tears that “he was a good father to me, loved me unconditionally,” and “I would see him again.”

From March 15 to the day he died, he never heard the voice of his wife, his children or grandchildren. For two months, he never felt a human touch from his loved ones or a kiss on the cheek. In his mental state, he was unable to comprehend what was happening but he was coherent enough to understand we were not there. What haunts me most is he may have died thinking he was unloved or we didn’t care—a fact that haunts me to this day. This is my story, but there are thousands in our nation that endured this heartache. This is a prominent reason that I am now running for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina— to take a stand for those who went through what our family went through. Lockdowns and mandates be damned!

The United States Constitution is the most sacred document written by a deliberative body. Among Constitutional scholars and supreme court justices there is common agreement that the rights of the citizenry can never be suspended. The Democratic Left want nothing more than to trample on and burn the Constitutional rights of every American so they can retain power over us.

Never again should we ever allow the agenda of the Left disguised as fear change the way we live in America. We are the majority. We are Americans— it’s time we acted like it.

 Pastor Allen Mashburn, Republican, is running for Lt. Governor of North Carolina.

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  1. Yes. One would think that they understand the law doesn’t allow mandates in medicine!

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