Biden White House is the Child Trafficking Racket’s
Silent Partner

An important weapon in the Biden Administration’s quest to completely destabilize America’s borders has been the talking point that its immigration policies are designed to help the less fortunate of the world, children in particular. It has proven to be an effective shield against those who would question the wisdom of importing the world’s poverty problem en masse.

Like most ideas of the radical Left, however, even the most noble-sounding policies end up hurting the very people they are said to be meant to help. For children making the dangerous journey north to the United States, Joe Biden’s policies mostly offer them the threat of slavery, abuse, and death.

The latest proof of this assertion comes from a leaked memo from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It reveals that, as of May 31, the federal government ended familial DNA testing at the southern border. Don’t expect to hear about this on the news, but it is a move that will have tragic consequences while also revealing the galling cruelty and hypocrisy of the Biden Administration.

For those who do not follow the border crisis closely, child trafficking has been a growing problem. Because recent U.S. immigration policy has favored family units over individuals crossing illegally, cartels have begun to “rent” children to their migrant customers looking to enter the United States. Once the migrants successfully cross the border, the children are then recycled back to Mexico and assigned to another client.

Along the way, these “rentals” are often subjected to violence and sexual abuse. Breaker boys, children who worked in coal mines in late 19th century America, faced an easier predicament by comparison.

DNA testing started in 2019 to combat the child rental practice. If CBP officers suspected a migrant was falsely claiming to be a child’s parent, they would submit the case to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who would then test to verify the familial relationship. It was an effective way to limit the sickening exploitation of children. Now, thanks to the illogical, agenda-driven bureaucracy of the Biden White House, it is inexplicably gone.

To address the inevitable civil liberties questions, the program required all testing results to be destroyed after use, ensuring that the results could not be used against migrants in any future criminal cases.

The practice worked. In one month of testing in 2019, ICE officials identified 101 possible instances of fraudulent families and determined that one-third of them were, in fact, fraudulent. The children caught up in the surge of migrants north were unquestionably safer with the DNA testing program in place. 

Despite the preposterous claims by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that his department is “taking it to the cartels,” the U.S. government has become the silent partner of the ruthless criminal enterprises that are profiting from human misery at our border.

The cartels transport the migrants from the Northern Triangle or other points south to the U.S. border, and Biden’s immigration agents process them at the border so that various nonprofit groups can disperse them throughout the interior of the United States. It’s an efficient pipeline that benefits all the partners. The best part is that the enterprise is mostly funded by the U.S. citizen taxpayers, who then must suffer under the numerous bad consequences that come from a reckless mass migration policy.

Are the architects of this ghoulish flesh-peddling market held accountable for what reasonably could be called crimes against humanity? Quite the opposite. Biden, Mayorkas, and other fellow travelers hide behind the rhetoric that they are the compassionate saviors of children, and their co-conspirators in the corporate media willfully refuse to fill their constitutional role as a watchdog on government. Anyone seeking to stop human trafficking by securing our borders is branded as a heartless xenophobe.

Whenever Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi or other establishment elites advocate dismantling our borders for the benefit of “the children,” know that the children will suffer the most. If the best interests of the children really mattered, the border would be sealed, and our immigration laws would actually be enforced. This is about creating obedient new voting blocs that will maintain the status quo. The children are just stepping stones on the road to bolstering entrenched power.

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About Brian Lonergan

Brian Lonergan is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness and director of communications at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, and co-host of IRLI’s “No Border, No Country” podcast.

Photo: ALLISON DINNER/AFP via Getty Images

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Notable Replies

  1. In a functioning republic, the person known as Joe Biden would never have occupied the White House. In a functioning republic, Alexander Mayorkas would never have been granted citizenship, let alone such a position of trust and authority. All sentient beings comprehend that Biden was not elected. Rather, he was installed by a rogue government which not only does not answer to the American people, but is at war with them. It’s important, I believe, to repeat that with every new affront since it is necessary to disassociate from the actions of an illegitimate government lest we be saddled with responsibility for this. I disclaim all such responsibility.

    The very premise of this policy is easily disputed. It is not within the purview of the federal government to decide how to solve poverty in other countries. In fact, the internal issues, problems and challenges of other countries does not enter into the calculus of our government at all. If Americans want to “help” citizens in other countries, nothing here is stopping them from leaving this hallowed ground, taking up residence there, and spending their money on such efforts. For decades, that type of assistance worked well to improve the lot of foreign citizens suffering from various conditions and tragedies. Having abandoned any of its legitimate responsibility to its own citizens, this government appropriates to itself unlimited authority over every matter in which it chooses to engage, and which serves its agenda, an agenda that is anathema to this republic.

    I also find it richly ironic that the same people lecturing us (by “us”, I mean any human being with a grasp of good and evil), on tolerance, humanity, and generosity (that’s you, Franny), are engaged in such depraved indifference not just to human life, but to innocent children’s lives. God damn any mislabeled “church” for its part in this tragedy and may the chickens that come home to roost collapse the very roof over your heads. I lament the fact that so many of these functionaries like Mayorkas and the various bishops, cardinals and other denominations’ representatives remain untouched by the misery they create for others on both sides of the border. It would be a kind of divine justice to read they have been killed by a drunk illegal or shot by one of God’s holy cartel members trafficking human beings over our borders. Hell, at this point, I’d settle for the ultimately satisfying news that the entire cast of the USCCB contracted drug-resistant TB, polio, Chagas’ Disease or any of the other wonders of nature previously unknown or eradicated here.

    Anyone who cares to understand why so many Americans have disassociated from “church” needs to begin their journey here, for it is not solely government which bears responsibility and is corrupted to its core, it is the people who hold authority in these filthy dens of iniquity like “Catholic Charities”, “Samaritas”, “HIAS” and the rest of them. Parading as holy men and women (that’s you “Sister” Pimentel) while profiting from this evil does not confuse us, and it does not endear you to God. I pray in Jesus’ name, may God show them no mercy, nor should they expect any from us.

  2. Avatar for task task says:

    I have a good friend, a priest, who is also a good friend of Trump and both of them, including me, lament the absolute hypocrisy of the Church hierarchy regarding well… just about everything! I went to a Catholic grammar school and was educated by Dominicans and it seemed we never stopped studying and reflecting on the culture. Somehow those nuns really loved me more than everyone else. I think it is because I transferred over from the 5th grade and was seen as different and they wanted me to feel comfortable among the Irish hooligans. To them Frank Sinatra was a poor example of a good Italian. I cannot envision how these sisters would respond to today’s child trafficking, the drugs, the trans movement and what we now understand as a shadow government that only uses the elected government for purposes of propaganda.

  3. Moi aussi! However, my Catholic school nuns hated my constant opposition and arguing with them. As girls, we were supposed to be agreeable, complacent and obedient. I argued with them about everything, especially their embrace of Socialism. My folks were constantly called into “conferences” because I would not back down on the worthiness of business owners (like my family) who supported that den of iniquity with their earnings while the nuns complained about Capitalism and how evil earning a profit was.

    Now, I’d go further. The Catholic Church deserves to lose its tax-exempt status along with every “church” that has aided and abetted (regardless of this administration’s financial support) an invasion. It is not an understatement to say that the Catholic Church is anathema to any good Christian’s salvation.

  4. Avatar for task task says:

    Who would have guessed that you behaved that way?

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