American Greatness Roundtable

The second episode of the weekly American Greatness Roundtable features Center for American Greatness senior fellow Edward Ring, AG media and culture critic Tim Young, and adjunct fellow and film critic Emina Melonic, with Managing Editor and host Ben Boychuk.

The panel discusses the burgeoning “hate industry,” a nasty combination of DEI, “environmental, social, governance,” and social media censorship that, combined with government, threatens free speech and open discourse. Also: What’s the difference between a “hate crime” and a “hate incident”? Why are Miller Lite and Bud Light willing to lose billions for woke causes? Is Dylan Mulroney really the problem? Is 21st-century American culture anti-children and “anti-joy”? What do 20th-century films have over 21st-century movies? (Hint: Marvel has something to do with it.) And why is the disappearance of physical media a bad thing?

Finally, the panelists share what they’re currently reading (or, in Tim Young’s case, writing).

Read Edward Ring’s “The Hate Industry

Read Tim Young’s “Miller Lite Wants to Lecture Us on Feminism Now

Read Emina Melonic’s “Cary Grant’s Search for Lost Youth

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