Slavery in the 21st Century Falls on Deaf Ears of the Left

Actor Jim Caviezel’s latest film Sound of Freedom opened in select theaters on July 4 across the Nation. Caviezel, most famous for his role of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, portrays a true story that exposes the evil of child trafficking.

The film is not without merit as Caviezel worked with some 30 Navy SEALS and former federal agents while filming in Colombia. No matter, as the Left has become the deniers of such heinous acts happening in America by immediately labeling it as “right-wing” worldview with a sense of moral panic and even calling it “QAnon-adjacent rhetoric.” True Americans who do not feed at the trough of the networks for their news, are unfazed by the Left’s attack on Sound of Freedom, which is on track to surpass $100 million in revenue.

Obviously, the film doesn’t fit into the progressive playbook as climate panic or sending Ukraine the last munitions in our stockpile, which is by their definition being humanitarians. These are the same Leftist Marxists that would have us to believe the Earth is going to implode if we don’t give up our freedoms, internal combustion engines, gas stoves, and our farms—yet they deny facts like human trafficking is a REAL problem.

They would have you focused on America being a racist nation—the only solution is a remake of society through diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in corporate and government agencies, social emotional learning (SEL) in academia, and environmental social governance (ESG) in banking and economics. This, along with transgenderism, has become the religion of the Left and the vehicle they are using to “reshape” the United States. Yet, for those of us who love the America before Marxism became the Left’s official religion, recognize it as a cult that is seeking the destruction of the nuclear family, our military, our children, and the Country we love.

Why is the Left ardently against the film, Sound of Freedom? Is not the Democratic Party the party of tolerance? Why are they so filled with hate? They “hate” slavery yet they discredit a film that exposes present-day slavery—all the while calling for reparations from people who never owned slaves to be given to people who never were slaves. You’d think the Left would get behind such a film and use it to promote the cause—UNLESS, the film’s content is true. Truth doesn’t fit the narrative of the Left. The actions and words of those that oppose the film wreaks of hypocrisy.

The United Nations Office of Drug and Crime (UNODC) estimates that internationally there are between 20 million to 40 million people in modern slavery today, yet those who adamantly use race-incited slavery as leverage remain quiet, disparaging a film that offers a snapshot of a global reality. Estimates suggest that internationally only .04% survivors of human trafficking cases are identified, meaning that the vast majority of cases go undetected.

It’s difficult to understand that there are people who profit from the kidnapping, holding someone against their will, and then forcing them to be a slave in manual labor, sex, or both.

How can a person be so vile? Moreover, who or what entity is behind this?

Human trafficking is not only a problem, it’s the real pandemic that has been unleashed by evildoers and is being mostly ignored by the United States government and media. It must be stopped and punished—with death. Laws on the books have no teeth if they aren’t enforced and the penalties carried out. It’s no secret that the policies and what can hardly be called “leadership” the Left has provided the last decade has brought us to a point of chaotic landing in our Country. Leftist district attorneys have infiltrated the justice system and refuse to prosecute offenders, choosing rather to turn them back into society to wreak havoc on peaceful citizens. Judges that should interpret laws made by legislators voted in by the People, have sought to legislate from the bench arbitrarily, seeking to satisfy the culture rather than hand down justice from textual law.

Human trafficking is inhumane, evil, and must be stopped at all costs. It cannot be used as political capital; it must be eradicated from our society. Slavery has never been right— it wasn’t right in our past as a Country and it’s not right today. The thought of buying and selling another human being is unthinkable to anyone that is sane. In the fight against this grotesque sin, there is no middle ground.

If the Left isn’t against it, are they for it?


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Notable Replies

  1. But to the Left slavery may not be slavery if it’s being done by/for one of the certified victim classes.

  2. I wonder if the urge to protect children won’t be the cause that unites Americans against the Marxist philosophy destroying society. It seems that a vortex of child abuse is building, whether it is CRT invading the classrooms, DEI initiatives crippling educatiuon, gender dysphoria being encouraged in elementary and high schools, or a willingness to accept children being recruited for sex with adults. I do see a ray of hope here. Maybe this will be the issue that represents a bridge too far.

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